Friday, October 13, 2006

Party affiliation? What's that have to do with it?

There are times when party affiliation adds a more clear picture to a story and times when it's meaningless. We've grown accustomed to the antique media getting this one completely backwards. Of course where you find the R and where you find the D are the determining factor.

The title link is a Newsbusters story about how party affiliation just didn't seem important in a sting operation that netted bribery charges against 6 Democrats and 1 Republican in Tennessee. (Note: The story in the Newsbusters link does identify the Democrat the story is written about and I have a question in to the writer about whether this post was in error)

In any event, contrast that with the sad story of an everyday occurrence. A marriage failing is a highly personal thing, but when a celebrity is involved it's only natural that it be reported. So what does it add to the story that Sara Evans' soon to be ex once ran for office as a Republican when it doesn't matter what party you belonged to when you got caught taking bribes as a sitting office holder?

**UPDATE** The Newsbusters story posted by Warner Todd Huston was put up with the link to the AP story at 8:08PM EDT, when you open the link to the AP story that now identifies Dixon as a Democrat it has a timestamp of 10:09 PM EDT. Good job Warner and shame on you AP.

**UPDATE2** The original story, full text in comments.

The original story:

Ex-senator Dixon sentenced to 5 years for bribery
Friday, October 13, 2006, at 2:41 p.m. -


By Woody Baird
Associated Press Writer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Former state Sen. Roscoe Dixon was sentenced today to five years and three months in federal prison on a bribery conviction from the Tennessee Waltz federal public corruption investigation.

Dixon, 57, is the second former lawmaker to be sentenced in the Tennessee Waltz case. Former state Rep. Chris Newton pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced to a year in prison. Three other current or former senators have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial.

The five bribery and extortion charges on which Dixon was convicted in June carried a statutory maximum of 90 years in prison, but federal guidelines called for a much lighter sentence for a first-time offender.

The Tennessee Waltz scandal rocked the state Legislature when indictments were made public last year and led to a special session on ethics reforms.

The investigation focused on an FBI front company, E-Cycle Management, which sought government help in setting up business in Tennessee. The investigation has led to charges against 11 defendants, including several local officials in Chattanooga and Memphis.

The indictment said Dixon and a co-defendant took bribes totaling $15,500. The co-defendant, Barry Myers, pleaded guilty in the case and testified against Dixon.

For complete details, see tomorrow’s Chattanooga Times Free Press.


Chattanooga Times Free Press


Great job, once again RW blogmaster.

The judge said that Dixon had no remorse. Just like...I'm wracking my brain, but it reminds me of someone.

I do wonder how these FBI sting operations work. Are they always out there trolling for crooks, or did they get tipped off.

The other really important question is how Sarah Evans husband got 100 nude photos of himself in a "state of arousal". I wonder if they were self-portraits or did he hire a photographer?
Buy Danish,

I think the stings are after a tip has been developed, which probably fits the other part of the story.

Arousal could be just a flushed look I guess, couldn't it? OK probably not, so it's a little odd. If it's a self photo I wonder which angle you would shoot from.

If they are self portraits I'd like to have the video of him setting the camera and then running to get into position before the flash goes off.

That vould be one of America's 100 funniest.


I don't think that Paul is a liberal - I think he's more of a mugwump, although I don't read his stuff too carefully. He suffers from Thomas the Talk engine syndrome.
Make that "could" be. I am not trying to sound Germanic.

I'll follow Danishova's lead and respond over here. I blasted Paul the other day to see what kind of reaction I would get. He got a little huffy, but kind of said he agreed with me and he seems to be getting a little better. He did a great job of calling out londonboy yesterday.

I don't really think he's someone else that's been around before, he seems to be, as Buy Danish says, just hopelessly afflicted with Thomas the Talk Engine syndrome. He also seems to be one of those people that are aggravatingly centrist. Kind of like O'Reilly, he'll search for the center position regardless of where the end points are. The left thrives on people like that because they just keep moving the left side of the argument further out so that the compromise is closer to their position.

I didn't mean to answer @@ at a different blog. I got lost again!

I need those tabs.
Buy Danish,

I like vould better.

Vat is zat camera flash doink??

That's OK, I left her a clue. At least you didn't take her over to the Sports Bar, she doesn't like it there.
The other day one of the Fox shows talking about Foley made reference to "the late" Gerry Studds. When they came back from a break they said they had erred and Studds was very much alive.

How strange is this?

My links disappeared. Let me try this again...
Here’s my liberal affiliation obfuscation story of the day. Note how the AJC treats it versus WND. One treats it as a local story and doesn’t even mention C.A.I.R.




It is strange that he died right in the middle of foleygate. Not that I think it's a conspiracy or anything - but it's possible that the stress of having his sordid past dug up again may have contributed to his demise.

I loved this quote from the story from his, what does one say, "husband"? -

"He gave people of his generation, or my generation, of future generations, the courage to do whatever they wanted to do," he said.

If that doesn't just about say it all!
Buy Danish,

Don't you know that mentioning CAIR is tantamount to ethnic cleansing?

That judge in your story, Harold Murphy, is the same one that keeps striking down the voter ID law so he'll probably override the plea deal and give the guy some of that brand spanking new Halal chicken from KFC and send him on his way.

Great point. Maybe he'll get a friend of the court brief from the ACLU/C.A.I.R. friendly judge from Detroit who ordered a halt to the NSA spying program.

We better watch this case closely!
Newsweek's appeasement parade marches on.

Unfreaking believable. Maybe if Bush used the word "gravitas" to describe the threat the Dems would perk up and take notice.
Buy Danish,

I love it when the press picks up a word-of-the-day like they did with Gravitas and Rush plays back a montage of all the parrots saying it at the same time.
I came late

to the Fort Ord debate

but I still got in my shot

fired right at that t$%*!!


RW: As weird and as hysterical as finchie has become lately, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he IS DebbieDumbA$$.

You need to ease up on the late posts. I'm thinking that they want to boot somebody.

DebbieDumbA$$ held her form the whole time and oddball gay finch couldn't keep that "U R" kiddie chat room stuff up like that. Plus you know how defensive he is about being gay, he would never claim to be spending the weekend with his hubby.

I still can't quite figure out what Little Debbie Cupcake claims her husband does. National Guard?

She flipped out at the mention of "Army" yet she herself left facts about various services and...the Army.

I'm not so sure about her being smarter than Midori. Even Midori doesn't argue over ever comma.
Buy Danish,

That was a strategic comment about DebbieDumbA$$/Midori. It should throw Debbie off a little and if Midori sees it we may get one of her hysterical meltdowns. Kind of a win/win.

I agree with you about the weirdness of just what "hubby" did. There were plenty of things he didn't do always followed by a litany of maybes.

Very tricky about Midori. I should have been able to figure that out because I was flabbergasted that you thought Cupcake was smarter than anybody on the planet.

She said something about the Language building.(?) Maybe hubby is taking ESOL courses?
Buy Danish,

It's tough to tell. If Midori was there she would have said she really liked Cupcake's style and Cupcake would have replied U R so SWEET.
Weighing in here (and not at 436 lbs. as Midori would have everyone believe) when she namejacks me.

It was Midori.

Buy Danish=Cow & Mooooo


RW=Smooches & you really do have a great personality.

She may have lost her "passion" for cashews (RW) at ml's, but she can fire it up under another name.

RW: How in the hell did you ever find a woman who loved you when you are so inept at missing the signs?


That wasn't Midori, but I did think Cupcake wanted to jump my bones.
Well damn RW, there's no trashcan with my post. Have you removed my ability to remove my inabilities? If I can remove them, it leaves you looking wierd.

You know, I can only be wrong so many times on a public forum before it begins to wreak havoc with my psyche.

I may have to join finch in the asylum. I'll give him your regards.

Off to the track....or off ^^^ the track.
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