Thursday, October 26, 2006

An hour in the Oval Office with President George W. Bush

Michael Barone's account of an interview President Bush gave yesterday with a few conservative columnists, complete with full audio.

He then argued that we have severely hurt the terrorists–but that as long as we see victory as the absence of strife, the terrorists can convince us that we're not winning by random killing.

"If absence of violence is victory," he said, then nobody can ever make a claim of winning. He made the point he repeated over and over in his press conference this morning that in Iraq our troops are constantly changing tactics even as they persevere in opposing those who are trying to strangle democracy there. He said that he does not pick targets as–pointing to the other end of the Oval Office–Lyndon Johnson once did during the Vietnam War but that he does keep in touch with his commanders daily.

I don't like these "0" comments RW. Gives the appearance of disinterest. If they (the extremists) were fighting against a united America determined to defeat them, time would work against them.

Now that I've commented on the topic, I wanted to ask you....Are we doing anything like this in Iraq? If not, shouldn't we be? They sure could use some help.

Are you sure that isn't a joke with Lt. Col Dave Berry?

I think that we still have more overt interaction in Iraq and I'm not sure the same models would work anyway. Something that, believe it or not, Polly Prepuce said yesterday is true. Iraq is sort of a creation of a cartographer gone wild and will be extremely difficult to make work as a unity government.

Thanks for this story - I haven't listened to the whole interview yet but Barrone's comments are interesting, and Byron York was on Laura I today.

But I don't get @@'s joke, or at least I assume it's a joke. What are "O" comments?

I'm burnt out after reading the Missouri stem cell ballot initiative and trying to make sense of it. There is something very Orwellian about it and I don't like it!
Buy Danish,

She means that when the comment count says zero it looks like nobody is showing the blog any love.

That Missouri initiative apparently sneaks cloning into the State Constitution. One good thing about MJF's stunt for McCaskill may be that it gets this defeated.

Well Duh. I kept thinking "O"val office, Story of "O"...
Well I just dOuble POsted and now I can't get rid of the damn thing. Oh well.
Buy Danish,

You're a hard person to keep up with tonight.

Because I'm running around so much or because I'm not making sense?
Because you're running around so much. I'm going to start following you from the email of your comments.

Well, I was just making the rounds before I go to bed. You have all these joints open and now you're complaining that I patronize them? Harumph.
Buy Danish,

Maybe I should figure out how to put them in a row like a great bar area.

Like New Orleans?
Buy Danish,

I would try to keep the street a little cleaner, but sure. Do we need to get some beads to toss if Danishova starts flashing?

Danishova wasn't planning on flashing. She was planning on listening to some nice music and carrying her drink on the street like they let you do there.

*slinks away*


So this is everyday New Orleans, not Mardi Gras New Orleans eh?
Well I didn't get the Lt. Col. Dave Berry reference either. I must be contagious.

No need to explain RW, I'm gone and this "zero" comment thread is now sufficiently attended to. :-)

I was thinking everyday New Orleans pre-Katrina. I hate events like Mardi Gras, but the beads are fun.

I'll let you watch O'Reilly now. We can design this great bar area another time.

Good Night!
Goodnight Buy Danish!

O'Reilly isn't on, they've gone to live fire coverage. If I heard right earlier they were going to update Monday, by then somebody else should have picked it up.

In the commercial by various actors and sports figures against prop 2, Kurt Warner makes a comment like "why would someone pay $28 million for this initiative's passage?" So it will come out if there's anything to it.

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