Friday, September 08, 2006

Sandy Burglar may have stumbled onto a true statement

"You can't fix it," Berger said on CNN. "You gotta yank it."

The reason it has to be yanked to fix it is because so much of it will be an accurate depiction of the fecklessness of the Clinton administration and we can't have that.

I've set up a site called Path to 9/11 where we can discuss the movie if ABC does show it. There is a huge effort to trash this movie in any forum possible regardless of it's worth. The Path to 9/11 site will require you to be signed up with a blogger account and use word verification to post.

See, I'm the only one that commented on this one. That's called loyalty.
That's true and it's been up for almost an hour ;-)

I have fulfilled your request from down below.

I just commented at your new super secure location.

I forgot to copy todays toon. I see that Bon Scott is denying all knowledge of finch (maybe that's meant to imply that he is a NOC like Ms. Plame).
Buy Danish,

If you recall finch tried to tell us that he didn't know seeker either.

If there is anything you want posted over here now let me know. I'll be away all day tomorrow.

I loved Andy's line today that unlike Bon Scott and company, the drunks he's known are pretty cool people.

I have to go to Rome (USA) for a golf tournament tomorrow and Sunday and Monday I'm gone all morning.

Maybe I'll just let the sleeping dog lie for awhile, although it must be hard to sleep through delirium tremens.
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