Friday, September 22, 2006

Now here's an idea we could all get behind

I bet this story also gives us fluff credit at Nicole's!

Allahpundit has a few different takes on this endeavor, depending on when you visit. Apparently the Russian brides with babies in tow is distracting him into wildly updating this report.

i could really use a new washing machine... not to mention a little afternoon delight!

Welcome back! Did Deal or No Deal shake you out of your late summer slumber?
Well RW, Russia's got nothing on us. We're encouraging the rebirth of an old idea.

What's that saying..."Nothing old is ever new again?" If you're the "status-quo party" and market on consignment it is I guess.

Isn't it odd how they always tell us that the overwhelming number of people are with them on this issue, but they always try to mask their position around election day?
Hey, I stopped in at ml's to see how things went today. Server problems or shutdown?

Went over to Wooten's. Andy got censored? You have got to be kidding. I read that site often, and the stuff that is allowed would make Big Daddy blush.

I'm disappointed in Wooten. Maybe it was a conspiracy between Mike & Jim. Shut down Mike's and draw his bloggers over to Wooten's for a good smackdown.

OMG, I'm talking like a's a's a conspiracy.

mgc: I hope you're well rested after your long break. Writer's block? I've missed your perspectives on life.

We've been discussing it at "After Dark." It was pretty ridiculous. ML's site never opened officially today, but it would accept comments when you opened a saved page.
Wait..."caused in part by soaring levels of alcoholism"?????

Jebus, them's some hard times!

Oh and sorry, but the online Fluff Point catalog is down for maintenance right now. So if you try to redeem any credits in the next few hours you're likely to receive this for your trouble.

Hey, it's not MY fault!

Maybe that's what Osama sees in her.

DOND has rocked so far. i know i have been so close to winning the 100G's! damn the cell phone entries!

i still need a washing machine! or delight? machine? delight? ahhh hell i don't remember!
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