Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Unbelievable obfuscation by the Gallup Company

PRINCETON, NJ -- The recent firestorm over former President Bill Clinton's culpability for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was fueled on Tuesday when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice contrasted President Bush's efforts to pursue al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden with Clinton's efforts. Clinton has strongly denied various suggestions that his administration missed key opportunities to kill bin Laden and left the Bush administration without a comprehensive anti-terrorism strategy. However, Bush -- whom Clinton says did nothing about al-Qaeda for the first eight months of his presidency -- has the bigger image problem with Americans on the issue.

According to a recent Gallup Panel survey, the American public puts the primary blame on Bush rather than Clinton for the fact that bin Laden has not been captured. A majority of Americans say Bush is more to blame (53%), compared with 36% blaming Clinton.

After framing their results as America holding President Bush more responsible for the attacks on 9/11 you see what they asked.

So they ask about who you blame more that Bin Laden hasn't yet been captured, but begin their analysis as if they had asked who you blamed more for the attacks. It's silly enough that Clinton restarted the finger pointing game, but this poll acting as if it bolsters his view is reprehensible. Of course Bush is more to blame that Bin Laden hasn't been captured yet. If Gallup asked "Who do you feel is more responsible for Bin Laden not being killed in the 1990's" you would see a different result, but you would never read the story.


This phony poll also has a "push poll" feel to it. It may as well have said:

"Do you blame that evil cowboy Bush for not finding Bin Laden after 9/11"?
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They could have had a companion question asking whether you gave more credit for Enron being prosecuted to Bush or Clinton. Of course they would have actually asked who you blame more for Enron's corruption the evil former oil man cowboy or the poor guy having fingers pointed at him.

Come to think of it, with all the video evidence right below this post it's comical for anyone to talk about someone pointing a finger at Clinton.

It would be funny to see someone point a finger at Clinton during an interview for change of pace. I wonder if Billy Jeff would try to bite it off.

Different subject - Rush agrees with you that the plan to destroy Sen. Allen through hearsay will backfire.
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That was even before I found out about Webb's book. "Oh it's OK because he's putting voice to fictional charachters..."

It's also interesting that there is no police report about the supposed deer head in the mailbox. This wasn't the '30s we're talking about.

I wonder if Kerry the duck hunter helped Allen shoot that non-existent deer.
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Have you ever heard Kerry's deer stalker story?
Still on the hunt for the elusive comment conversation...

If we could only figure what you meant maybe we could accommodate.

Are we supposed to stage a conversation for your reading pleasure? If so they are everywhere. Lately there are a few here again.

Kerry has a deer stalker story? Who stalked whom and where did it happen?
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I thought it was in this interview with Field & Stream. This is his nutty idea of the tiny deer he's killed and the big one that he didn't pull the trigger at the right time on.

But his deer hunting in general story is that he likes to get out there crawling on his belly, going after the animal and playing the wind.

He told all this to a magazine for outdoorsmen. Does he have any idea how big a 16 point buck would be? And I love that he didn't miss or anything, he just pulled the trigger at the wrong time.
Powerline started stringing together some of the whoppers here. I disagree with them on who he was acting like. I would have said Gore.

I finally had a moment to read Kerry's Field and Stream interview. This struck me as particularly funny:

"When I was a kid I used to hunt woodchuck, predators on the farm. I started with a BB gun, moved up to a .22, then a .30/30, and a shotgun. And I've shot birds off and on through my life, some game, rabbits, deer -- I've been on Massachusetts deer hunts."

Is a BB gun a "gateway" weapon?
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There is also a story that as a lad in France he would sit in the water and catch small octopi.

I suppose if he thought he could carry Alaska he would say he harpooned whales as a young man and then his dip net would be a gateway weapon.
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