Friday, September 29, 2006

The real Jack Murtha

Jack Murtha escaped prosecution by federal authorities in the Abscam scandal, but that wasn't the end of his worries. Even as federal prosecutors were putting a half dozen of his corrupt colleagues on trial, he still had to worry about how the rest of his colleagues in the House would deal with him -- that is, he had to deal with a potential investigation of his activities by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (otherwise known as the House Ethics Committee).

Technically, he hadn't violated the laws of the United States when he attended a meeting with an undercover FBI agent posing as the representative of an Arab sheik -- even an undercover FBI agent who offered him $50,000 in cash.

But even though Murtha refused to take the cash at that first meeting, explaining somewhat apologetically that he didn't know the agent well enough yet (and leaving open the possibility that he would take the money during a second meeting), he still had serious trouble to deal with: the Rules of the House of Representatives required that any attempted bribe be reported immediately to the proper authorities.

Murtha had failed to do so. In fact, when he was first questioned by the local press about his role in the scam, he falsely claimed "They didn't offer me any money, and I didn't take any."

(Hat tip:Andy)

Click here to meet Jack's opponent

What is it they say? There are lies and then there are damnable lies? This was a damnable one.

Every time I see Irey, I see Meredith Viera. There's a resemblance. Good thing it's only physical.

HR 2679 passed Congress. Could have helped me out two months ago with the "house church" zoning across the road. The County wouldn't have been intimidated in fear that they'd have to pay if they lost. Oh well, I'm happy for the next guy who has to go through the same kind of zoning dispute.
I just hope Allaina lives in Pennsylvania and can vote against filthy mouth Murtha.

That would be some sweet karma.

You are really going to ruin things for the people that have been secretly lusting over Irey.


That would be great!

There's some punk that posts all kinds of spam about how great Mothra and Kerry are and how bad Irey and the Swifties are back in my archives on the last Mothra post.

Maybe this will lure him up here to be slapped around in the open.
RW: But Meredith doesn't wear underwear. Does Irey?

Now there's some investigative reporting I'd like to do.

Who is Irey? And how do you know that Meredith Viera doesn't wear underwear? And why does it matter?

I feel really out of some loop!
I'm way out of the loop but, Murtha, Murtha, Murtha.

Useful idiot.

Oink, Oink, Oink! (snort sounds)

If Andy's out there, I visited S. Chicago the last few days. Kankakee, the to be exact. Had a little fun.
Jay not jay,

You know finch claims to be from Chicago too.

Buy Danish,

I don't know about the Viera thing and my investigation isn't going that far. Click the link to Jack's opponent to meet Diana Irey.

Now I remember who Irey is. Do I need to click the link to see what Meridith Viera has to do with it?
Buy Danish,

@@ is solely responsible for this alleged commando fetish of Meredith Viera.
Among other ciies as well.


He doesn't deserve to be called that any more.

But, we all know when that f*** starts in. You remember that freak "blogger"? I'll bet you a mango....
Jay not jay,

It's possible, but there is very distinct quality to some of them. Especially Sybil.
Like an open book
Jay not jay,

That little ankle biter "ohnoyoudidnt" showed up the other day too. Maybe it's like molting and since the blog is almost a year old it's just their cycle.
remember that little ankle biter sickoftheneocons?

sounds like the wooTster or whatever he calls himsself. Little crybaby.

Jay not jay,

sickoftheneocons wasn't so bad. A little conflicted though being a lib with the hots for Ann Coulter.

Did you read MLs today? finchie went totally hysterical. Like a schizo parrot on laughing gas.
Danish, no I didn't.

I love to read the throw down you RW, @@, Dusty give 'em.

His "amazing" writing sticks out like a sore thumb.
Meredith Viera is always telling the world she doesn't wear underwear, like anybody cares. I guess she burned it all in the 60's and likes to relive the glorious rebellion.

Thanks for the explanation!
Maybe we can put this topic to bed, so to speak. Although when you consider the source here it could have as easily said it was because the spirit of L. Ron Hubbard told her not to.

She admitted on the air that she doesn't wear underwear because she wears pantyhose and underwear does the same thing
O.K., before it's put to bed, explain one more thing. How the heck can a pair of pantyhose support your boobs?

She confesses that she doesn't wear bras either, although the wiki photo is revealing something white. White opaque pantyhose?

@@ is done and

Oh, RW, on the rare occasions that you visit Wooten's, have you read that AmeriKKKa's person? Do you know there's a blogsite under that name?
Interesting indeed. A self-proclaimed pervert listing another site, a transvestite's (sp?) blog.

It's the psychology thing that draws me. There are strange people out there, so why am I here at your place??? ;-)

I use panty hose to store onions so maybe she's creative.

I generally skim through the Wooten blog and pass by several of the names, including that one. They have some very drab and long winded posters there. Is there any reason to read them?
"Is there any reason to read them?"
If that's actually a question, my answer is "Only if you're a curious sort, like me."

AmeriKKKa's has their selected targets, just like at ml's. The aforementioned AKKKa seems to be one of those elitist bigots. Dusty is probably more familiar. I read a couple of posters over there. The one's who can teach me something. Other than those, I'm prone to skip over the foulmouths.

Bye! I'm off to a cookout.

Have a cold one for me!
J n J: Man, is Court Street still there? Did you get down by the river or over to the Square?

Most important, did you eat Monical's pizza, my Lord.

I ain't been back in ten years, I heard Bourbonnais is ate up with people now.

It was all work, little play. The people there were polite and happy. They laughed when I ordered my first "Chicago Dog" and I asked if you leave the seasoned pickle spear on it..

I saw the Monical's but they ordered Aurelio’s intstead (sounded like a local thing).
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