Saturday, September 16, 2006

Somewhere Attila the Hun is weeping with laughter-Bill O'Reilly

Thanks to the New York Times, we now know the dreaded torture methods the sadistic CIA used on captured Al Qaeda big shots shortly after the 9/11 attack. I warn you: Reading this column any further will subject you to unvarnished brutality.

According to a front-page article in the Times on Sunday, Sept. 10, Pakistani authorities captured Abu Zubaydah, Al Qaeda's personnel director, a few months after the terror attack five years ago. Zubaydah, wounded in the confrontation, was turned over to American authorities and whisked away to Bangkok, Thailand, where FBI interrogators began questioning him.

According to unnamed sources in the Times article, the FBI and CIA clashed over whether to use soft or tough questioning methods on the captured terrorist. Because it had jurisdiction, the CIA took over and the inquisition began. Agency interrogators stripped Zubaydah, put him in a freezing room and subjected him to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Not the vegetables, the rock group.

Apparently, the CIA sadists cranked up the volume on some Red Hot Chili Pepper recordings and Zubaydah broke. Wouldn't you?

Now, I am not making this up. The dreaded torture machine that is the Bush administration unleashed the Red Hot Chili Peppers on an Al Qaeda big shot. How could they?

According to the article, Zubaydah gave up a number of his fellow killers, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11. But come on, the ends do not justify the means. Using the Chili Peppers is beyond the pale.

Good one Bill! The Atlanta Journal Constitution's leftist moonbat cartoonist this weekend is portraying the Bush policies as condoneing beheadings. The same idiot often runs cartoons wondering why OBL is still on the loose. It must be awfully easy being a liberal whackjob these days. Why are they always so miserable?

Here's some great video from the President's last press conference. Make sure you watch all the way to the end!

RW: I watched O'Reilly interview a (D) Congressman with this same story last night. The congressman's response. "We don't want to set a precedent which may bring reprisals on our armed servicemen in combat."

Was he talking about torturing them if captured?

Our guys would welcome the opportunity to dance to the "RHCP's." It sure beats the alternative.

I know we need to have high moral standards and all President Bush is doing is trying to get them clarified since the idiot Supreme court decided to place these people under Geneva. What drives me crazy, and politicians on both sides use it, is the argument that what we do will have the least bit of affect on what is done to our guys.

I added a link to Hot Air with video from the latest press conference.
I looked up Article III of the Geneva Convention. It's vague at best, and Bush stated that in his news conference yesterday. Simply looking for clarification. I don't think he's asking for too much.;-)

Was a war ever intended to be fought from the bench? You're the history buff. I can only tell you what happened yesterday.

Back to the yard and then a dip in the pool.

I've had teachers and professors that would differ mightily with the assessment that I'm a history buff, but thanks. Since then I've seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and been enlightened.

We are dangerously tyeing our hands in this one, because the McCain/Graham/Democrat wing acts as if we are fighting against a country and that ultimately we will all be the same countries when it's over. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I read an interesting theory about what McCain may be up to. I'll try to find it, but basically it was him working to help Democrats win big in 2006 so that Republicans would accept him as the nominee in 2008.


Here's the article I was talking about.
OMG RW, I've copied that NRO story. Semper will have it to e-mail everyone, and believe me he e-mails e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!!!!!

He's gotta be crazy. Democrats during THIS war? Oh Lawdy!!!
"Suppose for example one piece of evidence at trial was a transcript of a recorded conversation between the accused and a US agent who had successfully infiltrated al Qaeda. One glance at the transcript would make clear that who the infiltrator was. Is that really information we would wish to disclose to an al Qaeda accused?"

Well golly. Maybe we should ask Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson for their opinion on this.

I do not doubt for a second that McCain would do what Frum postulates - which does not even include the universal accolades the press will bestow on him. He is a Machiavellian POS.

As for the here and now, I think that McCain, Graham and others have misjudged Republican voters, and were also running from Bush's low approval ratings. Remember Harriet Meirs?

Time to make those phone calls to our representatives - and even those whose constituents live in AZ.


fyi, that congressman on O'Reilly was Marty Meehnan (D) Mass.
That link that says "test" is the Richard Miniter story I posted at After Dark. That's how we are really treating those dirtbags that McCain is so concerned about.


The first time I linked it I got the same thing you were getting where it changed the URL into my blogger profile. Maybe the linking problem has more to do with blogspot than your computer.

I don't know why YOU are testing anything, but I've lost all your links on the RH page again and deleting files didn't fix anything.

Back to Abu Zubaydah, I forgot to mention that Ron Susskind claimed that he was a nutcase (no kidding) with at least 3 voices in his head (A little bird, a general & a dead rock star?).Here's a blog that nicely summarizes Suskind's "findings" (scroll down just a bit).

I take it that W is not buying his analysis.

Okay, I see the test results now!

I just forwarded them to everyone I know.
Buy Danish,

The link field is showing for me, so you may just have to refresh again later or something. One day this blog will grow up and move to a decent hosting service.

I tried the refresh thing. Maybe I need to restart the computer.

I'm not complaining - compared to MLs, blogspot is the cat's meow.
Buy Danish,

That link of yours sounds just like all the moonbats at ml's. Every time we catch anyone or stop any plot it's because the plotters were stupid, crazy, wannabe pretenders, or any combination of those things. I think it's the writers of these stories and posts that have the problem.

I'm sure anyone dead set on death to advance the cause of a world wide caliphate sounds crazy to anybody normal.
Buy Danish,

Good point! When you compare this with ml's it's great.

That link sounds just like finchie bird in particular. Chirp for chirp.

Meanwhile I am like so pissed! I finally got around to watching part 2 of Path to 9/11 and my Tivo stopped at Charlie Gibson. I got as far as Massoud saying that if anything happens to him...
Buy Danish,

It was if something happened to him then you would know that something big was going to happen.

He ends up being blown up by suicide journalists and at that point Bush was supposed to ground all air traffic in the country for all of eternity because of that of so specific PDB.

It may rerun on one of their channels. Usually everything runs again on the ABC-Family Channel, but I doubt they would put "Path" there. Does ABC own any others? I guess they could run it on ESPN and have a Bush team vs. a Clinton team playing flag football. Sandy Bugler would keep stealing the flags though.
Buy Danish,

Actually it's available to watch online at ABC.

Thanks for the ABC tip! I'll have to watch it tomorrow.

I remember when Massoud died and I remember when the Taliban blew the statues up.

Wasn't the Taliban blowing up the statues long before Massoud was murdered?

The statues were blown up before Massoud was murdered. I remember the 2 events when they happened, but did not know their significance at the time, but the statues incident was particularly appalling.

The day 9/11 happened I knew it was Bin Laden. I don't remember how I knew that though!

Here is an old article in Mother (Bong) Jones by Ted Rall on the statues being blown up, which perfectlyreflects the mindset of MLs bloggers and other POS leftists and defines "moral equivalency".
Woops. "perfectly reflects" is 2 words...
Hi RW, BD & @@ (don’t know if y’all are still here). Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Re: Guantanamo Bay: this is what I don’t understand. Their goal is to die and get to the 72 virgins, right? So why haven’t all of them killed themselves by now? And when one is found hanged, isn’t that a good thing? I mean, according to them? Where’s the torture – don’t they live to die? I guess, next, special interest will want us to re-try Manson and Petersen to be sure their rights weren’t violated.

Also had a question about Andy’s link “War Inside the Wire.” If I’m reading that correctly, the reps, i.e. Red Cross lawyers, are getting great beach time on top of representing these prisoners. And for weeks and weeks on end. Who is paying those international good Samaritans? From what I’ve read, Cuba has some of the most beautiful coastline in the Caribbean. . .not a bad gig, I guess.

Last, I NEVER thought I’d say this but, right on, Pope Benedict (and I’m a Catholic to Baptist convert!) I told you the other night, RW – this whole world has gone mad.

I think the 72 virgin angle is overplayed, but they very much want to become martyrs to advance the cause of Allah. At least what they think is the cause based on their interpretation of the word of Mohamed. The key part is becoming a martyr not just ending up dead. If we could convince the jihadists that they could fulfill their mission just by kicking the bucket, we could be done with this fight a lot sooner.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Peterson get a new trial, in fact I would be surprised if he didn't. Manson was on death row when the Supreme Court ended the death penalty and when it was made legal again you weren't allowed to put anyone back on, so he gets a parole hearing every year or two.

I'm not sure which story about the lawyers you mean, but I don't think they spend all this time in Cuba. Gitmo isn't exactly the primo beach area anyway. I'm sure we are paying.

Pope Benedict should stop with the ever escalating apologies. He really had nothing to apologize for to begin with. I'll have to find a link to a story I read that basically lays out why they always demand more and more apologies from us (the west/Christians/Jews). It has to do with always placing the end story on Islam being correct and it's us that is saying it by apologizing to them. If you think about it we are always saying we're sorry for offending them and then they can kill us and we say we understand because we wronged them so. It's ridiculous and it has to stop.
The islams want to kill the Pope.


I thought the U.S. and Israel were the end of all evils?

When Casto goes, it's beachfront propery buyout time. Watch Cuba turn into another Cancun.
Hi RW --

The story was from Andy's link this afternoon at MLs from the WSJ. Here's the quote I was referencing: “Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross "come down for almost a month at a time, four times a year, and then [for shorter periods] at other times, and they have unfettered access to any detainee they want to see, whenever they want to see them."

I would be very interested to read the story you reference on why we feel we have to constantly explain why we feel the way we do. You are so right -- the Pope had nothing to apologize for -- he certainly didn't offend me. And we as a country have nothing to apologize for either when it comes to Islam. We didn't just wake up one day and say let's attack all who worship Islam. I believe it is, and has been for a very long time, the other way around.

If you get a minute tomorrow, read Andy's WSJ link about Gitmo -- it's a good one.
Hi Jay not jay -- I certainly hope so. I have visited some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and I can't wait when Cuba opens up. Chavez, oops I mean the Castro boyz, aren't going to let it go anytime soon, I'm afraid.

You're probably right but bro'isn't going to make it very long either. Cuba could Capitalize just like China. They have good beaches and poor people ready to work.

I did a quick look around and don't see it. Maybe it was comments on a blog somewhere, or a story that was linked from a comment. It seemed interesting at the time, but not worth saving.

I should have known you would offer the perfect opportunity to use it. :-)

Jay not jay,

It's Bush's fault you know! /sarc

This wasn't even Pope Benedict's own words. Jeez he was talking about a 14th century conversation, but the problem they seem to have is the part about "conversion by the sword." I have the conversion video of the kidnapped Fox news guys posted a few threads down. Was the problem that they want to pretend they don't use coerced conversions or that it's at the point of an AK-47 rather than a sword?
I appologize Honu, I can't type!
If Kennedy wouldn't have been a typical Massachusetts lib flip/flopper and pulled the air support at the last second during the Bay of Pigs we would all have been enjoying Cuban beaches for years.
And Cuban Cigars!
Look at the start of this email I just got from crazy Howie:

Dear Rick,

Did you know that, on our web site alone, a quarter million people sent letters to the ABC network about the right-wing 9/11 propaganda film they aired? This mobilization was part of a new attitude for the Democratic Party -- we stood up, held our ground, and refused to let ABC off the hook.

Ah aired with about one minute of edits and don't look now, but you're touting censorship as a strength of the Democrat party you run.
And Cuban babes!
No problem, RW -- I'm always interested when someone can point out to me why I shouldn't just eat a bunch o' bags of spinach and be done with it :-)

Your message was fine, jay-not-jay, I got it!

And don't forget all those Cuban baseball players who want to come here to make the Braves and the Pirates series contenders!

I enjoy a good cigar now and then, too -- I was taught how to smoke them when I visted Venezuela, pre-Chavez years.

Clinton and Monica should have gone to Venezuelan cigar smoking classes with you.

I think you're on to something with the spinach. Can we send it to Club Gitmo and convince Amnesty International that we just wanted the detainees to get their greens?
RW, it's useful idiots all the way.

Funny, no mention or parody of the fall of "Air America"?

Oh lawdy, you are correct there RW, (Cuban babes).
RW -- your name is Rick? Well now, nice to meet you.

Who is Howie -- I suppose someone not inclined to consider your viewpoint?

I hate to be Captain Obvious, but it says right at the top of my site that my name is Rick.

Crazy Howie is Howard Dean, chief cook and bottle washer of the Democrat Party.
RW & jay-not-jay --

What I meant to say is, Cuban baseball players IN SPANDEX to assist the Braves and Pirates in their series' quests oo-la-la

Knock it off with the Clinton bashing, RW -- gees, I should have known not to bring up me and a cigar. . .that damn Monica just ruined it for all the rest of us cigar aficionados. Dang. . .
Crazie Howie, the most useful idiot of them all!!

He reminds me of Chewbacca.
Jay not jay,

The funny thing is that Think Progress, which is a total left wing nutjob site, screwed up the Air America story and Al "I'm the lying liar" Franken blames the conservative sites that linked to the TP site for the confusion.
RW -- where is your name?
Copied from the main page:

Location:Norcross, Georgia, United States

With a picture to the right and a review from Nicole right below it. Are you rolling your own cigars?
Laughing hysterically at you, RW -- but this is how they taught me in Amsterdam. Rolling your own -- it was right there on all the menus. . .tee hee hee

OMG -- I never looked at that side of your home page. Like I said, I'm lucky I find my way here everyday. . .my name is Honu and my flippers get stuck in the keyboard and you can just imagine what happens from there.

Okay you guyz -- don't link to MSNBC right now -- more Bush bashing.

There's a new story titled "WP: Loyalty to Bush administration trumped know-how in Iraq rebuilding effort." Am reading it now. . .not pretty.
I'm sorry. FRANKEN was the best they could do?

And with the 64% of the hate on their side, they couldn't make it float?

Oh, that's sad.

Bush bashing on a media site???? I'm shocked, shocked I say. How much you want to bet I can debunk their conclusions without even reading their story? (I won't look until we've placed our bet and I've posted my response)


That's their problem. They think anyone that isn't thrilled with President Bush is on their side. I don't like a lot of things the President does and nobody likes war, but most of us aren't about to side with those losers.
RW -- you might not know about this one. From the time I sent you the message then went back, the Website added:

Adapted from "Imperial Life in the Emerald City," by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, copyright Knopf 2006

At first it looked like Rajiv was an MSNBC reporter. . .now they say it's from a book. If you read it, there are no sources of this info. . .just disgruntled employees? Like all of us working for corporations, perhaps???

Okay -- I'll bet you 100 mangoes (that's your blog currency, correct?) from FLA - NOT CHILE!!!

Yes cyber mangoes are the going currency.

It wouldn't matter who wrote it or what they said. From the title that you gave it was obvious that they took someone that said things didn't go as well as they could have and their reason was cronyism. It's simple to find a differing opinion and it's also easy to tear down a one sided story.

I won't make you send mangoes this time. :-)
RW -- I just finished the article. It's pretty inflamatory and will have getalife and midori spinning for days and days. That is how bad it is.

See, I told you one time that participating here and reading Andy's links has really taught me something very fundamental. To read an article for what it is. . .consider the sources and look for the slant. Something I wasn't used to doing.

So now I will wait for "the rest of the story", then make up my mind.

Oh, and MY mangoes will be Made in America should I ever need to make good on a bet!!!! :-)
All American Mangoes...sounds odd somehow. Like the next Girls Gone Wild.

Oh, and I wanted to tell you Amen, RW re your last sentence to jay-not-jay. I don't like a lot of things either, but I, too, will never denounce my faith or my beliefs to be one of the in crowd.

Gees, I better get to bed -- don't want to sleep through This Week w/George Steppin'-all-over-us.

You just be quiet now -- I like him and think his round table is excellent. And In Memoriam and Sunday Funnies. . .

Goodnight, my friend! And remember, let them eat spinach :-)

Honu, Honu, Honu, I can empathize with where you've been and where you're heading. RW & Andy have been instrumental in showing me how to determine slant in reporting. My husband worked for years trying to point it out to me, but I resisted (what a good wife should do ;-))

The problem with me is I'm not a multi-tasker. I'm hung up in Middle Eastern news right now and neglecting what's going on at home i.e. John McCain & the Democrats.

RW: Semper's got your NRO & Miniter story link. He said that McCain has never been his kind of Republican & never would have "punched" him in an election, but will deliver his best punch now. Maybe I should listen to Semper more closely.;-)

Conservative blogs would be a great way to get that story out and like mgc says..."You are the internet." You're assignment, if you decide to accept it.....

Off to do my 5 miles.

I tried to email the Miniter story as a link but the NY Post must have something that prevents it so when you click on it you get page can't be found sort of message.

It can be emailed as a page, or one can use the Post's email option.


Not only is Crazy Howie saying that they approve of censorship, but since it didn't work they are proving themselves to be ineffective advocates. What a platform!


This rioting in reaction to the Pope's repetiton of a statement that religion should not be forced through the sword is so absurd. How dare the Pope accuse us of being violent! I think they've burned six churches and killed one nun so far - just in "The Holy Land".

I heard that the Pope had apologized for "the reaction" which is not exactly the same thing as apologizing for what he said, but he should not apologize for anything.

This is a dangerous state we are in - treading on eggshells with millions of suicidal/homicidal maniacs. Maybe we should just put them all in straight jackets and let Nurse Rached handle them - and add a little Thorazine to that spinach.
Speaking of media "slant," it should be an eye opener that the editorial board grand poohba of a major metropolitan "news" paper has a column about a make believe neocon oil conspiracy, citing columns by other obscure "conservative" writers as her proof. All this right next to the editorial cartoonist's drawing of Islamic Fascists mistreating US soldiers because of American policy, as though it hasn't already happened.

It tells you a little something about how stupid they find their target liberal audience to be.

The first blurb has a link.
Try that again, the preview showed it right but it didn't publish that way:

Richard Miniter's homepage

The first blurb has a link.
Good morning everyone -- hurry!! Go to the panda cam - you can see the baby!!! OMG -- too cute!!

Thanks for the link to Miniter's home page! All the stories on deserve reading.

I'm off to read the AJC now, barf bag at the ready...
When the AP realizes they have let a pro GOP headline out into the world they sure don't waste any time doing complete makeover.

SeeBS comes through because of it's laziness.
Sorry RW! Another deleted comment due to my linking problems. From Semper's computer, too, which has done it successfully on other occasions.

I need consistency in my life and this is very frustrating. So just ignore me when I delete please.

I hope my ailing computer hasn't sneezed in here and caused problems for you. I've got the new computer here, but I'm almost afraid to transfer anything from mine over to the new one.

I'm not sure the linking problem is yours. It did it to me last night and it sounds like Andy had it mess up on him this morning. His links both seem right so maybe blogger is just randomly screwing with links.
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