Saturday, October 07, 2006

Crazy Howie's DNC supports the troops......

Turns out even the crowd shot is phony least the Canadian ones.

**UPDATE** LGF found the original. It's not only Canadian, but photoshopped somewhere along the way.

RW: I can't find a GOP Party in Canada.

They do have the defunked "Absolutely Absurd Party" that may want a new Chairman. Should we e-mail Howie?

That group is probably to small to be a party so let's change it to the "Absolutely Absurd Squad" and then since it's giving a small group too much weight to call them absurd we will change them to the "Absolutely Silly Squad." Then Howie can take his rightful place as the head of the A.S.S.

But isn't that his job already?

That is absolutely hilarious - and absurd. I'm shocked that there is no "Dry Martini Party". Canada sucks.


I can't comment on whether the uniform is Canadian or American, but I sure wouldn't put it past those patriotic Dem fools to screw it up.

If anyone is looking for further evidence that Ann Coulter's Liberal Infallibility theory has far more merit than Darwin's theory of evolution, meet the well-named, Tammy Duckworth.

I know it sounds really mean-spirited and I am prepared to be attacked relentlessly for my hate speech, but I'd be a lot more impressed if every word out her mouth wasn't a fossilized talking point from the Dinosaurs.
Buy Danish,

I'd be a lot more impressed if she actually lived in the district whose seat she's running for too. I guess if it's OK with Illinois it ought to be alright with me, but the House is supposed to be the closest representatives of the people that there is in Washington.
This one is ridiculous coming from someone that was serving in the military at the time.

My helicopter was shot down long after you proclaimed "Mission Accomplished."

Everybody that listened to that speech on the aircraft carrier knows damn well that President Bush said the fight ahead was going to be very hard, very long and that it would take us to many fronts.

I'm sure she knows that too, so she has decided to lie her way into office. In my book that eliminates any need to give her a pass.
Well,fellow travelers,

All I can say is "Poor Tammy". And she did make a terrible scrifice for her country. But, as BD noted, that speech was SOOO canned. Even reading it, reminded me of a recording. Poor girl. I hope she finds another avenue to "help" the troops.

But I was already angry. Have you read Cynthia Tucker's Sunday tirade? I reached a definite conclusion. Tucker is Finch. She even mentioned "drunk" several times. She was referring to power I think but still gave the usual impression. What a loser. Fair and balanced like Luckovich. Ha!

That Mission Accomplished line was what clinched it for me too. It is a lie and she knows it, yet she lets a Deaniac write a script for her and she doesn't have the honesty to correct it.

Do you know how flexible that residency requirement is in Illinois? Maybe one of us could run for office their from our residences in Georgia.


I'm off to find Tucker's Imitation of Finch.
Woops, make that "run for office...THERE".


If anyone is drunk on power I think the AJC editorial staff qualify quite nicely.

I don't have the energy right now to sober Ms. Tucker up with a stimulating cold shower of facts. She does need something to rid herself of the pink elephants she is seeing.

She'll just have to wake up with a hideous hangover in the morning.
RW: Very creative. I'm pinning a ribbon on your chest.

Tammy's speech taken from the papers of Heir Ver Beightem?

Put a mustache on it Howie.
Hey RW,

Could I take Harry Reid's place? I could talk so softly and sincerely and spout GOP "facts" somewhat like Harry does for Dems. I also like Arizona which is close to Nevada which I might as well call a residence. Not Reno though. That nightlife would probably kill me since I am somewhat adverse to gambling, celebrities and neon. Just a shrinking violet.

Oh RW, I looked up Canadian army berets and seems they wear just about every color you can think of. Depends on a lot of things. I can't solve the mystery of Canadians or not.


Tucker is one big hangover personified. She's at the DT stage.

I haven't kept up with the dear Dr. Howie lately. What is he doing besides writing Tammy-type speeches? I don't imagine he is practicing medicine as that does not seem to interest him these days. I guess the joy of politics overcomes him-as in whoeeee!!

I've gotten into the habit of not reading Tucker until she is properly introduced as Queen Pinko.

For what it's worth. finch reads our After Dark comments each night and then Bonnie spits them out at the scribblers blog the next day. Must be big coincidences going on all over Moonbatica.

Buy Danish,

I think they at least make you live in the state.


Can I get one of those pretty red badges with the black center that they wear in Canada for my ribbon? Maybe Semper can shed some light on the identity of these soldiers.


If I'm in charge of replacing Harry Reid then you can certainly have the job and live wherever you want. The people of Nevada would be much better served.
Comment # 105 which should be here begins a string that seems to confirm the Malkin story.
RW: At the risk of sounding stupid, why is it that when you place your cursor over the picture's at Michelle's site, the image is noted as "canadian.jpg"?

I had actually looked through some canadian soldier images last night. I found this and and this.

There appears to be a "red badge" in the first, and the "the other hats", not the berets, sport a double gold braid on the brim. American medals & ribbons (what my Dad called his fruit salad) on the front of the uniforms are much smaller. The ones on the Canadian uniforms are huge.

I'll ask Semper though. He served his overseas duty in Korea. Unless there were Canadians over there with him, he may not be able to tell if they're Canadian, but he should be able to tell if any American uniforms looked like those.

Today's on-line edition of the AJC has this blurb:

"Bush Christens Big Boat" - Nuclear powered aircraft carrier named for elder Bush.

Okay, this is nitpicking, but don't they know the difference between a "boat" and a "ship"?

They just couldn't resist the alliterative quality of Big Boat and Bush, and end up looking like the sort of idiots who can't tell our American soldiers from Canadians.

Yeah, like I really trust these losers with our military.
Buy Danish: The christening had somebody at ml's needing to discredit GHW's military service with their "bail-out Bush" crap. The records indicate that another member of his crew also bailed out, but his parachute didn't open. What happened to the third crew member, noone knows.

Dennis Miller, the other night, explained that he is as liberal as they come on many issues. When it comes to the war on terror, he is as conservative as they come. He pointed out that within his circle of liberal friends, he finds them to be "hatefilled" while the conservatives have always been more convivial and reasonable.

Some Canadian poppy research -

John McRae, The author of "In Flanders Fields" was a Canadian battle surgeon/poet in WWI, and he wrote the poem in response to the battlefield death of a fellow Canadian soldier friend, so it would make sense that the Canadian military would adopt the poppy as a symbol for their lapels.

Here is a good reference link

I enjoy the opportunity to re-read that brilliant poem. The last lines, "If ye break faith with us who die/We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields" only serves to remind us of who breaks faith and who remains steadfast in its resolve to secure the blessings of liberty.

Thanks for the reminder, Howie.


I saw that BS about Bush 41 a few days ago before this story appeared. It must be in some Dem talking point somewhere, along with the tale of Marvin Bush planting explosives in the World Trade Center.
Buy Danish & @@,

That "bail out Bush" crap comes from a book by a guy that also has a book saying that Bush 43 blew up the World Trade Center.

That's the second time that the same thing has been posted almost word for word at ml's, so it's probably the same ones that are always linking to that "Looses Change" movie.
RW, I've never seen any american uniform resembling the ones in the picture at MM's. The insignia on the epelet looks like a canadian brigadier-general's.

A maple leaf, topped by crossed weaponry, topped by crown. You can use your imagination I guess. Howie requires it.

The red poppy on the uniforms in MM's photo is a canadian symbol of remembrance, "Lest We Forget"
Semper Fi,

I think the poppy is pretty much a give away. Reaganite over at GCP is convinced and I believe he spent a few years assigned to White House duty. I would think that in that assignment you would pay special attention to uniform details.


The fact that it says Canadian.jpg doesn't really mean anything since you can name a picture what ever you want. Her post appears to be showing that particular picture as a true example of Canadian military to contrast it with the DNC picture.

I think the DNC picture was selected because the soldier looks like a composite minority and nobody paid any attention to what military he served in.

Michelle Malkin has updated the original link that you posted with a link to LGF which shows the pre-photoshopped photo of the soldier which includes a badge on his beret, and another one of him smiling which doesn't fit the "GOP tortures our soldiers theme".
Buy Danish,

Put me in the camp that doesn't think the DNC did the photoshopping. I'm with the group that thinks they are just too stupid and uncaring to even know the difference.

I agree. The unintentional use of a photoshopped picture just made it a little more difficult to identify the country the soldier came from.

Can't they find some pictures of soldiers from one of those Vets against the Iraq War websites?

On This Week with Snuffalufagus they just had Rahm Emanual and a Republican sitting in for Tom Reynolds. The Republican said that there were two people at that table that had vast experience covering up for their boss in a sex scandal.

Georgie boy got all huffy and said he left the White House in 1996. So I guess the Clinton legacy building machine marches on, I'm pretty sure I remember that Monica wasn't Billy Jeff's first rodeo.

Okay blogmaster, what does "OT" stand for? Off topic?
Buy Danish,

Yes! It's off topic, which is an odd thing to say here since we are rarely on topic, but since we had been this time I thought I would break it out.

Well I am patting myself on the back for figuring it out!
Don't drop that Pina Colada while you're patting!

Wooten has an interesting post today. All the libs are just spamming it because they have no idea how to tackle the topic. I've got to go help out some friends at the Arts Festival for a couple of hours, maybe I can get a few "man on the street" observations for Jim.
RW: Nudes on velvet booth?

I never figured you for the art-see fart-see type.

I always figured RW to be the Velvet Elvis type of art connoisseur.
Buy Danish & @@,

I'm shocked, shocked that you make light of my fondness for the arts.

Helpful "art" tip: When you have someone nude on velvet pay special attention to the grain if it moves to the next stage.

I had to go back and help them close it down a few minutes ago. Apparently yesterday was tree hunger day. Today was lesbian fest, I almost thought I was at the Lilith Fair for a while.
The LGF post on this Canadian soldier has been updated to include a letter from the photographer.

Who knew that miltary insignias were copyrightable.

I don't plan on having any nudes on velvet, as from my vantage point nude men and velvet aren't a really great mix, IMHO of course - but thanks for the tip! I'll file that away in the "everything I'll never ever need to know" file.
Buy Danish,

I wouldn't be surprised if the DNC lifted the picture without paying for it either.

Silk sheets on an old style water bed can be a little dangerous too. Now you see her/him, now you don't.

If you think silk is bad, have you tried satin? At least silk has a bit of that "grain" you mentioned.

Not to mention the fact that waterbeds that are improperly heated are like...torture to sleep on.

I only know this stuff from being Hugh Heffner's house guest. Or was it those damned hippies? I can't remember.

I was so impressed over at Wooten's blog with all your cultural endeavors at the Art Festival. I pictured you in heavy black rim glasses and bow tie, examining the brush work and color composition, murmuring over the exquisite insight of the artist. And now you tell me...ELVIS!!!Velvet!!

Ah well, there goes the discovery of a true art connoisseur gone to pot..errr I mean ruin. Just call me Betrayed Broken-hearted Louvre Lover. Sob!
Buy Danish,

Maybe it was satin, but I know that a young lady I briefly dated years ago had a full wave bed and some kind of extremely slick sheets.

You're not kidding about the heating. I had a waterbed back in the late eighties that had a temperamental heater.

Hey maybe we could outfit Gitmo with some of those, talk and we'll unlock your thermostat.

It is Buy Danish and @@ that are trying to ruin my art cred with all that velvet Elvis stuff.

I was in my finest art critiquing shorts and t-shirt and even learned to step back and use my upraised thumb to judge the centering!!
That didn't take long.
RW, faith is restored.

Now what finger did you say you had upraised in your critique of great works at the Arts Festival?

Well I said it was my thumb, but I know it was only one finger. :-)
Well RW

I guess you did say thumb and that's not a real finger or something..

Kinda remins me(who knows why) of BD's mention that a ship is not a boat. My husband, old Navy man, corrected me on that for years until I finally got it right. Kinda like squeezing the toothpaste tube just right. What would wives do without a husband to educate them?

If I said I was holding up an appendage then we would get into a whole different set of issues, so for the purpose of this event I'll go with a thumb being a finger.

I thought it was wives that were always educating husbands.

You actually owned one of those darned contraptions?

I do like the idea of introducing "waterbedding" to replace "waterboarding". No satin sheets though. Horsehair would be good.

If Getalife is reading here tonight, he will post tomorrow saying that Neocons want to torture with horsehair sheets and that is against Geneva Conventions and we are evil. Evil!!


How could wives possibly educate husbands who "know it all" from birth? (I'm just picking a fight. I'm surrounded by males I dearly love.)
Buy Danish,

A friend had moved to Atlanta and told me that he couldn't put it on a third floor apartment. Since I was recently divorced and sleeping on a pullout, it sounded like a good idea to take it off his hands.

It actually wasn't bad when the heater was working, but because it was baffled to make it waveless no matter what I did for pillows I always felt like I was sleeping with my head below me.


I thought it was teens of either sex that knew it all and then a few years into their twenties were shocked to realize how much their parents had suddenly learned.
Bed linens? Well, it was only yesterday that I told Semper, that we might wanna think about getting a skid mat to go under the........
ummmm, hall runner?
Well @@, it wasn't so much about the linens as it was trying to get the proper mix of smoothness and traction.

Okay - I buy your excuse about how you ended up being a waterbed owner.

I don't know that I was ever on a "baffled and waveless" waterbed - I recall a lot of waves, but I do know exactly what your're talking about one's head being below one's body.

I was going to mention exactly the same thing but couldn't figure out how to word it properly.


Getalife would complain about torture if they got breakfast in bed on a silver tray with a long-stemmed rose.

It's more likely that finch will make some reference to our conversation. Last week he complained about "the pictures and everything".
Right RW,

It's age, not gender. I agree.

I am leaving early tonight. Maybe I will see (all of) you posting tomorrow. Hope you are there. They need informed bloggers.


That's funny. Although a hallway runner, secured or not, would be worse than a waterbed AND you can get rug burns.

More ideas for Gitmo!
Goodnight Dusty!

Buy Danish,

The other night when we were talking about Quaalude's and "delusions of grandeur" finch was reading. Magically the next day "bon scott" came to ml's with ludes and delusions of grandeur.

I don't remember that ludes conversation. Was it with Andy?
Buy Danish,

Yeah, it was when Andy was wondering why ml's blog shut off at 7:14 over on After Dark.

All this talk of beds has made me sleepy.

Ludes. Got it.

Sorry, I'll tell Semper.

You'll tell Semper just what about ludes?
Spell check -- lewds. Hallway runners, skid guards, @@ & Semper are "lewd".
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