Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a serious article, it won't be easy.

You are fast RW. I didn't have time to comment on this one, so let's not leave it unaddressed.

My minister recently said from the pulpit that we needed to pray for our leaders because she had heard they were planning to invade Cuba.

I questioned her source. Turns out it was her daughter, a college student. I asked her if she thought God ever chuckled and that he had to be chuckling with her daughter's revelation and that he didn't approve of those who bear false witness.

Every Sunday I ask her how that war in Cuba is going. She smiles & says I'm evil.
Hugo Chavez constantly says that the US is planning on invading Venezuela. Maybe that's the kind of source college kids understand.
Hi @@, RW,

I think in this clip the Colonel is on "the horn" telling 'Il he's about to P*** on the spark plug (or was it the Russians or Chavez). You had to see the movie.
Shouldn't there be a period somewhere between the words "article" and "it"? I'm thinking something like, "Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a serious article. It won't be easy."

Hey, it's either grammar critiques or more rap lyrics. Take your pick.
Jay not jay,

This one?

General Beringer: Goddammit, I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!

What's wrong with the comma? If it needs to be a period I would prefer rap lyrics.
RW, That's it! Good movie back in the day. Funny how fast technology moves. Those modems rocked!

Nicole, I would vote for rap lyrics please (with grammatical critiques).

I like the part about the Washington Post being the state newspaper.
Jay not jay,

He even had to use an acoustic coupler. I remember thinking I had one hot terminal when I got a TI terminal with the cups attached.

I can't look at "General Berringer" without seeing "Maurice Minnefield" though. I loved Northern Exposure!

Buy Danish,

I would love to know if people go to the Moscow news stand and pick this garbage up. Pravda does mean truth after all.

Unbelievable how archaic it started.

Northern Exposure, wow, blast from the past. Great show.
Jay not jay,

Up until about a year ago the Hallmark Channel was rerunning it.

Hey it's not as old as Wargames, when I looked up that quote I couldn't believe it was from 1983.
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