Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sorry if the truth hurts, but I agree with Boehner

"I listen to my Democrat friends, and I wonder if they're more interested in protecting terrorists than in protecting the American people," he said.

Memo to elected Democrats: If you want to have questions like that stop, quit making them ring so true. Quit having Harry Reid breathlessly talking about how Dems had killed the patriot act. Quit trying to pretend that the President is spying on American citizens when you know that isn't the case. Quit leaking all of our classified counter terrorism programs to the New York Times. Quit your witchhunt over Valerie Plame. Never mind, if you could understand any of this you wouldn't be Democrats.

RW: Couldn't it be translated to say "protecting their party's hopes and leaving the American people to the terrorists?"

That's what I'm hearing and that "truth" hurts.

BTW, how do you pronounce Boehner's name. Is it "Bonner"
Oh, I didn't open that ^^^ link either. I remember what you told me about those others.

Most of those are pretty harmless, but it's also obvious that there's no reason to open them.

I've heard it "Bonner" "Bonyer" and "Bayner" so far, so your guess is as good as mine, but I doubt it's the one you are only smiling about.
I guess it's BAY-ner, sorry ;-)
I rarely watch O'Reilly, but Semper does. He had Arianna Huffington on to answer the question. "What would you do to make us safe from the terrorists?" Her reply. I would use the resources here at home instead of in Iraq. The Iraqi people have not benefitted from us being there.

O'Reilly explains that the Kurds suffered ethnic cleansing under Saddam.

Her response..."Who cares."

Unbelievable. She doesn't care about the slaughter of some 50,000 to 100,000 individuals and she never stopped smiling. What kind of mind thinks that way?

She's a waste of broadcast time. I thought you would be glued to Fox News with Dennis Miller coming on Hannity and Colmes tonight. There are still 15 minutes and I don't know if he's been on yet.
Look who visits when you mention Boehner. Ah yes, it must be election season.
hey cousin , wholetruthy rarely consorts with kinfolk from georgia i'm still smarting from mr. salted peanuts himself jimmy"jive turkey" carter and believe me i hold a grudge but i had to congratulate a fellow original truth speaker!!!

Well-written post!

Rush read a column a few days ago but I missed who wrote it. It used Shakespeare's descripton of "mewling, puking children" to describe the Dems. Perfect.
Sometimes I wonder if I should keep stopping by this place. Sometimes.

I was kind of hoping you missed this one, but I was careful to say ELECTED Democrats.

Are you posting and deleting again?
RW: Had to delete a comment because of a flawed link. Everytime I try, it goes back to my profile page. &*%&$#@^&^!!!

Anyway, due to all my problems, I'm having major difficulties posting at ml's. Interesting conversations though.

Thought you might like to take a look at a couple of articles. The last one was a total surprise to me. I don't remember ever hearing about it.

You can delete my mess. It's the best I can do under the circumstances.

When the comment emailed itself to me the first time, the links said they went back to my main page so something is messed up. I'll look at the stories now ;-)
The second article is one I've known about for a long time. It's disgusting what these Code Pink idiots do to our soldiers that they claim to support. They aren't doing it for publicity either, because it's so disgusting the press won't cover them which is also disgraceful.

The first article is a great timeline. Thanks! @@'s link from above.
I pulled the Walter Reed article from a notification of a Pro-war/Support the Troops rally in Washington this month on the 23rd.

Semper said we oughta go. I've never been to D.C., never really wanted to go. Not a fan of big cities. I'll leave the decision to him on this one.

Nite RW.

You ought to go. The area around the mall where everything is doesn't really have a big city feel at all. I haven't been there for an overnight visit in years, but Andy mentioned a hotel that is in walking distance of everything.

Thanks for the great Joan Swirsky/Rockefeller is a traitor along with the whole bunch of them story.


The Spy Museum would be fun to visit too.
Buy Danish,

Isn't that where that other traitor, Joe Wilson, wants his Vanity Fair pictures to hang?

That Code Pink story is just awful. I really didn't know anyone would go that far. It certainly confirms what Boehner said.

These protestors may not be Democrats but they certainly are not Republicans. I'd say they are traitors.

If AJC covered Cindy Sheehan's every move for a while, why don't they show these nut cases?

It's like when I link to photos from some of the protest marches. I usually use because zombie gets the best pictures, but there are people doing photo spreads from them all.

You will always see that they are predominantly the most anti-American garbage you would ever have the misfortune of seeing, but the "news" will show you the few everyday Americans they can find and tell you what a diverse crowd it was. Our press in this country is either dangerous or dangerously incompetent.

I think we should protest the protestors. I really don't think many Americans know what is going on with these whacked out people.

Well, I think I will get a quick note off to the AJC (and I know where they will file it). Hey, the Braves won tonight so I might win one. Fat chance!

Anyway, I shall then go to bed 'cause I can't sleep late tomorrow. So for now,

G'nite, RW. Thanks for being so helpful.
Goodnight Dusty! You're right that most people don't know how screwed up these people are. Of course most of the protesters don't know what they are really doing. That's why they're called useful idiots.

At the Spy Museum I would expect to find a Vanity Fair photo, and possibly some of MLs wannabe spys, maybe wearing t-shirts that say " My name is ______I am a spy" on the front and "Ask me for the inside scoop" on the back.
RW: Just a little something I found interesting and painfully familiar:

The driving issue behind Bolivian politics and economics is the
country's demographic composition. The poor, indigenous highlanders
want a bigger slice of the country's wealth for themselves, while the richer European lowlanders want to keep a bigger slice of the wealth they generate. This built-in and most likely irreconcilable tension lately has led to ever-increasing national unrest.

Furthermore, in Bolivia, pragmatic moderation never works. Pandering to the lowlanders causes highland protests that bring the country to a screeching halt. Indulging the highlanders threatens a secessionist struggle that would rip the country apart. Choosing a
middle ground upsets everyone and generally results in the end of
the government. Morales knows this full well because he personally
contributed to the downfall of the last three governments that tried the middle road.

Poor Evo, having trouble keeping it between the ditches.

Sorry, couldn't link.

Bolivia hasn't been right since they gave Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid the Bonnie & Clyde treatment.
Just a quick reminder. If my memory serves me right, Huge was the one who spammed ml's site for two consecutive days. I knew he had no desire to go to another site. He's looking to dominate ml's.

He left you an after hours post at ml's.

I saw that. It's kind of bizarre so I didn't know whether to break it down or ignore it. I'm leaning toward ignore.

@@, you're so right.

If anyone knows the date range (It was probably around spring break,)when the lib fleas posted all the yahoo quotes/republican fodder, let's hear it. I remember a damning piece.
Hey JayNot:

Don't see near enough of you lately. They may have removed two days worth of spam.

The reason I remember it is because I was the one who talked him down from his rage. Told me I seemed like a reasonable "guy" and agreed he wouldn't do it anymore.

I'm learning from Andy...."Frisk the liberals first."

Nite Jaynot! :-)
Nite @@,

Frisk the liberal first

Oh, once I find the quote...
Jay not jay,

I don't think it was Huge spamming all that "Republicans are pervs" stuff. I thought Huge just went nuts over us not denouncing something that he perceived as hate speech. Funny that nobody ever asks anyone to denounce the crap we get called.

The person that posts as Liberal Texas Democrat tried to get the perv spam started again today. He posted a list and asked for help, but none of the libs must have opened the link.
No, RW this was something different. A while back. Maybe Huge's introduction? We'll see...

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

See ya later!
I didn't remember Huge being a spammer, just an insufferably long-winded, sanctimonious, pompous ass, but then I found this.

Huge Putz.
I may be wrong, but I could have sworn when they were posting that crap every min. all day for a couple days, at the end they started high five'ing each other and he was in the middle of it. I think @@ may be right. They may have removed a couple of days.

Well it's a beautiful day and there is a lot of good football on.

Ya'll enjoy!
Buy Danish,

Reading those old threads sure is strange. Huge said he would shorten his posts after we all blasted him so maybe he did unless he kept it up later. He sure was an arrogant clown though.

Didn't Queen Yahoo throw in the Hillarycopters link a couple of times recently? Could it be that RPV got stuck in Yahoo after you told him to find some new material and came back as Queen Yahoo?
Jay not jay,

They remove a lot of things that make liberals look bad over there.

Beautiful day and lots of football on?

Sounds like someone has a big screen on their boat.


Can you Google your way to the first time Huge posted? My searches aren't bearing much fruit. He's there on 5/5 for "Crash Course".

I haven't been paying all that much attention to Queen Yahoo, but I will now.
Buy Danish,

I'm running out the door, but I'll look when I get back. I thought the first link you gave was back in April and he was there.

There's NO GOOD REASON to pay attention to Queen Yahoo.

You're right about it being in April. DUH!
Buy Danish:

I see you found the Huge Spam. ml's "New Kind of Competition" toon was posted 4/7/06 at 9:55 A.M. and remained through 4/10/06. We could post on weekends then. In that timespan Huge & RFV spammed as you can see by postings referencing both episodes.

Searching in archives is difficult for me. My computer is slower than I am. The original post where I called him out by referring to him as a selfish violator of the 1st amendment is gone, so a lot of it has been erased without any punishment by the AJC.

I've had my suspicions for some time about multiple posters being one person. It's only speculation and can't be proven, but Huge, RFV, and Midori have all suffered from spastic spamming episodes. Who's who, I can't be sure. N-GA certainly shares their obsessive tendencies, but he's probably just another pseudonym.

One day I'll learn. You can't negotiate with the "radicals," right? ;-)

JayNot: Good call on the springbreak time frame. Looks like you were right.
Buy Danish,

It's a nearly impossible search. The word huge shows up in just about every story the fishwrapper puts out.

I'm sure @@'s right about much of it being scrubbed. I don't think Huge and the pervert are the same people, but unlike finch, some of these guys can change names and personal traits. At least for a while.

Thanks. I was able to find the spammy link by using "Huge Ego", but had the same impossible results with just "Huge". I have really bad tendonitis right now and shouldn't be wasting my time scrolling through Google trying to find Huge's Big Entrance.


I don't think Huge has used any other names. His ego is too big for that. He is puffing proud of his idiotic comments - he's a blog savior dontcha know.

The spamming thing that a bunch of them employ (like nicjacking)is just liberal amorality gone wild.

Forgot to ask - How does Georgie Girl hack in?? Do you think he's out of Athens?
Buy Danish,

He just changes a few lines in the source code and then saves the new source file as an html page. That makes it open like a page that was saved while the thread was open. I would still say that it's not hacking in the technical sense of the word, but it will sure be interesting to see how they handle it Monday.

He could also be an employee at the AJC.

It also occured to me that he is an AJC employee. Heck, he might even be in charge of scrubbing content and alerting "hackers" when they have broken AJC rules.
Buy Danish,

Have you seen the press conference video I posted above here? I sure wish President Bush would do that a few times in prime time.

Going to check it out now - I was out when it ran. Thanks.

Before I go, I just want to disgree with you on the "new" Huge. He is still the same POS - just learning to play the propaganda game a little bit better.

I just left him a message at MLs.

Who says Bush is stupid? That NYT bit was SO quickwitted.
Buy Danish,

I loved it when the reporter said the NYT was a friendly paper and the rest of the press corps was silent for a second and then burst out laughing.
Ahh, very close RW. You read my mind.
Jay not jay,

Next time let us know where to show up.
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