Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here's a development the US press seems to have missed

Saddam wins mid-terms in USA

Who saw that one coming?

Um, what?
That's pretty much what I said.

Timothy Titmouse must be who Huge Blowhard and rushncap read. Thanks to Pravda 101 they suffer under the delusion that they are enlightened intellectuals.
Buy Danish,

Apparently I can't sleep with all that snoring going on so I decided to read Wooten's blog.

By Buy Danish

November 8, 2006 05:14 PM | Link to this


Do you think Republicans will get Pelosi Derangement Syndrome?

I think the conservative Democrats that don't want to get pulled too far left will have a problem and the nutroots that want her to impeach Bush at dawn will have a problem. How about Pelosi Maladjustment Syndrome? Or we could just shorten it to the initials and it would be very descriptive of most libs everywhere.

Pelosi Mania Syndrome?

PMS is a much milder affliction than BDS, but symptoms are aggravated when Pelosi, Chuckie and Harry squawk in three part "harmony".
So in other words, the American people voted in favor of Saddam?

And this article coming from Russia. A country in regression?

No wonder I stay so confused.

I slept very well last night. I slept out of range of the human buzz saw, but I missed the warmth of his engine. He caught my cold, bless his little heart.

Now please, let's not delve too deeply into one another's personal lives. ;-)

Bolton news.
Buy Danish: Weren't we talking about good news last night? The more I read on this new guy Gates, the more worried I am. He seems to be more into diplomacy and negotiations. From Stratfor (purely speculation):

But what he will not be doing is prepping the United States for the next threat. Gates is a placeholder -- a competent placeholder for sure, but a placeholder nonetheless. Facing a hostile Congress, the Bush administration has sharp limitations on its actions and we will be seeing no revolutionary proposals from a defense secretary who will be in his job a maximum of two years.

The irony is that, instead of leaping ahead by a generation, U.S. forces have now been saddled with the worst of both worlds: an exhausted military that will take years to repair, and limited progress in the modernization that they will likely need a generation from now.

And to top it off, there's also a rumor floating around the WH that Cheney is contemplating resignation.

I heard someone say last night on Fox that he is someone who believes in negotiating with countries like Iran and Syria.

Not my cup of tea, but as the Secretary of Defense it is less important than if he were Secy of State.

I love Cheney, but the only good thing about him resigning would be to have a candidate for 2008. Of course it all depends on who he chooses, and I just hope he doesn't have Harriet Meiers in mind!
I need to clarify something here.

Semper's's his heart. His body temp is higher than average and he's like a radiant heater.

Glad I cleared that up.

BD: Harriet Meiers? Please tell me you're kidding.

A mormon is fine with me. Kennedy was Catholic. I remember my Dad telling my Mom that would never happen, but it did!!!

Hey, good looks have value. Who was the worst president we ever had? Carter. Eeeeewwgllyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

G'nite guys.
@@ Goodnight @ 7:30?

Did the old folks buffet get over early? ;-)

I bet it's that warm "heart" you want to curl up to.

Buy Danish,

So much for my theory that they might let Bolton slide through. Biden says it's dead on arrival and that prick Chaffee is still going to oppose him.

You would think that since the only reason he didn't get beat in the primary was President Bush stepping in, he could at least pay him back a little on the way out.

Maybe you'll see this in the morning.

I was going to say something about that "engine", but I thought better of it. There was definitely a double entendre there!

I was kidding about Harriet Meiers. I hope.

This is getting depressing and it's only been 1 day.

Since that poofter Chafee won't support Bush they should call Brian Ross at ABC News and leave an anonymous rumor that he sends IMs to little girls.

I'm in the mood to go for the jugular with these duplicitous RINOs. We might as well clean house of all of them now so we can set the stage early and get some real conservatives to run in '08.
Buy Danish,

Looks like he's considering a preemptive departure, so if he won it would have been 50/50 and he probably would have become the next Jim Jeffords.

What an ass! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Being against the war didn't help him or Michael Steele.

Well I need to call it a night. I don't plan on any retractions but I leave open the possibility.
Buy Danish,

A tentative Goodnight! to you.
Old folks buffet indeed. Yes, the stewed prunes and bran muffins allowed Semper and I to make beautiful music together.

A consensual duet.

Bite me RW. :-P

Isn't it nearly bed time? I see you nailed finch again, good job!

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