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That's perfect.

Did you manage to catch the Conan bit?
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I remembered right at 1:00 and it was over.
Speaking of parody bits, have you seen Andy's memo to Mrs. finch?

I guess I'll head over to Wooten's and see what Sybil comes up with.

It's quite a good letter. I liked his bit about Sybil needing "Andyhab" last week too.
I'll bet you could get away with wearing a T-shirt like that to the polls.

John Kerry being misspelled and all.

Is there a reason there's no header for this thread?

In 2004 I wore a W '04 hat to the polls and didn't get any grief.

Define "header"
RW: Picture.

Semper wore his W hat too, but he pushed it too far. They made him change his T-shirt. Fortunately we don't live far from our voting precinct.

I see a picture of Lurch having just finished or just getting ready to pick his nose.

Semper should have claimed that the Democrats were trying to suppress his vote by placing an undo hardship on him.
Oh noooooo! My computer may be suffering from it's previous "Michelle Malkin" malady.

Remember when I couldn't link to anything you put up from Michelle's site?

I don't understand. I sneezed in your computer, not mine.

Now I'm suffering from the Kerry Klap? Oh noooooooo!!!

If you mean the Kerry picture not being there sometimes it's happening to me too. I just thought it was because someone had been in here sneezing all over the place.

This has nothing to do with Kerry, but it is a bit "crazy" so I'm posting it here.

Japanese researchers find dolphin with 'remains of legs'

Japanese researchers said Sunday a bottlenose dolphin captured last month has an extra set of fins that could be the remains of back legs, providing further evidence ocean-dwelling mammals once lived on land...

A freak mutation may have caused the ancient trait to reassert itself, Osumi said.

Is there such a thing as reverse evolution? If we're not careful we might turn into dinosaurs.
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Darwin has fallen apart so much that I'm sure this will be taken as proof, PROOF I say that he was 100% correct.

After this is written up in 100,000 journals as a transitional critter, we'll find out in 3 places that it was a fake.

(Have they ever heard of birth defects?)

Come to think of it where is the photo of this rare creature?
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If you do a little clicking in your link you find these Japanese researchers are busy guys.

These people are out of their freaking minds. They want to perform their Petrie Dish magic and recreate a new and improved version of the Woolly Mammoth?

What is the point of all these bizarro experiments? Is it like climbing Mt. Everest "just because it's there"?

I tried to find a photo of the dolphin, and failed but my search took me here.

This year, Lisa Tountas decided to be a porcelain doll. With cuts up and down her arms. And fake contacts that make each eye look like a dizzying blue spiral.

The 18-year-old works in sales at her father's limo company and plans to go to college. At Dream Reapers she screams like a dolphin having its fins chewed off by dull-toothed rats.

Last year she was featured in the hillbilly bathtub-massacre scene, and she wistfully recalls her repeated dismemberment.

These people are a perfect match for those scientists.
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That was quite a find if you were searching for leggy dolphins.

A friend of mine owns this. I had a chance to invest when he first started it and didn't give it much thought. Too bad because these people are serious about this stuff.

I guess there haven't been too many dolphin stories lately.

As for that haunted house, is this a year round operation? I don't see something like this making a lot of money unless you put in a comedy club.
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With them it's a year round building and planning effort and they bring over a million bucks during the six weeks or so that it's open. Billy's house is a frighfest too. If you go down to the basement there are fake heads and body parts everywhere. They also do some movie and TV work during the year, but it's mostly Neatherworld.

Interesting - nothing like the American entrepreneurial spirit. I still think they should have a comedy club to really rake in the dough. At least you can make money off the liquor sales.
Buy Danish,

Their haunted house doesn't lend itself to a "house crowd." It's tunnels, trap doors, illusions, dead ends, etc. and they have to tear out different animations or actors platforms to incorporate new scares and things for the next year.

Plus there are always a few stray axe murderers that can't be located for a few months.

I suppose that clientelle who scream like Dolphins aren't exactly who you'd want to be having a drink with.


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