Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Iran's nukes you ask? It all comes down to chicken legs

If the mullahs can't have nukes the Russians won't eat "Bush's legs." The Russians must really believe all the talk about Democrats being poised to retake control of our government if they think we are going to turn a blind eye to Iran so that we can sell more chicken. What Pravda post would be complete without a sample paragraph?

As it turns out, this is not the only problem in US-Russian WTO talks. Optimistic official statements saying that the number of moot questions has been minimized are not true to fact. Another round of negotiations has ended with another failure. Russian authorities are developing measures that they are going to take in the event the talks with the US administration bring no result at all. Russia may seriously cut the imports of US poultry before the end of October.

Gees, RW – what is it with your ‘scary hand” links? The one holding the chicken leg cannot be attached to anything – well, anything human that is. And hey, why hasn’t Pravda followed up on my favorite “Aliens Having Sex with Humans” story?

(Hope you are well and having a nice week :-)

What's really funny is that at least for now when you open the link they are proudly showing a picture of a four legged chicken in the upper left.

It's all a ploy to not eat "Bush's legs" if they are busily growing their own four drumstick variety.
RW -- I'm beginning to appreciate Pravda for it's journalistic integrity. . .at least it's not all Foley, all the time :-)

Like this? They aren't as bad as our alphabet networks I guess.
RW -- you are so funny. Got some work to finish up before I fly tomorrow, plus I want to catch the re-run of the new South Park so I'll talk to you soon.

Have a wonderful evening. . .

Goodnight Honu, have a great trip. SP was a little......well don't look down if you don't want to know.




lame for a season premier, but at least they didn't have time to make them all Congressional pages.
RW: I'm sitting here laughing. When I read the Pravda article and saw the "widdle shicken" the connection was Chernobyl's nuclear accident produced mutated chickens.

I recently read a fourth quarter analysis sent by Stratfor. The gist was, there are two powerful countries seeking world dominance. China & Russia. They're making deals with Iran. They're emboldened by America's weakness in Iraq & Afghanistan. Most importantly, they're emboldened by the split within our own country. They want the Democrats to win to weaken us even further.

It's a big picture seen through tunnel vision by the participants at ml's. Keeping tabs on those three countries as it relates to their own domestic problems, economy, and their citizenry is what I've been doing lately.

Hard to make "heads or tails" of the situation. I've simplified it in my mind. Conservative heads or
Liberal a$$holes.

How am I doing? ;-)
Oops! Correction.

Conservatives use their "minds" while liberals pull ideas out of their a$$.

It was the Foley thing.;-)

There was a poll done in Europe where one of the questions was something like, "Would the world be a better place if the US was weaker?" It was about 75% yes, which is a good thing to keep in mind when liberals tell us that we need them to like us more.

I'm pretty sure the poll was taken while Clinton was still in office.
Hi RW -- you were right. . .a very lame 10th Season opener for South Park. Plus, I didn't like how they morphed the boyz into such slothful characters. . .I mean I get the gist of computer game obsessions, but, this one just didn't do it for me.

Late last night one of the stations where I am re-ran the sexual harassment panda episode. So it restored my faith in South Park :-)
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