Saturday, October 28, 2006

Great analysis by James Taranto-Dems outsmart themselves

How to Keep Your Base at Home
"Despite a generally buoyant Democratic Party nationally," the New York Times reports, "there are worries among Democratic strategists in some states that blacks may not turn up at the polls in big enough numbers because of disillusionment over past shenanigans." What shenanigans would those be? The paper explains:

"This notion that elections are stolen and that elections are rigged is so common in the public sphere that we're having to go out of our way to counter them this year," said Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist. . . .

Democrats' worries are backed up by a Pew Research Center report that found that blacks were twice as likely now than they were in 2004 to say they had little or no confidence in the voting system, rising to 29 percent from 15 percent.

And more than three times as many blacks as whites--29 percent versus 8 percent--say they do not believe that their vote will be accurately tallied.

Voting experts say the disillusionment is the cumulative effect of election problems in 2000 and 2004, and a reaction to new identification and voter registration laws.

Who exactly made the notion that elections are stolen or rigged "so common in the public sphere"? Wouldn't that be the Democrats, who never got over their grudge over Al Gore's photo-finish loss in 2000, who preposterously claimed Ohio was stolen in 2004, and who are already warning that if they don't do as well as they expect this year, it will be because of Republican dirty tricks?

Given that many of the Dems' complaints are made in expressly racial terms--e.g., blacks were disfranchised in Florida, or a requirement to show ID to vote is racist--why should it be surprising that blacks are more "disillusioned" than whites?

Furthermore, isn't there something patronizing about the whole complaint? Many Republicans in Washington state believe that the Democrats stole the razor-thin 2004 governor's race there, but does anyone think a New York Times reporter will go to Walla Walla and write a sympathetic piece about white conservative voters who are so disillusioned that they plan to stay away from the polls?

It seems to us that the real problem here is that the Democrats have outsmarted themselves. By creating the false impression that black voters are victims, they have discouraged blacks from going to the polls.

What I don't understand is why the libs are howling over their Nov. victory already, but at the same time say the polling machines won't let them win?
Jay not jay,

Both things are serving to suppress their own vote. They're going to have some stay home because they think Republicans are going to steal the election anyway and others that will stay home thinking the election is already won.

I love upsets. Just don't move where the dems are located on the ballot or they will get it wrong.

Leno working the street the other night interviewed random folks outside their studio and none of the libs knew who they voted for, they just said "not Bush". I weep for the future.
I saw it coming. So the Democrats have taken black voters right back to where they began. And all in the interest of knowing what's best for black Americans.

How very progressive of them. NOT!

How can Dems outsmart themselves when they are acting so DUMB? For instance, I looked at Wooten's blog this afternoon and that was about like rabid bats in a birdcage. You tried to inject a few true facts but that is not what they want to hear. After Melody M's posts almost made me queasy I decided not to jump in today's cesspool.

And speaking of dumb, I don't know how to "black" my list. I know. Duh!! Maybe I never have done anything. Heavens, I better get busy.

PS to @@
You sound all spunky again. Beat that flu, didn't'cha??!
Dusty: I haven't beaten it yet. I've just decided to ignore it and ignore the fact that I'm getting about 3 hours of sleep every night due to continuous coughing. Semper has kicked me out of bed. I'm now a guest in the spare bedroom.

I shall prevail.

You can't do the list yourself, you just have to tell me which ones to bold. Look at the comments under everybody else's list and you can see how they told me.

They'll have to make believe that Republicans caused a car wreck or created a thunderstorm to suppress turnout.
I just wanted to mention how much I love Plato.
It feels like I haven't lurked about these parts in ages. Where have I been??

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