Thursday, October 12, 2006

With questions like this it's amazing 60 Minutes ever gets a scoop

Apparently the interview to be shown this Sunday will show a discrepancy between the two stripper's stories in the Duke rape case. Ed Bradley certainly tried his best to make sure there wouldn't be. What kind of question is this?

Says Bradley, "In the police statement, [accuser] describes the rape in this way: 'Three guys grabbed Nikki,' 'That's you,'" says Bradley, "'Brett, Adam and Matt grabbed me. They separated us at the master bedroom door while we tried to hold on to each other. Bret, Adam and Matt took me into the bathroom.' Were you holding on to each other? Were you pulled apart?"

There's nothing like telling the person you're interviewing exactly what the other person said, in the body of your question, when you to make sure they have the option of corroborating it.

RW: I thought the D.A. had dropped this case. I haven't followed it too closely. Can Roberts' interview with Bradley be used in court?

What a fiasco, kinda reminds me of the Kerr (sp?) case. Gets your ducks in a row before wasting taxpayer's money on a lost cause.

I'll follow more closely. Why would the accuser persist in a lie.

She must suffer from "finchitus".

Have I apologized lately. ;-)

The DA in Durham is not even considering dropping the case, which sure looks nutty on the surface. I'm sure they can use the interview, the fight will come in when one side wants to show what appeared on TV the other will ask for all the edited material and CBS might fight that.

In this case the prosecutor was up for re-election so it was 100% politics.

Your answer to our own question about why an accuser would persist in a lie is right on. Finchitus is a tragic disese.

I just realized that finch has the same name as Atticus Finch. Maybe he wants us to think he looks like Gregory Peck and has the wisdom of Solomon.

Is it working for you?
Uh oh....looks like the anonymous dots needed to post over here too. Sorry @@!
Alright, I'm not playing tag with you guys. I'm not quick enough.

Buy Danish, maybe we should alter that affliction and call it "Finchlietous". I am appalled by what I'm seeing.

When Andy's name was jacked, a phrase "bugs bunny funny" rang a familiar bell. That's not one you hear everyday. My curiosity may provoke me to check archives when I can.

It's no fun if you won't play! Honu is the trouble maker that's making this game hit three pages.

Both RW and I called B.S. finch out for HIS out of control obsession over Andy because he used the phrase "gay oddball finch". I couldn't remember the exact phrase - I termed it a fairly mild insult.

A little too close to home I guess.

How about "finchilieitus".
Danish: I saw that. He can deny it all he wants. The fact that he's oblivious to his screw ups points to his irrationality. People can't pursue this kind of behavior for any length of time without messing up.

He does it repeatedly which fits the definition of insane.

RW: Did the phrase "bugs bunny funny" sound familiar to you?

Not really, I didn't even see that today. Was it when the post was from "Andy" because I'm fairly sure that was Polly Prepuce?
I used to like to mess with finch at ml's a long time ago and his posts (except for seeker) have been obvious to me all along.

As RW said, the Andy posts lately are surely Polly.

B.S. also gets very indignant, just like finch, when any of us imply that the Dems are represented by Moonbats. Just like finch he always tries to say that they are fringe elements and don't represent him.

The scary thing about psycho finch is that he has the capacity to be the most reasonable of all of them when he argues, but then the demons get unleashed and....oh my!


Agreed - Polly.
Hi JayNot!

I know who Polly Prepuce is, but really.....who exactly is Polly Prepuce?

BD: I noticed the fringe reference as well. Bologna with curling fringes.

If he's got any balls at all, he'll drop all this childish behavior and his many pseudonyms and comment as french <------ (oops) that was a legitimate typo, but I'll leave it as a freudian slip. :-)
RW -- Isn't this the same girl that sent an email to a public relations firm, asking them how she could "spin this to her advantage?" I'm almost positive I read that back in the summer. So why does she warrant a slot on "60 Minutes" you wonder?

Somewhere in RWs archives is a post where I called him out right here for being such a childish fool and boring us all to death with his Andy obsession. It was during his "bedwetter" phase with the NGA goat.

As I recall, that's when he told me the sob story about how Andy insulted him.

Waaaaaaaah! I have been called far worse by many more people. He just doesn't know how to deliver a knockout punch - as RW notes, he's so dependent on DU.

Which makes him a DrUg addict.
Hi @@,

Very true. That character is of many names.
Well guys, I've got to go. I'm on the phone with my daughter and she just told me her boyfriend gets all his political opinions from...............Al Franken.#:-O

I'm gonna need a good cry. :-(

Gawd, why couldn't she stick with her last one. Smaaaarrrrtt young man. I loved that kid.


Maybe we can do an intervention!

I think you're right about her being the one. Maybe the PR folks are doing the job she hired them for.

I didn't really intend this post to be about the case, which I think is garbage anyway, it's about the absurdity of framing the question the way Bradley did. Do you think they would tell some General exactly what Rumsfeld had said and simply ask if that was right?
60 minutes sure is good at getting a "scoop".

Now a scoop of what, I'll refrain.
RW -- Hey! I'm not a trouble maker! That was uncalled for while I was quietly sitting at the bar :-)

I did understand your reasoning behind the topic, but I'm with @@ -- why is this still a topic? And on "60 Minutes" no less.
RW: Oh...the phrasing of the question. I'm sorry.

Q: "Were you holding on to each other, or were you pulled apart?"

A: "Nope."

@@'s Q: Well, which was it Ms. Roberts?

Well, which was it RW? What exactly did 60 Minutes pull apart or hold together in the police report? I demand an answer!!!

What was the question again?????


I guess when you add in the answer it does make it even worse, but that part isn't Ed Bradley's fault.

When the interview runs it will probably just be Bradley asking if the lacrosse players are guilty and her saying yes, end of story.
RW: Do you mean to tell me that I noticed something that escaped you?

Well smack my ass and call me proud.
Oh, btw, smack Ed Bradley's ass and call him stupid.
Lot's of ass smacking going on around here.....
While the blog host's away @@ will play.

Fare warning. You can never know where my bottom might turn up RW.

What's up with your boy?

He's not a soft or hot drink.

Whoever don't like it can suck his straw,

It's hot pink.

On some junk like Gucci on a classy ho.

He might blast you in the face with nuclear pistachio.

Make a fast break or that'll be the last mistake,

That ass'll make is what you get for messing with Master Shake.

Look out, don't block the screen.

Son, lunge across.

Tryna watch Adult Swim: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

MF Doom, "ATHF"
Yikes?? YIKES is all you can come up with??

Okay, you're obviously gonna need to TELL me what to type in the comments section because I'm totally running out of material, here.

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