Sunday, October 22, 2006

I think Pravda is trying to give President Bush credit for doing something right. Even if they do have the wrong example.

The situation connected with the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea continues to exacerbate. US intelligence detected a suspicious vessel in North Korean waters today. The destination of the vessel was unknown. US special agents presumed that the ship was probably carrying nuclear weapons on board. It goes without saying that the US administration believed that Pyongyang was trying to share its nuclear technologies with other states, Iran for example.

The economic sanctions, which the USA has recently imposed against North Korea, have already brought certain results. During an official meeting with a Chinese ambassador, N.Korean leader Kim Jong-il apologized for the recently conducted nuclear test and stated that North would be ready to resume the talks if the USA agreed to withdraw financial restrictions.

On the other hand, the USA is seriously considering a military method of solving the N.Korean problem when experts of many countries confirmed the fact of nuclear weapons test. In this connected US journalists recollected that ex-president Bill Clinton used to ask for a detailed report from the US government regarding all the numbers to study an opportunity of declaring war on North Korea. As it turns out, this war would have cost the US Treasury $100 billion. More importantly, the USA would have sacrificed the lives of its 100,000 soldiers during the battles.

Who knew that Billy Jeff had an accounting audit done as the determining factor for our national defense?

Guess what's up and running again? My blog!!!! Woo-hoo!!
el patro,

Welcome back, sorry about the long title ripping through your comment.

I believe your link is still on my sidebar, if not I'll fix that up.
RW: You know, I've always thought of ml's liberals as extremely selfish. Always talking about what it costs to secure "we the people."

Show them the money so they can spend it before "they" die. To hell with the "we" part.

Why am I always drawn to the "odd" stories in Pravda? "Raped by a cat?" Are those stories about Russians?
Where's the party? I come over here expecting comments and fireworks yet there's not a whole lot going on...yet.

The party on this blog moves around, lately after dark and the sports bar have been the hot spots.

Just as it was a good idea to stay out of the border stories on a BigDaddy link, the same goes for Pravda.

As for ml's gang they do go from the collective to the singular awfully fast depending on whether it's our money or theirs they're spending.

MLs liberals, like all liberals are extremely selfish. I don't think they give a damn about "securing we the people"; they only care about securing "me, myself, and I". Have you noticed what a nasty bunch they are too?

There is nothing more selfish than a liberal who deceitfully pushes embryonic stem cell research on taxpayers, despite the horrific Brave New Worldish implications. They're looking for a slogan like "Democrats dare to dream that the lame walk again!" to lead the masses - even if they never find ONE thing that is actually cured through embryos - which to date they have not done (kind of like finding Darwin's fossils).

It's also a big form of corporate welfare for the research companies, but as long as fetuses are involved that particular corporate welfare is AOK I guess, and how DARE you Christo-fascist warmongering bigots question our moral authority?

Call me cynical, but I honestly think it's their way of insuring that abortion stays legal. How else to explain the enthusiasm?

Speak of the devil, look what I just found on Drudge.
Buy Danish,

That is most assuredly the reason that they are so adamant about using embryos and don't give a damn about the much more promising adult and cord blood cells. It's all to turn embryo's into a disposable commodity and relieve the guilt through this holy grail of cures.

I'm surprised they are even allowing it to be called "embryonic" since everybody knows what an embryo becomes.
Ya know Danish, my father-in-law was confined to his bed for 10 years with Parkinson's. Great guy, loved him dearly and he was crazy about me.

Knowing the kind of man he was, he would have suffered with his ethics intact rather than encourage the destruction of a potential life. We actually got him some marijuana once to see if it helped. It did, but he wouldn't use it again because he said it was illegal and buying it was supporting dealers who had no problem with ruining people's lives with drugs.

Well now I'm all snotty, and it's not because of my cold. Dangit.


Phew! I'm glad you agree with me. I hesitated to post my post as I thought it might sound kooky.

I'm trying to come up with some euphemisms to replace "embryonic". Maybe they could call them "donated embryonic stem cells" to make it sound charitable.

What was the term Goldie or one of her clones was using to further dehumanize the baby the other day when we had the torture/PBA discussion?

Can you tell I'm lazy today? I didn't even bother to go see what name Sybil was using when he told us he had personal experience being kicked out of the sanitarium.
Goodnight @@!

You should have followed the suggestion I left you for using Dusty's Manichevitz over on the European vacation thread.

Your father in law sounds like a great man. Couldn't you have grown him some pot on your kitchen window sill so he didn't have to worry about drug dealers? Ha Ha.

Mort Kondracke was married to a woman who died last year who had Parkinsons. He wrote a wonderful book on the subject called "Saving Millie" (which he wrote when she was still alive).

The thing is that there is no need to use embryonic stem cells since adult stem cells work better. It is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated - worse than getting rid of DDT.


Have some chicken soup when you get sick of that lemon honey mixture. Or add a shot of rum to the hot lemondade.

I can't remember what term Goldie used. Between her, Sarah Connant, Midori and Getalife it is a dreary thing to behold.

Sybil was at JWs when she talked about her personal eviction experience. I can't remember what the name was either - something about Moonies.

Speaking of lazy, I'm going to bed!
Goodnight Buy Danish!

I found it, "zygotes", so they can try calling it zygotic stem cell research and try to trick people that way.
Well, mgc is taking another break from his blog. Writer's block I think.

In case he drops by, I wanted to let him know how much I loved this picture!!!

The camels are the white lines, the black shapes are the shadows.
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