Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry still "supporting" the troops.

I could have done without all of Allahpundit's qualifiers, even though he's right, because it takes away from the fact high probability that this is exactly what Kerry thinks. My evidence is that I talk to moonbats every day and they would say that Kerry is being too kind because he left out that they were also deranged criminals.

RW: I ran across this late last night and I was enraged by his comments. Whether he clarified them later or not doesn't matter to me. It demeaned the intelligence of our military and certainly didn't serve to encourage patriotic service.

The comment received applause and gasps. I'll take it to mean that the gasps were from those intelligent enough to realize the insult.

What a heartless moron. Let's see if it gets as much attention in the media as their water dunking of Cheney.

You know it won't get much if any national coverage.

Here's local news video, either they or whoever put this on YouTube cut the clip quickly to keep you from seeing the reaction.
RW: I went to your link and it shouldn't even be on the same page with all the other videos honoring our military.

Now I've got tears in my eyes, a sore throat & "something" wet on my upper lip. Not to mention anger within my aching heart.

He's such a sell out. His price?
Our military. Aaaarrrggghhhhhh!!!
So what's your Halloween costume look like? ;)

I should dress up like an Iraq war veteran and go challenge that bonehead Kerry to a debate.....


....or just kick his ass!

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