Sunday, October 22, 2006

I think Pravda is trying to give President Bush credit for doing something right. Even if they do have the wrong example.

The situation connected with the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea continues to exacerbate. US intelligence detected a suspicious vessel in North Korean waters today. The destination of the vessel was unknown. US special agents presumed that the ship was probably carrying nuclear weapons on board. It goes without saying that the US administration believed that Pyongyang was trying to share its nuclear technologies with other states, Iran for example.

The economic sanctions, which the USA has recently imposed against North Korea, have already brought certain results. During an official meeting with a Chinese ambassador, N.Korean leader Kim Jong-il apologized for the recently conducted nuclear test and stated that North would be ready to resume the talks if the USA agreed to withdraw financial restrictions.

On the other hand, the USA is seriously considering a military method of solving the N.Korean problem when experts of many countries confirmed the fact of nuclear weapons test. In this connected US journalists recollected that ex-president Bill Clinton used to ask for a detailed report from the US government regarding all the numbers to study an opportunity of declaring war on North Korea. As it turns out, this war would have cost the US Treasury $100 billion. More importantly, the USA would have sacrificed the lives of its 100,000 soldiers during the battles.

Who knew that Billy Jeff had an accounting audit done as the determining factor for our national defense?

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