Monday, October 09, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it...

Apparently Kim Jong Il has gone through with his latest test. We now know that he can shoot a missile into the water and explode a device that can cause a large bang in a controlled bunker.

As you can see from the title link the DUmmies have done what Democrats do best when confronted with a problem. They are kissing their and their significant others asses goodbye. Maybe they should look on the bright side and realize that North Korea has just shown it's neighbors how dangerous it could be to leave them alone, has shown the "International community" that something needs to be done, made it so that even the hardiest moonbat can't say that President Bush is lying about them, and further shown that Iran needs to be stopped in it's tracks.

For me that is all good news, but I have to reach across the aisle to my Democrat friends and head to bed for a while just in case.

Gee RW, thanks for a look into the Shadow 69's world of "too much transparency", eeewwwww. At least noone mentioned cellophane.

Fast, brutal & awesome?

Hand tremors in Wal-Mart?

Let's hope they're shooting blanks in support of non-proliferation.

No more "nookies" please.

Maybe this will be better. Here's some reaction from ibmkeyboard at GCP.
Okay, what's the significance of "DUmmies"?
And no cracks about me being a "DUmbass".

I use that to describe the whack jobs that post at Democratic Underground or DU for short.

They are having "end of the world" sex because that little gargoyle in North Korea is shaking his fist again.
And you took all the fun out of my making a crack about you being a DUmbass, but I reserve the right to steal that as an alternate description of the DUmmies.

Don't take it as a personal slap because they have the name Democrat in their blog name. These are some really fringe sickos that are so far left they think that the New York Times is out to get liberals and that Hillary Clinton is a conservative.
RW: Did you post this:

By RW (the aboriginal) October 6, 2006 10:26 AM Dont hurry back. How do we exterminate this unhinged troll?

Or was it a jack?

No I didn't post that, I didn't even see it.
RW: Notice the similarity:

(the aboriginal)

Compared to:

By bon scott October 9, 2006 06:18 PM By RW-(the aboriginal)
Sounds like bonnie is about to explode all over the blog again.

I posted Bush's actual quote at about 7:10 and it never showed up , then I blasted ootmvod at 7:15 and just missed the closing time. Do you think these punks really believe anyone buys their crap just because they say it?
RW: Relative to topic. I, see the "Little Ill Fellas" bravado as a real eye-opener. Not one for us though. One for his neighbors.

Russia, China, South Korea and Japan have more to fear from North Korea than the United States does. Whereas, the first three already have militaries, Japan has only just begun to develop theirs.

It's hard being the world's only babysitter. So I say, welcome to the "Babysitter's Club." Where 'ya been?

BTW, my "censored" post was a Cheney reference, but I understand your use of discretion, GCP visitors and all. I must say, I feel somewhat humbled by the honor you have bestowed upon me. I am the first.
BTW, RW(the aboriginal) posts at Wooten's on occasion.
RW: Not only that, who ever posted this Dont hurry back. How do we exterminate this unhinged troll? is truly weird (finch.)

It doesn't bother me at all to hear what democrat talking point robot blowhard has to say, what does bother me is the thought that he is standing in front of a full classroom somewhere.

Now that's really scary.

My head is spinning trying to figure that last paragraph out. Would you like to slow down and explain it to me or are you going to leave me twisting?
RW: I always drop in early morning to see what new topic you've offered. I know I typed a comment in response to your 9:02. Maybe I censored myself before I posted. It wouldn't be the first time, and knowing myself as well as I do, it won't be the last.

So I'll pat myself on the back instead of you. ;-)

Phew! I didn't delete anything and I never got an email that said you did, so either you or blogger deserves the credit and the rest of us just missed out.

Since most of them are always lying about what they do, let's hope he isn't really teaching a class.
RW -- something we were talking about the other night. Log onto AJC and look who's on the home page -- with his eyes closed!!!

Too funny --

Andy! I left you a message on RW's "After Dark" page. It didn't make it to MLs in time.

Did y'all see Dusty's poem at JWs today? One of her better ones! Thanks, Dusty!

It looks like he has one eye open in that picture. They must have snapped it right as he quit talking.
You know RW, maybe there's something relative to the leftists obsession with SpongeBob.

Just how much of former Democrats failed policies is Bush supposed to absorb?

That's blaspheme! It's all Bush's fault you know.

What I don't understand is that they blame Reagan & Bush 41 for problems and say they still exist because Bush 43 won't fix them without ever seeing how absurd it is that even they are saying their guy didn't do anything for eight years.
Sorry, RW -- AJC changed the photo. He was standing with his new girlfriend in some newsroom, looking like he did on Letterman.

See, if there wasn't a delay on this site, and you didn't have to refresh everytime. . .oh ya, we've been through that! :-)

Or you could go here and look at 1 and 3.
BTW, Are you saying Catherine Crier is his new girlfriend. That's going to be news to her husband unless I'm hopelessly behind in my celebrity gossip. If that's the case I'm going to have to have a chat with Nicole.
RW -- thanks! (wiseguy)

I knew I didn't imagine that. If you go to the AccessAJC's - or whatever - Entertainment front page, there's an article about her being the new squeeze. It makes me feel sort of creepy to read the Entertainment section, but that's how I have to get to Rodney's place!
Interesting story by Marilyn Geewax, you would think that a reporter would fill in that tiny detail about Crier and whether she was divorced. I found this that shows a current spouse.
RW! Look at her birthdate, then look at my email address -- coincidence?

Oh no, does that mean Ted's the kind of guy I should be dating? Oh no!
Wonder what William, the banker, is up to? hahahahahahaha

Looks like you could be Ted's next concubine if things don't work out with Catherine.

I so wish that you had gotten in the last word with a blast to Idiot Stalker Boy.

Do you remember what you were going to say?

He has never gotten ONE single thing right about me when he goes through his fantasies. Today was no exception, with his guess at my age.
Does he go through people's garbage? Where does he come up with this stuff?

BTW, Danishova has another victory on the courts (mixed doubles this time). A 6/2 - 6/1 easy victory. Yay! I play again next week with the same partner (whom I had never met until tonight. The racy world of mixed doubles tennis!)

It's almost like Spring with all the new couplings breaking out around here. Did you play "end of the world" tennis out of respect to the DUmmies?

Did you see that Honu's got the hots for stalker boy?

Well as you can see from the score it was kind of a quickie.

I thought Honu had the hots for Catherine Crier's ex husband.
I think she wants Catherine's new squeeze. It's a numerology connection, but she'll never be able to shake stalker boy after she dumps him for the buffalo rancher.

So your tennis match was like Shadow 69's description.

Fast, brutal & awesome.
RW & BD -- like Larry the Cable Guy says. . .now THAT'S funny, I don't care who ya are. . .

Dang, now I have to go re-think the next 25 years.

I'm so confused on which blog I'm talking on. (Now there's a well-constructed sentence!)
RW -- I went over to that DU blog -- they are showing a picture of Time Magazine with an elephant on the cover. Is that a hoax? Or is that real? If that's real, Time has stooped to a new low -- it's awful.

Just be thankful you're not on a dead thread. That can get really confusing.


I'll go with the fast and brutal part. It wasn't all that awesome because our opponents weren't all that good. It lacked a certain passion.

It looks like a real cover , but I would hardly put that as a low point for Time. They have pulled things with cover art for years. If it's Castro it's sunshine and roses, if it's any Republican it's a scowl and dark shading etc.
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