Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day 2006-Open Thread

Like there is any other kind of thread here!

I voted Democrat in July so that you don't have to, trust me it makes you feel very dirty.

In all seriousness, no matter who you support let's hope that informed voters turn out and the rest stay out of the way. Voting may be a right, but being an informed voter is a responsibility. Be responsible on this and all election days.

I have a voting brouhaha to report, which if this were a Dem district would have the lawyers activated.

Apparently the poll location changed for many of the residents- something they found out after standing in line for a very long time. They were very pissed as they had to drive to a new location and wait in line all over again. As this is Sonny Country, I hope they still do.

Now if this were Palm Beach County it would be enough to prosecute Ann Coulter over, not to mention devine some sort of racism in the process.
Buy Danish,

I'm heading to the polls right now. I think I'll tell them that every time I get ready to push "cast ballot" Diebold changes my vote to CyMc.
Ah ha, bedraggled voters,

I voted last week with no lines, plenty of voting machines available and no hassle whatsoever. The sun was shining.

DeKalb County has done one thing right i.e. advance voting centers. That and shooting criminals when they threaten police.

RW, you voted DEMOCRAT in July? OH,oh, my idol has fallen!!!

I voted last week too. I was reporting what I heard from a trusted eyewitness reporter, not what I witnessed myself.

I think I have a good excuse, it was the only way to get rid of Cynthia McKinney and I wouldn't have done it if there was a Republican primary race that needed my support.

Buy Danish & Dusty,

They throw away all the early votes!


Just kidding, but I like the real election day.

There was a violation of campaign laws where I vote. A sign right outside the school lunch room said "Vote for Brianna" but I couldn't find her on my ballot.
Just when I thought ALL the Clinton jokes had been offered up. . .I must admit, however, this one made me laugh REALLY loud (okay, louder than normal :-)

RW -- I like the real voting day, too. And I like to wear the sticker that says I Voted Today.

Go Joe! Go Jodi!
Forgive me Dusty for I have sinned. I voted for a Democrat over a Republican for County Commissioner.

The previous Commissioner who chose not to run again was a big developer & realtor. He has screwed this county big time with his influence and conflict of interest in zoning matters. He was also a dear friend of mine.

I couldn't see voting for another developer just because he was a Republican. I know the other candidate, he's a banker. Maybe he can help in managing government funds. I actually voted for more Republicans than I listed at ml's but didn't see the need to post them all.

RW: Have you taken down the horse picture yet. I didn't mean to rant.
I had to have a horse put down and it's a memory I'd like to forget, but can't.

What Clinton joke?

I just put a post above it.

Buy Danish,

I think she meant the billboard.
Hi Buy Danish -- Clinton joke (which encompasses Monica.)

Hi @@! -- maybe RW can put up a pix of Barbaro -- he got his cast off today! He has a "stud-ly" future. Plus, @@, my best friend Katie here in CT has a horse (her name is Infatuation) and she and her daughter were explaining to me last night why that horse had to be put down Saturday -- it was the humane thing to do. Barbaro is a real exception - his doctors don't even know why he's healed so well.

I liked your paper boy story today even if you did vote for a Democrat County Commish.


Chuckie Shmuckie Shumer sure is in a celebratory mood. I hope something bursts his bubble.

Drudge has Allen ahead with 66% in. I just hope the remaining districts are RW strongholds.

Fox just projected Joe the winner and had Jodi projected as winner early on.

Buy Danish,

Chuckie said that none of the Fairfax county precincts were in, which would be bad news for Allen, but as usual he's lying.

This page updates it automatically.
RW -- you are right. The local news here just proclaimed Joe as the winner -- it's only 9:30p! And I was so worried about his position on the ballot. Guess the CT voters are as smart as me :-)

Jodi should win this election. . .she overcame incredible odds as Lt. Gv. under Rowland and she and Joe worked so hard to keep the sub-stations opened and operating here. They really do deserve to keep their jobs.

An aside -- We had a "rolling-blackout" here on Sunday evening which CL&P claims was a computer glitch. Well, DeStefano, Jodi's opponent, had ads up as early as noon yesterday saying the black-outs were her fault and we should vote for him yadda, yadda, yadda.

Turns out, it really was a glitch. Turning out. . .she really is the best "man" for the job. tee hee hee

Go Jodi!

CNN and Fox have both already said Jodi won. I think Sonny won down here around noon :-)
RW -- I think Sonny won a year ago!

And are you suggesting I should switch from my local coverage to national? :-)

Holy moly! The local just said Jodi's a 68% to 32% win.

Okay, not to keep harping on my candidate. But do you know she NEVER ran a televised ad until last week? And DeStefano has been trashing her for months. But if you lived here in CT, you'd know that ANYONE from New Haven is suspect :-)

Now they're showing his constituents saying they're glad because they want their mayor back. Ya, right. Jodi Rocks!
Drat!! CT-5 went Democrat....Honu, what are you letting happen up there?

Drop by and tell me how your grandfather got reelected. I thought all the crooks were being thrown out, so Mothra should have been booted right away.
Drat, why did they declare Maryland a Democrat win with only 1% of the precincts in? I'm so :-(.

I don't even know why I worry about Maryland, I'm in Georgia where we just might tip two to red.


RW: Thanks for telling me about the sports site. I had already checked this afternoon after I asked. Scrolled past the pic real quick. I was gonna post my apology there but did it here instead. It's one thing to euthanize a small animal that you can hold & comfort, but it's something entirely different with a horse.

Now I've made myself cry dangit.

Goodnight @@,

Sadly when they make those calls that look ridiculously early they are right 99.99999999999999999% of the time or more.

I think I'll call it a night. It's looking like recount city in Virginia and maybe Missouri. Ugh.
RW -- I am SHOCKED that Chris Murphy won this seat. He had some very convincing advertising here against Nancy Johnson. . .don't know why voters bought into that and not into the same Ned Lamont bullshit, but they did.

Don't blame me -- they weren't part of my little South Windsor ballot :-)

Joe & Jodi rock!
Buy Danish,

Missouri isn't looking good if it's true that no precincts have been counted in St. Louis or Kansas City.

I think St. Louis always waits to see how many extra votes they have to "find."


The Washington Post has just pulled back their projection of Cardin beating Steele and put it back in the tossup column.

It could be that they just figured that typically Democrat black precincts would go to Cardin and have found out they aren't.

Let's hope!

I just heard the news about Steele and had to retract my goodnight just for a minute - that would be sweet. He is a great guy and would make up a little bit for Santorum's loss.

Okay - it's official - goodnight!
Can you retract a goodnight? If that's the case I retract my goodnight response to you to tell you that I think this new Dem majority in the House is going to be very interesting. They seem to be electing a lot of moderate Dems that aren't necessarily going to neatly fit in with the Pelosi cabal.

Goodnight again!
Bon nuit, Buy Danish -- pleasant dreams.

RW above ^^ -- I sure hope you're right about Pelosi.
RW -- wanted to say Bon Nuit to you, too, and thanks for allowing me here as Honu4 :-)

See you tomorrow.

Goodnight Honu!
Not see, see. Like:

M-I-C -- see ya real soon!

K-E-Y -- why? because I love you!

hahahahhaa (childhood memory)

Actually, thought you went to bed and was just dropping a comment regarding victory speeches being given before being declared the winner? I thought the loser was to concede first, then the winner humbly. . .oh never mind.

This is not our fathers' America. . .

Bon nuit, and I mean it! :-)
oh no, the neolibs are taking over! They want a one party system?

'08 is just around the corner.

locked and loaded.
Sure you do Honu...

It sounds like another retracted goodnight, (insert commentary here), and a brand spanking new goodnight.

Jay not jay,

Whatever funny business is going on in Virginia (they have suddenly built an 8K margin in a last counting of a few precincts, BS alert anyone?), it won't get reversed so now it's time to put the Dems feet to the fire.

They said they could do better and managed to pull the wool over the voters eyes by not saying how. Well, now they have to do it.
I lied AGAIN! I retract the retracted. . .

There are only 11,528 votes separating Webb/Allen! Yikes!

Did this on my calculator just now :-)

Okay, I won't say bon nuit -- but I'm shutting off my computer.

That should keep me from any further commentary :-)

RW! I was just finishing reading MLs today, and OOT called me a bimbo!

Because I believe in the Lord and Jesus Christ he publicly calls me a bimbo? Huh?

Dang, I feel deeply sorry for him. I'm going to have to respond to him tomorrow. Wow.

I can't believe that JD Hayworth lost!
Buy Danish,

I was pretty surprised last week when I heard he was in a tight race. When I saw him interviewed about it, it was obvious that he knew he was going to lose.
Oh my heart breaks over Steele. Maybe I should move to Maryland. Naaaawwww, too cold. They say he ran "the most positive" upbeat campaigns in this election. What a shame. I haven't heard anything about him contesting the count, have you?

I'm not too sure about these "moderate" Democrats that won RW. I heard that while they promoted their moderate views, they steered clear of the Pelosi speaker issue. Once it was in the bag they committed to backing her appointment as speaker because she had helped them out. How they'll vote on issues is another story. The fact that they would run the risk of putting her third in line for the presidency is chilling.

Anyway, enough about the dems. Game plan for 2008. As much as it would break my "Dick lovin' heart", maybe Cheney should step down within the next two years and give Bush a chance to introduce the Republican party's new President. Let's have some nominations. P & VP.

Not being a hardliner "Bushbot" on the Iraq War didn't help him at all. Go figure.

There are pluses and minuses to Cheney resigning. If Bush is really "tainted" in the eyes of the voting public then it might be better for somone like Romney or Newt to come in fresh.

We better get someone really good to run the House & Senate Leadership. No more wet noodles.
Crap Danish, Rummy just resigned. Is Honore available?

We may wanna hold our Dick. :-)

I hope this CIA guy isn't another George Tenet.

The next casualty may be John Bolton at the U.N. Isn't he just in on as a recess appointment? Will the Dems vote to give him a permanent position or will they attack him for being too mean-spirited?

Michael Steele gave his concession speech. When the numbers came in they had been right when they called it early. I haven't seen any explanation for why the Washington Post pulled back the call.

Maybe it was in the spirit of retracted goodnights, last night.

Buy Danish,

I think Frist can bring Bolton back up during the lame duck session. Maybe the Democrats would let him get confirmed so they wouldn't start off looking like obstructionists and also wouldn't take the hit for confirming him while they were in control.

If I was Bolton I would be sick of being at the UN anyway though.

Surprise, surprise. Drudge is posting a rumor that Bolton is next on the list.

I hope you're right about Frist. He's such a wuss though he might dump him overboard for his own political ambitions.

Who knows why anyone would want that job - love of country I guess.

I wonder who the Dems have in mind? John "The Diplomat" Kerry? or Bill "First husband in waiting" Clinton?
Oh wow, THAT'S a new one!

Yes, I'm kidding.

Where ya been at, guy???
Buy Danish,

I think Billy Jeff had been angling for the Secretary General job.

Great Schumer is saying it would be gentlemanly and a help to our Democracy if Allen would just give in. I don't think Allen can turn around this number of votes, although I am a little suspicious of how the last few precincts swung over 10,000 votes, but where was Schumer in 2000?

Nancy Pelosi has had some of the wind taken out of her sails. She looks devastated that she doesn't have Rummy to kick around any more. She's still enough of a ditz to be claiming the Army Times and the rest are military papers.

Every time I visit you have the same post up. I thought you retired :-)

I hope Allen tells chuckie f/u with a vengeance.

And since the Dems are so concerned with corruption, the Republicans need to go after ACORN (in the spirit of bipartisanship of course).
Buy Danish,

If you go after ACORN then you're a racist!

Have you noticed that Cindy has never come back with any details of her "close personal friends" that were denied their voting rights yesterday?

Freaking libs even make up corruption stories when they win.

I think we should just hand out earplugs and everytime we're accused of being "racists" we won't hear them so it won't matter.
RW/Danish: BOLTON??? Oh $hit!!!

Why don't they just castrate us. We can look longingly from the pasture at what was, while some Muslim radical uses a cattle prod on us for entertainment purposes.

Can either of you give me some good news?

Nevermind, chocolate. I haven't had any in years. It's time.

And please, I'm not looking for you to tell me that Kroger has Ghiardelli on sale. I'm talking good damn news.
Buy Danish,

racist, bigot, homophobe, evangelical, and neocon are all words that I've trained my ears not to hear when I'm called them anyway.

It's just part of the left's inability to argue so they have to label and there's no point in getting too deep in the gutter with them, because then they'll beat you with experience.

Jean Schmidt won! The good news is really that most of the pickups in traditionally Republican areas were by candidates running as Conservatives. If they govern that way it's not so bad to have Democrats in control and if they don't govern that way they'll be gone in two years and replaced by people that are more Conservative than the Republicans that were there now.

See? No need for that chocolate, you can pass it over here. ;-)

You and I tune them out, but we need our elected Representatives to do the same thing. They then need to hand them out to registered Republicans.

Let the chattering classes accuse away! We're artificially deaf, we can't hear you - what are you going to do about it?


Good news? Michigan voted to end affirmative action.

Here's a moonbats take on it:

Another proposal that was passed by voters yesterday was a ballot proposal in Michigan which basically makes it legally ok for public universities and other civil service arenas to discriminate against women and people of color.

Now for the bad news:

Effects of affirmative action ban will depend on the courts' take.

I missed this. Who knew that Affirmative action was for LATINOS?!

Yeah who needs affirmative action. Everyone knows that racial discrimination doesn't happen anymore. I'm sure the nearly 400,000 Latinos in the state won't notice a thing.

Sounds like extortion to me, but if I lived in Michigan I'd be happily waving goodbye to all 400,000 if they feel so darned disenfranchised.

Who needs a bunch of whiny extortionists with persecution complexes screwing up the collective psyche of the State?
O.K., o.k. some of the amendments sailed elsewhere. I haven't been able to find the results on Georgia. Eminent domain went well. Did everything else fail?

Thanks RW you saved my ass from chocolate. I may have had to replace my "green eye" with a new pic.

You do know, of course, that Boortz encouraged everyone to vote a straight libertarian ticket. That cost us if'n they did. Hoooo rah...Oooo rah...Boohahahaha. :-(

J/K, life is what you make it. :-)
Let's try that again.


Regarding your "life is what you make it" premise, I didn't post a thing all day at MLs until just a minute ago.

I decided to take a peek a few minutes ago and lo and behold an opportunity arose for me to post a fan letter to Huge Blowhard aka "Mr. Civility".

And the timing was perfect. RE had JUST asked "What happened to BD today?" who suggested that I may need prozac.

Well BD, I'm into "my ass" today as you can see ^^^. I hit Huge after your post.
And RW pointed out Huge's stupidity.

Good one RW. I was rushing to beat the closing.

Naaahhh, that just a lame excuse. I just ain't got what you got.

If he would have had the time he would have responded that he knew from reading Media Matters or talking to his "friends."

Of course he would do it without realizing what an uninformed hypocrite that made him.

I liked the way you got him better anyway. He really has no wiggle room with your evaluation.

The deranged HugoRant that I cited from Smooth Operator (my ass) was a response to this:

“It’s absolute fact that your side is trying to make sure only one theory is discussed and to do their best to make sure other theories are censored.”

^^Written by none other than R.W. - (the Original). Yay!!

I'm going to have to read through todays posts later after the kid gets his Science project done.
I have a confession to make. I always get Huge & N-GA mixed up. I'm like Dusty, or whoever it was that made that comparison. I would swear they're the same person and likely a couple of others too.

But you always tell me I'm wrong RW, I resent it, and then move on. :-)

Anyway, I thought I was addressing N-GA which is why you see no name. I told N-GA I'd never acknowledge him again after Allaina. I feel the same about Huge. What better way to deal with his demand for attention? Talk around him, about him, but never to him.

You two sleep well, just don't sleep together. Semper is in there snoring, it's gonna be a rousing night for @@.

What does Semper snoring have to do with whether Buy Danish and I want to sleep together?

Goodnight @@!

Is it Semper's snoring that would keep us from sleeping well?
Buy Danish,

Sleep, in this case, is a euphemism so as not to offend @@'s tender sensibilities.
Damn these post times are seven freaking minutes ahead now. Google is after me to switch to their new platform, I guess I'll have to give it a try.

My computer clock says 12:01 so compared to yesterday which was 5 minutes off it seems to have actually caught up a minute or two.

Nevermind - Duh - Your post posted at 12:03 and that is what I was going by. I think I do need to get some real sleep.
Buy Danish,

I think I do too. I'll say goodnight now, but reserve the right to retract

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