Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Before you vote Democrat watch this video.

The "so called" terrorists need to be coddled by the would be chairman of the house ways and means committee.

I saw that last night on O'Reilly.
When O'Reilly puts a dems feet to the fire, they'll burn themselves up every time. When they're cornered, they'll revert to the talking points.

What was it Rangel said? "This may sound CORNY?"

When it comes to protecting the U.S., they all want to be CORNY KERNELS.

I saw where Paul was frisked today. I wonder what Thomas's next I.D. will be?

Thomas will probably use Paul's olive branch as an excuse to stay. He would have a hard time disguising himself.

I missed Paul's last post so I didn't get a chance to tell him he had entirely missed the point. Maybe tomorrow or maybe I'll just tell him to f'k off, I hate reading his new clipped wording posts worse than his old condescending manifestos.
Actually I just noticed that Andy did a good job of summing it up for him. How did I miss both those posts?

I cannot believe how successful Thomas was in getting a sympathy vote by telling a sad story that had nothing to do with the subject at hand.

Even if she had wanted an abortion which she didn't, why would she have to wait until the last minute? And how would that have saved her health anyway? The damaging effects of pregnancy on CF would have already taken their toll. Of course I couldn't say that to him without being lynched..

Another illustration of the liberal infallibility syndrome at work. If I dare say anything to him now I will be accused of trying to kill his sister.

I am keeping his Nazi rant to me on file for future reference.
Buy Danish,

I'm glad you noticed the "Jersey girl" connection too. My father died of lung cancer several years ago, next time we discuss the merits of being in Iraq I should just toss that in and I should have carte blanche from then on.

Yeah, and I'll throw in that my mother died of bone cancer when I was 14, and my father died of Congential Heart failure when my son was only 3 months old.

I'm sorry about your father. A friend of mine died of lung cancer a few summers ago and I wrote a poem about it that was met with great acclaim. If your father was a gardener I'll send it to you.
Buy Danish:

It seems Thomas would have taken his sister's choice away from her. A contradiction.


I've suspected that Thomas was cutting & pasting. Is that what you call clipping?

I was talking about Paul. He was really wordy at first and I mentioned it to him, but instead of trying to get less wordy he just uses less words if that makes any sense.


talking Paul, really wordy cut down now not, make sense?

Buy Danish,

He wasn't and it's been a long, long time ago. Trust me I wasn't trying to play the sympathy card and I would never really do that. I was just adding to your example that Thomas took a sympathetic situation that didn't have a damn thing to do with the issue and used it to insulate himself and turn people against us.

It's sad that your son didn't get to know his grandparents. I know mine were by far the biggest influences on my life.

Thomas said that it was HIS choice. Do you think his sister was in a vegetative state? Oh Oh. There's another can of worms I'd best not open.

Ironically if his sister had been concieved recently she would probably have been aborted herself when they discovered the CF gene while in vitro. Hopefully they would have made that decision before she reached the last trimester.

I know you weren't trying to play the sympathy card! It just happens that the one and only serious poem that I've written was about someone who died of the same disease.

Luckily he has both of his granfparents on his father's side and they are gems. They live in that town where you used to work for the corrupt politician so he gets to seem them quite often.

I never had any grandparents on either side. Woe is me!
Buy Danish,

I didn't read carefully enough, I thought it was also your friends poem. Sure I'd like to see it if you wrote it.
Danish: It looked like it was just a sympathy ploy to drive his point.

Your argument was clear to me. RW's right, Thomas jumped the track.

I couldn't help but reflect on Washington State's outrage when he found out that babies were being aborted in the U.K. due to genetic abnormalities. Downs, etc., but yet I believe he was pro-choice. I remember talking to him about it and I was thinking "Well duh"...where did we think this would lead.

It's an all or nothing approach with liberals.

Nite guys.
Oh, and Buy Danish. I remember the poem to your Dad. You posted it here once.

Very sweet.

Now nite.

I think he may have realized that he sounded like a nut when he pulled his Nazi routine with me, so he regrouped.



Okay, I'll send it to you. It's short!
Goodnight @@!

I think you may be confusing me with Dusty. There is no poem to Dad, but I suppose I should write one!
(____ fill in the blank ____)
(__Nicole really loves us!___)
Confused, me? Noooooooooooooooooo!
Ah, there's one of my old, contentless comments!

So, uh, anyone wanna talk about something UN-related to how much ya hate Democrats? Just asking.
If this is the best you can do, I will definitely vote Democrat.

As if someone that won't even use a name was going to do anything else anyway.
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