Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tell me again how the whole country is up in arms to stop the war

Is this you getalife? More via LGF here.

I don't feel like doing the math, but if the 1,000 or so that showed up in New York was a disappointment to the "peace" protesters then I'm sure they were heartened by the forty that showed up in Columbus. I'm just taking a wild guess that 40 in Columbus is a higher percentage turnout than 1000 in New York. Feel free to correct me.


I liked this sign from the counterprotestors.
that hat should keep him from getting melanoma from the large hole in the atmosphere.
Buy Danish,

I hadn't even clicked on that one since it looked like the logo. Thank you!


As soon as Zombie checks in from NoCal and Rayra checks in from SoCal we'll update to see how you guys represented.

Don't laugh at the dude's hat, that's what got him such a babe.

I betcha the dude uses the hat to store eggs to throw at war-mongers. It could explain that four legged chicken that Pravda found.

He probably makes the babe sit on his head and eventually some eggs actually hatch.


And goodnight!
maybe i need to get an egg hat too! i never guessed it held such power and usefulness.
RW: Would that be Columbus Ohio or Columbus GA?

If it's Columbus, GA, that guy in the egg hat is Semper's nephew. Positive ID.
RW: Nevermind, I read the link. No more buddy passes for the nephew just in case.
I honored your photo request. I hope that you are satisfied.
Hi RW -- what? No one protested naked yesterday? Thought that was a prerequisite -- now there's nothing to entertain me on the plane home tomorrow :-)
My fovorite picture was the idiotic Green Party's. It said Troops out now! Use the MONEY for FREE...? What a brilliantly conflicted statement.

Thank you!


Sorry we don't have the Bay area photos yet. They will take every opportunity to get naked.


That statement sums up a whole bunch of things.
Scooter -- one sign said "Hillary Bush, send Chelsea to Iraq." Now I AM conflicted on that one!!

RW -- They're just not as meaningful unless the guy's naked :-)

Maybe this will tide you over.

why does that link above make me glad i am not a bicycle seat?

At least I didn't link to this one. Or the San Francisco version of the bike ride.

Some of the people in both those links could be your neighbors!
In one of getalife's links yesterday about Demostration day, one of the activities listed for the celebration in Atlanta was to to "stretch out" along Peachtree St. at 5:30 during rush hour. That doesn't sound like a very bright idea.

Those links up there^^^hurt my eyes. Damn you RW. It's so disgusting it's funny (at the lib's expense).
Oh yeah, the werewolf or whatever it is on the guy's shirt for this story kinda looks like George Lucas.
Jay not jay,

Think about poor Zombie who had to actually take those pictures.

I wondered what that bump was yesterday about 5:30. Couldn't figure out why they thought they needed speedbreaks on Peachtree.
Man, the Zombie probably put it on timer and jumped into the picture.

"What we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law!" -Buford T. Justice
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