Friday, November 17, 2006

Glenn Beck's special Exposed-The Extremist's agenda

Probably won't last the weekend on You Tube so try to make some time if you haven't seen this. Run time is about 40 minutes.


I caught a bit of it when it ran a few days ago and I think I tivoed most of it, although it ran at a weird time and may have cut a bit of it off

I need to learn how to upload from my DVR to You Tube! I can't figure out how to do it.

Between this Glenn Beck presentation and Obsession it should convince most sane people that we have a great deal to worry about.

Alas, the O.J. mentality prevails where the more evidence you have of reality the more a bigot/racist it makes you in the eyes of the Left.

I was hoping that N-GA the carpet peddler would show up today so that I could give him this to read while he waited for customers.

Scary stuff from the Islamists whom the freaks over at MLs claim are no different than us -

A brief analysis of al-Hakaymah’s manual by Geostrategy describes his instructions on how lone Muslims can take the battle to the infidels:

The recommended methods include stabbing, feeding overdoses of cocaine or heroin, injecting air via needles, assassination with guns, burning down homes, putting poisonous snakes in cars, tampering with car brakes, planting explosives in vehicles, running over people, and luring people and then killing them.

The book also highly recommends poisoning targets and includes various methods of preparing and obtaining lethal toxins, including botulism. The book also gives instructions on making improvised explosives.

Buy Danish,

They wouldn't believe it unless they were the ones being run over. Lucky for them that the Islamofacists haven't figured out that an Air America funding rally would be the best place possible to find easy targets.

We found the al Qaeda manual on what they are to do and say when captured. They are supposed to immediately complain of inhumane treatment and torture, so do the libs say "oh that's just what they are trained to say?"

Even if they had a killer snake in their car they still wouldn't believe it was "them". They'd blame it on the KKK or Protestant "serpent handlers".

If they complain of ill treatment when captured they will believe them. They would never believe that they were trained to say that because they believe it's true so there would be no point in having a training program.
Buy Danish,

Do you think if it was a cobra in Kansas City they might get suspicious? Stupid question on my part, they would claim Jack Hannah was a deranged right winger then.

I think you get the picture.

Reviewing last night's comments where BD listed the ways written by a terrorist on how to kill Infidels is really scary. Somebody ought to put a snake in that guy's turban.

But I had to laugh at the KFC story. Wonder if Thurman was being funny? Didn't sound like it.

Not totally connected but after the mountain concert the other day with lotsa young people, military folks and patriotic songs (even God Bless America) I went out and ate FRIED SHRIMP. Guess I don't really CARE!!

But you were right about the rain. I should have worn "waders" but it was still fun on a rainy day. And BD will be relieved to know that I did not wallow in the mud a la nekkid!! And sometimes I will tell @@ about my two loves, north Georgia mountains and the Senoran Desert(it has great mountains among other things).

The weather is so nice today I shall forget politics. Maybe.
I think I'm the only one that doesn't start out my comments with "RW,". Does that constitute bad etiquette on my part?
There is a comment at 11:00 that starts "Buy Danish" so it must be fine. You should see the way I'm addressed over at the Atlanta newspaper site.

Some of those Al Qaeda plots were probably inspired by Hawaii Five O. Until you get to the second paragraph.

Eating fried SHRIMP is proof positive that your music festival was sponsored the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

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