Sunday, October 01, 2006

Michelle Malkin's class and dignity shine through in this must read

There has been a little dust up this week over some fake pictures of Michelle Malkin posing seductively in a bikini. Like most liberal hit jobs it seems innocuous enough in a vacuum, but it's the never ending drumbeat of these things that make it impossible to ignore. This is one of the classiest smackdowns you will ever read.

RW -- Michelle Malkin's got nothin' on me in my South Park bikini!!!

I just love you for doing this for me, RW (sorry if that's out of line, but I do!) I'm going to go with Honu1 and switch to Honu2 when I'm feeling feisty (or is that frisky)!!! So now I go to my profile and build from there, right? I saved both characters in My Pictures, so I should be able to import from there?

Sorry --- this has nothing to do with your political topic, except that the bikini part is sort of related? hahahahhaa

I confess, I'm actually starting to come around to Ms. Malkin, after I so rudely trashed her in July without actually reading her. I actually enjoy her commentary -- doesn't mean I agree, but it is food for thought :-) And she really is classy and dignified.

Again, thank you my friend. Go Falcons! (bye week for the mighty, mighty Steelers!)


I don't think there is any way to do that from your "My Pictures" folder. You need to open one from the link I gave you and copy the URL (highlight it and press Control C) Then you need to open your profile which you can do by just clicking on your name in a comment. When you open that you will see an option to edit your profile, in there there is a place that says "URL for photo" or something like that. Paste the URL there (move the cursor to that block and press control v), then save the profile. From then on when you comment whatever picture you have chosen should display.

I wasn't sure they were right so they aren't cropped as carefully as they could be, it probably won't make a difference on the display here, but if you want me to crop them closer let me know.
Chivalry is not dead. It lives in RW.

I guess the fact that the girl in the picture is as tall as the refrigerator wasn't a dead giveaway?

Well if your brains are leftovers molding away inside the dark & cold box of liberalism you might just believe anything.
RW -- now ya tell me!! I just discovered that My Pictures does not work here. Okay, I'm off to try your way :-)

I sent you an email just now. No attachments, however :-)

Yes @@ - he certainly is chivalrous when he's not scolding me for non-political comment tee hee hee
RW -- taa-daa!!! Michelle -- eat your heart out.


It's no Sonia!

When I get a chance later I'll try to crop that down and enlarge the picture a little.

Try this one. It's hard to tell what it's going to look like until you put it in your profile.
RW -- Of course it's no Sonia, you meany. Gees, I'm only eight.
Okay, RW -- I changed to #3 -- let's see how this one looks.

No Sonia -- do you think you can change #3 to a #4 but with tears?

Are you serious about the tears? If so it will be later on because I'll have to rebuild the character. Let me know if this one is better and I'll resize the other one too.

Not to be outdone by Honu, I have created my own South Park Avatar inspired by Buy Danishova.

How the hell do I get a URL out of it? I have it saved in "Paint" and "Kodak Easy Share". I am able to email it...

Now what?

Hopelessly lost and on my third pina colada* trying to figure this out...

*a slight exaggeration

Oh shoot! I just realized my character and Honu have identical bikinis.

I may have to go topless.
Buy Danish,

I set up a page for pictures. Email me the picture and I'll give it a URL. If you have a flicker page or any photo sharing service you can do it there if you prefer.

Thanks! I just need to give her a modified outfit.
RW: Can you put specks of foam around the mouth in my avatar?

I think it's funny that such an obvious fake would have the libs off and running, they really are idiots.

Since came into existence, I've been attacked regularly as a whore and a c**t and a puppet and a dupe and a sellout, etc. etc. etc. It comes with the territory; particularly when you happen to be a woman, a minority, and a conservative.

I would volunteer to be her security, just so I could stomp the first mealy mouth little pinko that approached her.

Either that or Ann's bodyguard, that would work too.

That Kerry picture is bad enough as it is and knowing it's real is that much better.

If you saw the brave pie throwers it looks that body guard job would be pretty easy, though they probably talk about all their exploits in the ultimate fighter gym.

For some reason your comment never emailed itself to me and I missed seeing it.

Thank you!

It's hard to believe anyone could look at that picture and believe it. They even had to resize Michelle's head.

Imagine Cartman talking now -

Goddammit! I have a new improved Avatar but now I can't get a goddammed screenshot of it to work. Crap!

WTF am I doing wrong?

With apologies to Honu :-)
Buy Danish,

When you have it on the screen do a shift & print screen, then go to paint and hit control V.

Or you could bring me one of those Pina Coladas and I'll do it. ;-)

Email sent...Drinks cooling.
RW: From where I'm sitting, it looks like you and Andy are hanging out in a women's dressing room. ;-)
RW - "There's no cryin' in blog-ball." It was a momentary lapse due to your rude comment :-)

My pix is fine, and yes, whenever you get a chance you can size the R-rated version, too. But dang, looks like Cartman is about to do a purple-face, so you better help BD!! hahahahahahhah

Hi Buy Danish!! I love it!

Purple faced? Grrrrrrrr. I'm just doing somersaults and a little foot-stomping, with absolutely no finger-poking.

I really liked my original avatar until I realized we were in identical "outfits". We'll see how the modified version looks when reduced to a postage stamp.

For some reason I couldn't save this one succesfully to Paint. I hope Kodak Easy Share works.
Crap the wife was right, you are hanging out in a woman's dressing room.

RW, are you holding their purses?
Semper Fi,

They're trying to make me pay for lusting over Diana Irey.


Thanks a lot! Harumphh

Buy Danish,


Here you go.

Buy Danish,

For some reason your picture comes out a lot bigger. I guess it's the difference in the software you used. We may have to play with it some once we see how it translates.
Oh hell...RW, you made Danish "fluffy"?

It's been nice knowin ya! ;-)

Back to Cartman.

Goddammit, when I click on "Buy Danish" it's not giving me the "edit my profile" option. Goddammit. Goddammit. Crap.

It worked a little while ago.

It does make me look really fat!

I wish I had Photoshop (not that I'd know how to use it) so I could get a nice slim down like Katie Couric.

Nevermind. It was an momentary aberration...

Well it's a bit out of focus. I guess it needs to be cropped some more?
@@ -- South Park characters ARE fluffy - only our brains have developed :-)

RW -- thank you so much.

Buy Danish -- that is priceless! Gee, I didn't see any "props" when I built mine.

RW? Do you think we could change my. . .JUST KIDDING!!!
Buy Danish,

I'm going to try to do yours over without resizing it at all. I don't think you could crop it much closer without cutting part of you off.

It strikes me that this post is about doctored photos. Odd eh?

Buy Danish/Honu: I'm an off-the-rack kinda girl. You both look "mauvelous".

RW: After all that work, you deserve a little one on one with "The Screen Cleaner."

Enjoy! ;-)
Buy Danish,

See if this one works better.

I may need more than the screen cleaner. In fact I think I'll go pop one open right now.

I had a customer several years ago where the phone room was right off the dressing room in woman's lingerie. This is kind of a flashback.

That version looks a lot less pixelated. But now I'm back to not being able to edit my profile so I can't post it.

I'll have to try after dinner...

RW: Hopefully these guys are telling the truth and we'll be popping this one real soon.

No need to respond RW, just sharing information.

Let's see if Danishova looks any better...
Buy Danish,

I can't really tell much difference, if I put them in the same spot on the screen the eyes seem more clear. Danishova is a little cutie either way.

Look at this about the Foley deal. Very strange goings on with this story.

I can't tell any difference between Danishova 1 or 2 but I'm glad you like her!

RE that Foley story, it does not surprise me that Jason Leopold is involved. It's like a sting operation which reminds me of...oh nevermind.

What I found particularly suspicious is that you have this gay underage intern with a "Republican" father, with a fake ID claiming that he was hussled by Foley, whom he didn't recognize until later by some magical coincidence. I smell a rat (and a lot of manufactured outrage).

I bet the Republicans were afraid to do anything because they would have been accused of gay-bashing. It's just about gay sex!

The age of consent in Florida is 16 by the way, so even if gay Foley scored with the gay pages, it is not technically pedophilia unless they are exempt from child labor laws.
This is from the end of Clarice Feldman's piece in American Thinker:

ABC has not disclosed the names of the recipients of the instant messages which were sexually explicit, years old, and not seen by anyone else. We do not know how anyone but the recipients could have retrieved them. We do not even know if they are authentic. None of the recipients has come forward and identified himself. What we do know is that reputable media and the Republican leadership acted appropriately on the initial innocuous correspondence and could not proceed further in view of the parents’ demand that their son’s privacy be respected only to find months later just before the election that same correpondence showing up on an unlikely blog site and then almost simultaneously on ABC and on C.R.E.W.’s site. As for the demand that a special prosecutor be appointed, maybe Patrick Fitzgerald can be appointed. Then he can fail to ask ABC or C.R.E.W. how they got the correspondence, ignore their political motivations, conflate their partisanship with “whistleblowing”, not look for the sources of the later sexually explicit emails, and nab Hastert for forgetting when he went to the bathroom on the day he heard about the emails.

I just opened that A.T. link and saw that Fitzgerald reference. Did you notice the Soros connection to C.R.E.W.?

I was reading the blog that appends the story and it includes the usual HuffPos declaring victory, and this response from C. Feldman of A.T.:

"Here are some facts to go with that troll wine:
No reputable paper felt it could run with the story based on the nature of the innocuous emails and the privacy claim. Neither could the leadership of the party."

"Had they, the headlines would have accused Hastert of homophobia for
booting Foley on the thinnest grounds and a suspicion of homosexuality."

As I was saying...

I wonder if these are the same operatives who taped Boehner's phone calls in Florida and handed them to Jim McDermott? At the very least they must attend the same Oppo Research school.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Buy Danish,

When that happens I think you can hit the trash can a second time and remove it completely.

In one of the links I saw that when the story first popped up at Kos they were more upset with the diarist.
RW: Somebody laid this out at Wooten's today. Suspicion of the timing and all. Complicity of the media if they were aware of the 2005 report to Hastert?

Can't these e-mails be traced back to Foley's computer? I'm asking cause I don't know. You're the internet.
The "conservative" stalwart Fox "News" all but has the Republicans run out of Washington:

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Dennis Hastert requested Sunday that the Justice Department conduct an investigation into former Rep. Mark Foley's electronic messages to teenage boys — a lurid scandal that has put House Republicans in political peril.


These guys want to see "lurid" they should tune into their own network during prime time.

I tried hitting the can twice and it didn't seem to work. Like everything else today.

So far I don't think Foley has disputed any of the messages. It seems like they could trace the emails if they become disputed, the instant messages would be different. It sounds like some of the more salacious ones might not be legit, but we'll have to see if Foley pushes back on any of them.

So far there haven't been any of the explicit ones newer than 2003.

They should take Clarice Feldman's advice and give Fitz something to do.
Hey all -- you know, when I read the NIE report the other day, the last two paragraphs of the report struck me as the most profound – I really believe the internet, and all that it has spawned, is going to destroy a lot more folks than any full-scale war ever will.

“The radicalization process is occurring more quickly, more widely, and more anonymously in the Internet age, raising the likelihood of surprise attacks by unknown groups whose members and supporters may be difficult to pinpoint.

• We judge that groups of all stripes will increasingly use the Internet to communicate, propagandize, recruit, train, and obtain logistical and financial support."

That last sentence can be applied to everyone, and the only words missing are “character assassination,” regardless of guilt or innocence.

Since I wish to hold political office someday, I need to be very cognizant of the perils of the electronic word, and those folks who have children need to start teaching this as soon as the kid learns to use a computer.

It is frightening what people are doing to each other via the internet.

When you run for office they will say you portray yourself as a half naked eight year old on the internet. Better not run as candidate Honu.

Do they have term limits in Pittsburgh? If they don't and the guy that took over likes the job you may have to find a different city. Isn't he about 14?
RW -- laughing at you! Good point about the little character. It can be cute, or half-naked which exploits children. Or say I came on here and was sympathetic towards Foley - it either means I'm compassionate, or siding with a sexual predator.

And that mayor! He's 26, RW! How can a 26 year old run a major city? You made a great comment the other night about Obama (he needs to go learn how to run something before he can be VP) or whatever -- same holds true with Ravenstahl -- he hasn't lived long enough to run anything!!!

Actually, everyone is a little confused in Pittsburgh - should he serve until this Nov then hold a special election. . .or until 2007 then hold a real election. The laws are apparently unclear. I didn't read the PPG yet tonight because the mighty mighty Steelers didn't play. I will shortly.

I saw him on David Letterman's show a while back and he seems like a pretty sharp guy, but he better be real careful with all the people that will be trying to play him.

Speaking of football, the Falcons fresh off their benevolence tour of New Orleans, got things back together. They will be winning Super Bowl XLI in about 125 days and 22 hours and if it would make you feel better to have them beat the Steelers in that game, that works for me.
RW -- my crystal ball tells me a loss looms LARGE on the Falcon's horizon. . .October 22nd.

Get ready.

It's gonna hurt.
RW -- speaking of that Letterman appearance. I thought he didn't really say anything and looked like a deer in the headlights. Dave tried to engage him in political talk, but Luke kept side-stepping.
Oh no, three in a row -- you're gonna send me to bed.

BTW, the PGH Police Chief just resigned on Thursday, so it's already begun.

I think you're crystal ball needs to be upgraded, either that or you are just seeing things.
My goodness look at all the posting you were doing while I found that.

I don't think anyone should let Letterman engage them in too much political talk. Look at all the seasoned politicians that have had an appearance on a comedy show blow up on them.

Did the Chief resign out of some dispute with the Mayor?
Three!!! Just thought I'd cover for you there.
RW! I live alone and sh*t like that scares hell out of me!
You big meany. When I have the tv on, I have to scramble for the remote to mute any scary movie commercial because I'll be up all night!

Dang, anyways, I'll spot ya 7 points, and you WILL be making good on American mangoes.
Apparently he says it's from a 2002 injury that just won't heal, but he was devastated when Bob O'Connor died -- they were best friends for many years. Don't know if there's more to it.

Did you catch Ted Turner on Letterman? Who listens to that man anymore? And he talked the whole time with his eyes closed and bashed America worse than his ex did all those years ago!

Sorry about the creepy hand thing. I thought Ted Turner talking with his eyes closed like that was even creepier. It didn't matter how long he talked they stayed closed until he finished.
Hmmmmmmm -- ducking my bet, Mister? I don't blame ya. . .tough to be on the losing end of the mighty mighty Steelers.

When I was really little (like in the picture) my brother used to hide under my bed and just when I'd fall asleep, he'd reach his hand up and put it on my throat. So you can now understand hahahahahaha My brother is still that mean to this day!!

That beat down we're going to put on the Steelers will be brutal. I am not one to take advantage of you.

You know the last time they played was the last time an NFL game ended in a tie, so they are still trying to finish the 2002 game.
RW -- a beat down. Such cute little words from the losing side. Not only will we finally win the 2002 game, did you look to see where Atlanta goes after the Pittsburgh game? Tough two weeks - I feel for ya. And Cincy coming off the painful loss today.

Well, I'm going to go to bed to see what nightmare awaits me :-) Thanks, buddy.

Actually, that's not true - I'm reading a great trash novel called "Pirate" and I want to finish it (trash = fiction, but it's really good, RW - about France and China teaming up against the US!)

As long as it's not the kind of trash with Fabio on the cover.

RW -- now that would be a classic beat down the USA would level on France/China, wouldn't it?!

Ewwwwwww, Fabio. . .

Bon nuit, my friend.

RW -- now that would be a classic beat down the USA would level on France/China, wouldn't it?!

As long as the libs stayed out of the way.

I'm going to be out this morning, but I wanted to get a little pre-emptive strike in to the cut and run crowd.

I saw a clip on Fox and Friends this morning from Bob Woodward's book where he is making a big deal about that pre-Rovian, evil Henry Kissinger giving Bush advice.

His advice? The only exit strategy from Iraq is....hold on...this is really shocking............victory!

These libs are congenital losers!
Bye RW. Have a nice ???????? No bird hunting while you're there.

No bird hunting??? Spoilsport!
Jebus -- 72 comments?? Are you paying people again, RW? ;)

If you read them you'll see we weren't exactly solving all the world's problems.
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