Monday, November 06, 2006

The choice is clear, please do the right thing


That wounded elephant needs a pep talk to change that question mark into an exclamation point.
Al Qaeda bombed trains in Spain and Spain gave into the terrorists pulling their troops out of Iraq.

And this is how Al Qaeda responds. From Stratfor...

"Spanish intelligence has discovered what it considers an al Qaeda threat to its enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the northern African coast, El Pais reported Nov. 6. The threat came in the form of a jihadist document posted online and signed by the codename Nadim al-Magrebi, which is believed to refer to a northern African group linked to al Qaeda."

Sorry for the lengthy cut & paste
RW. I thought it went well with your header.
buy danish,

Thanks for the support today with the infamous Huge and worse, Thomas. I didn't see your chimpanzee one until after I posted. Tried to keep up today while rushing in and out. Finally burned up dinner amd missed the blog 5:30 to 7. Don't know why I bother to waste so much time.

Do you think Huge and Thomas are one and the same? They both have a very unpleasant way about them.
buy danish,

Now I've switched from anonymous to danish. Honest!! I have not been in the Manischevitz or the leftover champagne from the wedding. I wish!!

Am I still in the club or must I post bond? I surrender.

(Are you out counting votes or correcting sick Diebolds??)

Wonder what the Spanish will do about the cell off North Africa? Hate to hear that these groups are popping up in new places. I don't imagine the Spanish like it too much either.
dusty danish somebody,

Thomas and Huge probably have an unpleasant way about them just because they are airhead liberals with over-sized egos.

I was just getting some work done when your post as "Danish" to Danish popped up on email. I can't tell you what a great laugh I got from that one.

It's not like they weren't warned. Sadly the American left will ignore it and keep trying to get us to give in too.
Dusty whatever,

When I saw Danish to Danish the word chimpanzee popped out and I thought I was about to get a screed from Huge Blowhard or Hitler Boy who had jacked my name... here! I was more than delighted to to see that it was you.

As to your question, I think that Huge and Thomas are fraternal twins ideologically speaking. Hitler Boy is a distant cousin.

BTW, I didn't burn my dinner, but the pasta got a bit stuck together. Elections are bad for cooking I guess.
Well, I feel much better. With my uncanny ability with names, maybe I should be an undercover agent. No one will ever know my REAL name. (And neither will I, it seems!)

If Republicans don't come out good tomorrow, I may just disappear into some far away land. To think of some of those Democrats as leaders is depressing!! Pelosi & Reid oooooohhhh Please!! Send encouragement!!

The only silver lining is that it would give the country two years to see how screwed up Democrats can be. The most important thing is to position 2008 for a Republican President, even if he or she (Draft Condi!) has to deal with a Democrat House.

Keeping the Senate is a little more important in case there are any more Supreme Court vacancies and there have been rumors about John Paul Stevens for a while now. Of course it only matters if they don't put another Bill Frist up as leader. That guy spent the whole time caving in to Democrats and all the thanks he got was being repeatedly back stabbed over Terri Schiavo.

Maybe you should change your name to "Valerie".

Hey - where's your BOLD list?


I don't know about drafting Condi, but I am with you on Frist. The guy has the charisma of a wet noodle.

I forgot to add that we had 40 years to see how screwed up the Democrats are, but if it wasn't for Newt Gingrich's leadership they'd still be in power.

The Republicans are going to have to position themselves totally on the other side of the aisle so there is no confusion about what they stand for.
Buy Danish,

Sadly there are very few people that know or care about that 40 year run. I just hope we can get strong conservatives to run in the 2008 primaries for House seats whether they are held by wishy washy Republicans or not. It will be a lot easier to do it that year with a lame duck President. President Bush never should have stepped in and saved Specter. If he would have stayed out of the way that might have gone to a Democrat, but Santorum likely wouldn't be in trouble now.

Condi was the only qualified she I could think of in my "he or she" scenario. I really think we have quite a few good 08 candidates.

Maybe Dusty left her BOLD list under a different name at a different blog.

Santorum is such a great guy - it's a shame what's happened.

What I'm afraid of is the "right of center" Democrats who are "pro-life" but for high taxes, open borders, et cetera.

I think we have a lot of great possibilities for 08 - including Romney - although I think his being a Mormon is a problem. I don't care personally, but I can just see the Jon Krakauer crowd going after him.

Other than Frist, the other candidate that I do not like is that "maverick" McCain.
RW and bd,

I don't even want to think about two years of Democratic screwups. If what we get on blogs is any sample of our liberal "friends", we will be in deep trouble!! There won't be enough white flags, high taxes and subsidized everything to go around!!

I do have a couple of liberal friends who seem to have their heads screwed on right. I only threaten them occasionally (not really). I must be FAIR....nawwww.

Bill Frist should go back to medicine. He didn't "operate" too well in the Senate.

The hour of collapse approaches. I hate to leave good company but Valerie (the flaming Plame) has a few hours of undercover work ahead. me val..who???

I hope it's you that's collapsing and not our entire Country.

I have some nice silk scarves and dark glasses if you'd like to borrow them for your undercover work.



Spies don't drink Manichevitz.
Goodnight Valerie! (Make sure Joe doesn't list you in Who's Who by your real name.)

Buy Danish,

I have a hard time getting my head wrapped around how someone wouldn't be able to get elected because of their religion. I just care about what someone can bring to the job and I guess I naively think most people are like that.

I have had Romney as my top choice since 04 and I haven't seen anything that changes that. Plus what a great kick in the ass to Kennedy/Dukakis/Kerry if we finally elect someone from Massachusetts, but it's a Republican.

How about Romney/Rice*


sarc *Then Cheney's torture rooms can stay open with a dominatrix in charge. /sarc off
I used silk scarves during some undercover work before ;-)
Mint juleps?

No boas?

zzzz uncercover zzz
Good one Val! They'll never know you are really Valerie with that undercover name.
Use secret code word "uncercover" when I am undercover.

zzz x 2
Val not Valerie,

Boas are probably fine - but only in the evening - preferably during the holiday season.
Yellow cupcake,

You know I called DumbDebbieDo Right "Little Debbie Yellowcake" after some comment she made about Iraq and yellowcake and she lost it - called me a cow (again) and claimed I was attacking her family.

I only mention that as the name seems to bring out the worst in people.

Maybe you should be "angel cake".

I got something in the mail from Romney for a PAC last week. Did you get that mailing? It was to an elite group of special people.

I don't care at all that he's a Mormon, but it is a religion with a somewhat kooky reputation and would not be my first choice if I were inventing a resume'(like a John Kerry).

I've heard a buzz about Romney+Jeb bush running as a team. That would be hot. (Do I sound like Paris Hilton?)

It would be great to take Massachussets and Florida!
Buy Danish,

Maybe being "yellow cupcake" is a good way to go uncercover while working undercover.

Buy Danish,

I'm either not elite enough or don't give them enough cash.

The Romney/Bush ticket would be nice if the country seems ready to have another Bush that close. I think Jeb would make a good President one day, but I think it would take four years of Hillary to get people positioned for that.

Santorum might not be busy, if that isn't too Northeastern.
It was Dusty's word "unCercover" that she said she would use when "unDercover"

The letter said it was only going to a few special people like me:-)I don't have any cash either. Maybe it came from some of my Boston Brahmin connections - I know some of the rare Republicans in Massachussets - although THEY don't need to be bugging ME for dough.

I also know a New Orleans trial lawyer who is very keen on getting into politics. He's a Dem (of course) but he told me 2 years ago that he was interested in talking to Romney. I never got a chance to ask him why. Dangit.

Okay, I put my glasses on and sort of get it now.

I read "Maybe being "yellow cupcake" is a good way to go unDercover while working undercover.

Completely off topic - did you see this story at Opinion Journal today?

Scroll down to "Zero Tolerance Watch".
Buy Danish,

No telling how long the suspension would have been for the witch reference.

Here's an idea for the school if they are worried about pulling down the overall performance, start teaching and quit with the stupid ass questions about flying principles.

On another note, I wonder why I never got my BOTW today....

Yes, their principles are really flying out the window when they ask the kids to describe flying principals.

What is a "BOTW"? I feel so out of it when I don't know what an acronym means. Whatever it is, I don't think I got one either if it makes you feel any better.
Best Of The Web, which I figured you linked to because they emailed it to you special Romney people and left me hanging.

Actually they have lots of problems with their email deliveries for that and the regular Opinion Journal articles that come early in the day.

Best of the Web Today? I don't "get" mine, I just look it up, that's why I didn't "get" it.

I didn't get my Kim Kommando tip today.

I'll happily forward my Romney PAC letter to you.
Buy Danish,

I didn't read the whole story yet, but right off the bat they cover the "marriage is one man and one woman" by saying that you can change the sex on your birth certificate with no actual change to your sex. Amazing!

I really like not being on too many of these PAC lists, so I'll take as a blessing that I didn't get it and keep it as a blessing by not getting it. Being on Crazy Howie's mailing list is bad enough.

Crazy isn't it - in all respects! And what a bigot I am to mention it.

Oh well, just another reason for Huge Blowhard to hate my guts.

Goodnight and I'll meet you at dawn as Rush says!
Buy Danish,

I'll be there at dawn with my Sonny do list. Let's hope the rains stay wherever they will do the most good.


Honu left this for you at the Sports Bar:

I'd come over to the main page, but I can't seem to locate Honu3 -- tell Buy Danish Hi and that her comment to Rednekks was priceless and thanks for that!

Now I'll have to go see what you did to that punk.

I'm posting here just because it makes sense in this thread -

I was in bed with Mark this morning and apropos of my instincts about the gender choice option in NYC, it turns out that in Spain they have replaced the words "mother" and "father" on birth certificates with Progenitor "A" and Progenitor "B".

As to that Rednecks comment I can't even recall what I said. Was it yesterday or Sunday? I'll have to do some browsing.

The person I took out yesterday was JK who flipped over nothing. I'm also going to have to give her a lesson in Googling 101. I'm weary of doing her research for her.
Buy Danish,

I went through the whole Wooten thread and never saw it. Maybe Honu is just screwing with us.

Hey Honu...You're dressed just fine for the main page. Get up here and 'splain yourself!

Here it is - it's from Sunday.

By Buy Danish

November 5, 2006 01:41 PM | Link to this

Amerikkas al qaeda (Unevolved Worm),

I know you are drooling all over your slimy self thinking that this will somehow sink the Republican’s prospects on Tuesday, but no one except Haggard himself is responsible for Haggard’s actions.

Haggard’s children are not responsible for the actions of their father. Tragically the family will suffer because of his actions.

If you cared about children like you disgusting faux-compassionate Dems pretend, you’d be concerned for their welfare as innocents.

Because you’re nothing but POS worm, mercy is not a trait of human nature that you have inherited. And neither are brains.


If anybody cares, my post was in response to this:

By Pope rednecks - Amerikkka's Al Qaeda I

November 5, 2006 01:16 PM | Link to this

Reverend H(F)aggard’s five children will have to deal with the fact that their daddy is a poof.

Like many, if not most, children of GOPers and fundies.

No wonder so many GOPers are hopeless and have no conscience.

Good morning RW & BD!

RW! Why would I screw with you guyz? And as you can see, Buy Danish proved I wasn't. Sheesh -- is this my lot - to always defend myself?

Buy Danish -- that is as funny today (if not funnier) than when I read it on Sunday. The last paragraph nails him -- kudos!

Hell, RW -- if I wanted to screw with you, I'd go vote for Ned Lamont and John DeStefano today HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Have a great day -- off to visit the little old people at the polls (since I always bring them stuff to eat and drink, they let me vote twice.)

Love, Honu

I'm glad you enjoyed my comments to the worm. I particularly enjoy using evolution arguments against them.

Be careful what you put in those drinks now! Watch out for Lamont's FreshKids - you may want to draw your blinds as they like to peep in to windows while they're fighting NSA wiretaps.

Have a great day - say "Hi!" to Joe for me.

If they let you vote twice why not toss one in for the Republican so that he'll get at least one vote outside the family.
RW -- there were probably 50 or so candidate signs at my polling place. . .don't remember one of them being Schlesinger :-)

Here's the bad news -- Lieberman is listed last on the ballot -- he ran some ads about this, but my precinct went from the pull-down lever type machines in August to paper ballots today. If you didn't read all the way to the end of the column, then you'd miss Joe. I hope CT voters are smarter than that! Not sure if any of the new electronic voting machines are available here -- those may have made it easier to find him.

But, Joe did have a ton of supporters outside with signs here in South Windsor, so hopefully that was true everywhere else.

I don't think you have anything to worry about with Joe.
RW -- Joe was just on the local TV station here and he thinks it's going to be a "white-knuckle" night because of his position on the ballot. We'll see!

So my friend Katie just called. . .she went to "our" voting place and guess what? Her polling place was changed in July (she didn't vote in the Primary) and she didn't know this so didn't get to vote tonight because now the polls are closed! She lives exactly 2.9 miles from my house but she never got a notice. And it was all of my urging and cajoling, etc., that got her out to vote in the first place!


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