Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Airport Security & Democrats version of National Security

*A non-Bush-bashing comment*

See. I've proven my point.
By the way, where the hell IS everybody??

They told me they were going to your party and I'm still wondering where my invitation is.

There's that picture I was looking for!

Drudge has a story on the albright video if you haven't seen it.
I love that second video. Semper is going to send it out.

I'm concerned about the first one though. The one guy is digging granny's purse, but where exactly was the guy with the dog planning to dig?

I sure hope he was moving off camera to get a rubber glove.
Albright cutting grass. Ha, now that's just precious.

A bunch of libs swarmed You Tube and had that second video marked as offensive so you have to sign up to see it.

According to Newsbusters it's embedded in this page at Drudge. It plays for me at Drudge but it might be because I'm signed up to see it anyway.

Too hot? The video at Drudge played just like the one you've got posted here.

After I read "too hot" I was expecting to see Madeline giving "Kim Long Dong Jong" a lap dance or something. Would a magnifying glass help?

Please accept my apologies. :-)

What do you mean - the video is "embedded" in this page at Drudge?

I can play the second video, but I can't get the first one the Libs swarmed over there.

Nevermind. Duh. I thought that it was the first video that was "offensive".

The second one must be too close to the truth.

Lil' Kim is 5'2" and fancies himself quite the sex symbol. Halfbright could just curl him up and have a grand old time.
Here's what Newsbusters said. When I went back for the first time after I saw that I had to accept that I was going to watch a flagged video or something like that.
@@, Buy Danish,

I think RW could oblige.

Come on RW, you ARE the internet.

Look out for the lib swarm!!!
I'm in! What do I have to do?

Actually Jay not jay, I think the libs have done all they can. Now if CAIR gets involved the video will disappear completely.

This business of Libs and Islamofascists whining about You Tube videos and censoring them is the real "Scary Movie".

I love the way that Libs pretend how much they hate "Muslim extremists*", yet time and again we witness their

*Invariably used in a sentence where the "extremism" of Christians is also noted and given equal weight.
Well RW, something made Kim's hair curl. I think they oughta go with it anyway. It's funny & makes a point.

I could get creative and see the silo as a finger gesture? Maybe it was the tire iron on the lug nuts?

Drudge put it up saying that Republicans weren't going to use it, so the libs figured they could get it knocked off. All they really did was assure that everybody was going to see it. Maybe it wasn't Democrats that complained after all. RYMB*


*Rove you magnificent bastard
To any Inuit tribesmen who may enter here. From me to you.

I liked that story.

Nite RW!
Just in case people are wondering what the heck I ^^^ linked to, scroll down.

"Poor Alaskan Villagers Say No to Venezuela's Oil Offer"
Here's another link to @@'s story. Look Ma, no scrolling!
Goodnight @@!
@@, I was thinking of the last one too:

no cerca mexicana

UN going to enforce that? Don't think so. Not their job.
Jay not jay,

How funny is it that your link to a story in the Washington Post saying Mexico is going to bitch to the UN about our border fence is datelined Paris?
Can you believe it RW,

France will probably promise to make some snide remark about US/Mexico relations (with fingers crossed).
Hi RW -- hope you are having a nice evening. Dang, guess I logged in to late. I was reading some of your archives (I randomly chose April) and got distracted with links, etc., and now here I am.

Plus I was talking to myself at the Sports Bar and that was no fun. Lovin' me some Tigers tonight! Great game.

That's a great Anchorage story. . .what, Chavez thought if he made an offer up there no one would notice?

RW, did you notice that on Monday night that OOT person left a message after hours at MLs about me and you and Christian beliefs? I saw it really early this morning, and never got back to address it. It is so cowardly to do that, knowing I couldn't respond. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
Hi Jay not jay -- hope you are having a nice evening, too!

OotMVod is nothing but a sniping piss-ant so I wouldn't worry if I were you.

If you choose the January archives sometime you will find that we have a sitting Supreme court justice that once tried to kill the Pope.
Hey Honu,

I am. Hope you are also.

Where are you located this evening?
Okay, RW -- I know, but it's still not fair to not allow me to respond.

I'll try Jan tomorrow. It's fun going back and seeing who is who, and it looks like Seneca/Finch was actually a pretty decent person. Getalife, too. I mean, y'all still argued, but it was decent. Whatever happened to the person named DavidU and the person Devil Doll?

And I see even in April, anyone with the name Clinton was STILL never given a pass for anything!!!

Hi Jay not jay -- I'm at my home in Connecticut.

As I was telling RW, I was browsing his April archives, but I don't remember seeing your name there. Do you have several names, too? :-)

getalife really was a decent person, seneca/finch is and was a worthless piece of trash that would try to put up a false front in one place and be stabbing you in the back somewhere else the entire time. We called him on it and he went crazy.

Jay not jay,

Maybe it's Chirac's new claim to fame to represent Mexico since he can't seem to take care of anything back home.
Cool Honu, greetings.

No, I'm not a regular, just Jay not jay.

God forbid Mexico gets cocky with the EU behind their back.

Russia sits there like a 2 cent whore.
RW & Jay not jay -- a question form my moderate side.

I don't get it. I thought American conservatives supported Felipe Calderon and not "Gorbador". But now Felipe is not in agreement with the fence as Vincente was not. So why suport for Felipe and not Orbador? What was the difference in leaders? (I agree with you RW - France's take on this is meaningless.)

You may answer at leisure or tomorrow. Just curious.

I don't think Mexico will ever agree with the "fence".

My simple answer is you have to pick the lessor of two evils.
Well how embarrassed am I? When I went back to my link, you can't even find the story. The page updated itself.

(Note to self) @@, if you want to be a reporter, go directly to the source.

Thanks RW, you teach me something new everyday. Take a "nose nuzzle" for yourself.

This is purely speculative, but maybe we don't give an f what Mexico thinks because the fence will be on American soil?

That being the case we are better off without the Socialist being in power.
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