Friday, October 20, 2006

Why vote Republican?


I like the ad, but I don't get the music. What am I missing? Is it that Democrats are "candymen"?
BD: Sounds good enough to me. Maybe they're thinking "trick or treat". If you're looking for a trick VOTE DEMOCRAT. If you're looking for a treat VOTE REPUBLICAN.

RW: I like it. Is it gonna be used?
May be a little too long to hold a viewers attention, and they need to use different colors on the text.

I don't think there's anybody that doesn't like that song, as dumb as it is.

I agree that it's too long and the type is difficult to read. The facts also run a bit too quickly to read and absorb (except for "in-the-knowers"* like us!).

It's probably meant to be a video ad to rile up the base. I doubt that it will go mainstream - at least not with a lot of editing.

I like your Halloween analogy, but I do NOT like that song! Was that song the groundbreaker in the bubblegum music era?

*as opposed to the "Know it alls" and "know nothings" like them.
Second paragraph should have least not withOUT...

That one was a bit too long. I doubt that liberals would keep watching as soon as they get the drift of things.

Hillary looked real good in one of the pictures. Must be an early one. She's been looking older lately.

David Brooks was saying nice things about Obama tonight. Wonder if the Democrats are really thinking about running him.

How was your golf game today? Did you make a hole in one?

Read about your visit with the principal. Hope you get some good results.

I bet you are a good advocate. The principal better keep you on his side.

I have no idea when that song came out, it has a catchy tune, nasal tone & stupid lyrics. But it's catchy.

Rile up the base? What about all the Democrats that are too easily misled. Aren't they up for a little truth?

I'm off to bed. I'm going down with a cold. I've been fighting it for a week now and it won.

Here you go. You moved 200 computers today.

I thought the "Candyman" was a reference to Sammy's drug dealer. One of those urban legends, perhaps?
Oh -- should have watched the video first -- didn't read past your "candymen" reference, BD!

Sugar, Sugar is equally as irritating, however :-)

Okay, back to the video.
The video was put together by Larry Elder. It's just listed as political humor here. I took the music as an example of just how unserious Democrats are when it intersperses all their contradictions with that sugary background.

The web site may something, but I'm too tired to look at this point. These Cox folks have some huge buildings and some mighty squirrely computer setups. @@, that pillow looks far too inviting. Thanks!
<<<< More blank space >>>
Is it me or are most of my past comments just disappearing off the page? Should I be reading into this...?
I thought it was "steenkeeng"?

If anything has disappeared blogspot ate them. We don't do no steenkeeng censorship around these parts!
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