Friday, October 06, 2006

Maybe they flipped a coin

In State of Denial, Bob Woodward claims Marine Gen. James L. Jones, the U.S. commander for Europe, said that the Iraq war is a "debacle" and that "the Joint Chiefs have been systematically emasculated by Rumsfeld."

Two reporters from two publications followed up on the story. They couldn't have reached more diametrically opposed conclusions as to whether Woodward quoted Jones accurately. How's this for dueling headlines?

U.S. European Commander Confirms Quotes in Book

NATO Chief Denies Quotes in Woodward Book

I'm going to take Peggy's Friday advice and read this book. I, too, thought it would be another Bush bashing, but she says no and I never disagree with Peggy.

So Buy Danish, since "State of Denial" will be my next book, Lawrence Wright will have to wait :-) However, I spent a long time last evening reading his past articles - "The Kingdom of Silence" particularly stands out and was incredible.

I haven't read Peggy's article yet. I know that even if the book were just a balanced look at things we would only hear about the Bush bashing part.

I tend to not pay much attention to Woodward because he seems very prone to exaggeration and writes like he is looking toward his next book as if he were writings novels instead of factual accounts of events, but everybody says he has good sources.
Hi RW -- you are absolutely right about Woodward. You know what the problem is with this book? The title -- it's accusatory which is why I had decided I wouldn't read it. But Peggy changed my mind -- her article on Friday is very good (I would link it for you but they just don't work and I get so frustated - I'm not understanding the instructions, either!)

I've got her article in a folder of stuff I want to read. I'll get around to it soon.
RW -- I'm posting mighty mighty Steeler smack over at your Sports Bar :-)

Thanks for the outlet!!! I know you said no one reads over there, but I do (I just ignore the girly stuff. . .)
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