Friday, October 13, 2006

Party affiliation? What's that have to do with it?

There are times when party affiliation adds a more clear picture to a story and times when it's meaningless. We've grown accustomed to the antique media getting this one completely backwards. Of course where you find the R and where you find the D are the determining factor.

The title link is a Newsbusters story about how party affiliation just didn't seem important in a sting operation that netted bribery charges against 6 Democrats and 1 Republican in Tennessee. (Note: The story in the Newsbusters link does identify the Democrat the story is written about and I have a question in to the writer about whether this post was in error)

In any event, contrast that with the sad story of an everyday occurrence. A marriage failing is a highly personal thing, but when a celebrity is involved it's only natural that it be reported. So what does it add to the story that Sara Evans' soon to be ex once ran for office as a Republican when it doesn't matter what party you belonged to when you got caught taking bribes as a sitting office holder?

**UPDATE** The Newsbusters story posted by Warner Todd Huston was put up with the link to the AP story at 8:08PM EDT, when you open the link to the AP story that now identifies Dixon as a Democrat it has a timestamp of 10:09 PM EDT. Good job Warner and shame on you AP.

**UPDATE2** The original story, full text in comments.

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