Monday, September 18, 2006

The Path to Hysteria-My sin was to write a screenplay accurately depicting Bill Clinton's record on terrorism.

By: Cyrus Nowrasteh

The hysteria engendered by the series found more than one target. In addition to the death threats and hate mail directed at me, and my grotesque portrayal as a maddened right-winger, there developed an impassioned search for incriminating evidence on everyone else connected to the film. And in director David Cunningham, the searchers found paydirt! His father had founded a Christian youth outreach mission. The whiff of the younger Mr. Cunningham's possible connection to this enterprise was enough to set the hounds of suspicion baying. A religious mission! A New York Times reporter wrote, without irony or explanation, that an issue that raised questions about the director was his involvement in his father's outreach work. In the era of McCarthyism, the merest hint of a connection to communism sufficed to inspire dark accusations, the certainty that the accused was part of a malign conspiracy. Today, apparently, you can get something of that effect by charging a connection with a Christian mission.

"The Path to 9/11" was intended to remind us of the common enemy we face. Like the 9/11 Report itself, it is meant to enable us to better defend ourselves from a future attack. Past is prologue, and 9/11 is merely another step in an escalating Islamic fundamentalist reign of terror. By dramatizing the step-by-step increase in attacks on America--all of which, in fact, occurred--we are better able to see the pattern and anticipate the future. That was the point of the series, its only intention. Call it the canary in the coal mine. Call it John O'Neill in the FBI.


Could we call this new era of hysteria - "McClintonism"? Not because Clinton himself is responsible for this brown-shirting, but because his most adoring fans cheer these vile censors and smearmongers on.

I hope we get to see the mini-series.
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The mini-series of the McClintonism trials?

They do so much bitching and moaning about McCarthyism, it's amazing how much they use what it's supposed to mean.
This mini-series:

"It's good to have come to something approaching the end of this saga, whose lessons are worth remembering. It gave us, for one thing, a heartening glimpse (these things don't come along every day) of corporate backbone in the face of phenomenal pressure--and an infinitely more chilling one testifying to the power and reach of politically driven hysteria. A ripe subject for a miniseries, if ever there was one."

McCarthy was going after our enemies; McClintonism goes after our friends.
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Can you imagine the hysteria if they did a mini-series based on Buzz Patterson's Dereliction of Duty?

Bring it on!
"Bring It On" -The story of purple heart collector that spent a month in Vietnam witnessing war crimes

oops-wrong story

I was inspired by the words of the accident prone tourist in Vietnam, but the difference is that when I say it I mean it.
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