Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nicole obviously has the hots for your humble correspondent and wants to know all about me.

She wants me to BOLD the things I've done although she didn't want the editorial commentary in italics.

My list has been moved to the BOLD list page.

Clear list here, for anyone feeling the need


You shaved your head?

I may tackle this memoir tomorrow, but you've been there and done that more than I have.
Buy Danish,

I should have put one of the ... comments in so poor little Danishova wouldn't get cut off.

The head shave is a close call, when I was a kid my father decided to buy some clippers to give home haircuts and he butchered mine so bad I had to get it basically shaved to even it out.

Well thank you for your concern with Danishova's head. Your bad experience as a child must have made you particularly sensitive to the issue.

My head didn't get cut off but it looks like I'm standing in front of a wall with graffiti.

Usually I just double space a few times before I type in any words which solves the problem.

Before I hit the hay (?) have you seen Drudge tonight? What a tangled Webb they weave...
But the link to your profile turns into a command to collapse comments as soon as the cursor gets off your head.

Who cares about my profile?
Buy Danish,

I'm sure it will be dismissed as a literary work of art. You know, the way Scooters book....wait, never mind that one was just trash.
It's the only way to see you up close and personal.
Why am I not able to imagine you giggling? I mean, out of all those answers THAT'S the one I find most unbelievable.

And hot, huh? No wonder you thought I was "being nice". ;)
Wait...HUMBLE??? The hubris of that statement!

Sooner or later you'll have to move beyond the title of the post.

I took for granted that giggling could also mean busting a gut laughing at an idiot kissup in a meeting that turned out to be the bosses daughter's fiance.

Well Webb's a pretty terrible writer from what I can see.

This line was particularly bad:

"Some of them [the guards] had wanted him. He could tell in those evanescent moments between his bao cao bow, the obligatory deference when a guard entered his cell, blah blah...

Bao cao bow? Is that something you eat? Smoke? Should I care?
Buy Danish,

I think that sounds like something better left unknown. Maybe the "intellectuals" at ml's will know.
I'm like Danish. This'll have to wait until tomorrow. I need to sleep and hope I can keep my lungs intact during the night.

Hell RW, I'm hot too. Like 102 degrees right now. Medicine in hand. This is getting really old. I never get sick.

Well you sure seem to have saved it up, tell Semper to let you get some rest.

Yeah - I can think of a lot of other possibilities that I'd prefer not to think of. Things those "intellectuals" would know about for sure.

It's the "evanescence" of it all that has me stumped.
On March 29, 1968 we reached Camp Bao Cao. In Vietnamese that means,
"please may I". The prisoners named this camp as such because we were
trained to bow and say "Bao Cao" everytime we asked for food and other
things we needed. Days later, much to my surprise, my Filipino friend
and co-worker, Arturo Balagot, also arrived. We were interrogated here
until we left for the next camp.

from here

102 sounds more like the flu than a cold. Maybe you're the first person to get it this year.

Well that explains it, doesn't it? I still think he's a terrible writer!
Buy Danish,

It may be running neck and neck with Pelosi's romance novel.
That "boss' daughter's fiance" bit sounds like a blog post in itself. Make with it.
RW -- Wow, what a cool list. I just cut and pasted it and the answers are bringing back so many great (and a few sad) memories.

RW -- here's something you don't know about me. I'm a black belt (1st degree) in Kenpo Karate and am a certified instructor. The list just reminded that I could kick ass HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Nicole -- thank you for this!

I've got lots of examples of inappropriate laughter. One day I'll get a page for that sort of thing.
Honu was kung fu fighting...

Yes she was fast as lightening...

RW and Nicole, that's a great list. It could really open a pandora's box for some crazy stories.

Sorry off topic, but I think the Steeler's (was it the punter or kicker) were doing that last week too.
Jay not jay,

The scary thing is how many stories I keep thinking of that would fit. I must have been wilder than I thought at one point.

Maybe this list should be broken into a series.
RW -- Kia! (no, not the car :-)

I wasn't bragging and realized after I posted it might seem that way. I remain as humble as ever. The one thing my sensei taught was NEVER fly your colors

I was just reminiscing :-)

I can't believe you're dressed that way on the main page ;-) tsk, tsk...
Looks like the codetalkers have arrived.


I think the new top is squeezing you or something. KMNA?
@@, I think I have the sickness now. Did you sneeze on the blog:)?


"I want to party with you cowboy. When you stole that cow and your friend tried to make it with the cow."

Just kidding.

It's a good list. I think everyone should put their answers up?

Next (Honu?(:
RW -- hmmmmmmmm -- finally stumped you. Yes, KMNA!

J-n-j -- maybe our good friend RW can make a new page where we can post our answers? What do you think, RW?

Hey, I know, let's put them over the girly pix at the Sports Bar hahahahaha
Jay not jay,

@@ was sneezing all over the blog, why do you think blogspot has been down so much lately?

FYI to all:

Blogspot is supposed to be down Sunday from 4:00PM until about 6:00.

I think I have all but the "N' and after that you want me to set up a new blog page?

I think it's a good idea, though. I can put each person in a separate post, but then I'll have to do the bolding for you.
RW -- we can just put a Yes or No beside each one perhaps?

Answer at the bar :-)

Do I look fat in this outfit?
Of course not, how could a South Park character ever look fat.

Entries are built here for Honu, Buy Danish, @@, Jay not jay.

You can tell me in the comments there or here which numbers to bold and anyone else that wants a page let me know.

Can I have another list for Danishova? That would be my Walter Mitty page so I can keep up with finch.
Buy Danish,

Danishova has a page too now. Maybe I should have a separate fantasy page for things she and I have done together.

Thanks for the page!

Please don't include "touching a tarantula" on that fantasy page. I'm not that kind of a girl!
RW: Why do you get to be the "bolder?"

Why can't I be the "bolder?"

JayNot: Are you sick too? I'm so sorry. :-(

Sending you a get well schmoooch...
Aaahhhggplssst! Oops! I'll wash my hands before I throw it your way. ;-)

It would be much easier if you were the bolder.
Well I don't want to make you work too hard RW, so put me down for 79 out of the 150. :-)
I get to choose? It's fun, go ahead and do it for real and I'll fix it up.
You should check out my version. I think you bolded more than me, though.
RW: I will have you know I NEVER KISSED ON THE FIRST date. The third at the earliest.

Kissed when I wasn't on a date though. Drummer in the back of the school bus when I was on the high school dance team. R.O.T.C. cadet in the Colonel's office where I worked as his clerical assistant. A couple of other strangers during games of 7 minutes in heaven.

No need to change it though. Makes me look "easy", which I wasn't :-) I like it.

I'll have to keep Semper out of here. I made him wait till the 5th date.
I meant to drop this off
for your amusement.

Follow the instructions and then look at the back of your hand. It literally makes your skin appear to crawl. Eeeeewwwwwww!

I tried your optical trick and nothing happened. What's wrong with me?

It doesn't do it for me either. I think Buy Danish and I spend so much time countering the spinning moonbats that we're immune.

I've been trying to make your changes, but blogger won't let me publish. In case it ever does did you mean to unbold #8 and bold #44?
It didn't work? It must appeal to a suggestive mind only. Were you guys looking at the little dot?

It made the back of my hand look like something out of a science fiction movie "Alien" with things crawling under your skin.

RW: Don't worry about changing anything. I've experienced more with your version. I believe you took me to another continent. I enjoyed the trip. :-)

I stared at the dot.

It's supposed to be fairly accurate, unless you also want an @@isova page.

It took your changes now anyway, now we just need Dusty's and Jay not jay's list and we'll have the first wave set.
Buy Danish: I just saw your request at Wooten's on the link I posted. I just dropped it off and left. When I got back Wooten's was closed.

Google Saudi Arabia Meets with Olmert go down to "The Coming Israeli-Saudi Alliance." tnr site or something.

Was the pattern moving on the optical illusion? I can't believe you guys are getting the effect. Does anybody else in your family see it? When I first looked at the back of my hand it startled me. I had to stop looking.

I think she got in using the link I have in the side bar called "Bug Me Not." If you ever go to a page that wants you to sign in and don't feel like it, just go there and they will likely have a logon you can use.
Ooohhh! Do have have to download Firefox? If I do, can I download it from your sidebar?

They have usernames & passwords for Stratfor. Why didn't you tell me about that before I e-mailed you all those l-o-n-g articles?

How embarrassing.
RW: That first have should be "I".

No you don't need firefox, I'm using IE7.

I didn't even think to look for a code for Stratfor since you said it was a paid site. They could get in some trouble for passing out a code that works on a site like that.
Did anyone go without food for 5 days?

I'm starting now just so I can put it on my list.
Oh dear. Blogspot is down?? Oh well, blog to outer space.

But I wanted to ask about the list.

Where is KISS A FROG?
I'm surprised that one was left off. My prince wants to know.
Jebus, a simple meme post can garner 60 comments?? Obviously I'M not the only one that wants to know all about you!

It was bigger than that, it generated it's very own web page.

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