Saturday, November 18, 2006

If the left only knew the things Fox News talks about they wouldn't complain so much.

Jebus, what's your posting rate -- one per MINUTE? This wasn't here when I got here!

Oh sorry..."RW,".
Wow, I was the first commenter.


I didn't even have time to put in a phony comment to keep your name from getting obliterated, so you'll have to say something else now.
Never mind ;-)
RW (and Nicole)

Those You Tube segments are very funny and I thank RW for posting them because I managed to miss both of them when they happened on live TV.
Buy Danish,

The second one was back in 2002, the Skinner one was yesterday.

Along with Great Van S, Sheppard Smith is not on my "must see" list so that probably explains how I missed both of them.

The time to watch Shep is when there's a car chase going on. Other than that he lets his liberal bias in too much.

True, plus after John Gibson and Brit I need to take a break!

Just before the election Shep repeatedly said how that Iraq commission report (I'm drawing a blank on the name) said that the War was only creating more terrorists - and no one corrected him.
Buy Danish,

It's usually his 3:00 show that gets the good car chases and Skinnerville talking about top co(ck)ps and things.

Well, I've been out of commission since Friday. The server connection was fried somewhere up the road.

I think the bellsouth technician who tried to talk me through to a connection probably quit after the conversation. My contribution..."Well, there's a little blue thingy that has no hole."

"Are you saying ethernet or internet?" "There's two little plug thingys that don't go anywhere. Shouldn't everything plug into something?" Her response..."Yes."

My question..."What?" Her response..."The computer."

My response..."What computer?" Her response..."You're computer." My response..."No holes." Her response..."We're gonna have to send a technician to your house."

Turns out, the two wayward plugs went to Semper's computer, which he carries to work.

So you see, I was right. There were no holes available. :-) Only the ones in my head that couldn't figure out Semper's computer was absent.

Is that "9 months after Roswell story" true?

Most times there is an ethernet connection and a USB connection and you don't use both, so I'm not sure you were getting the best advice over the phone.

I don't know if the Roswell story was true or not. I just got it in my e-mail. Put it out there for humor.

I don't get invitations to all the lefties birthday bashes.

Actually RW, the only one born in March 1948 was Al Gore. Don't that just say it all?

Here's the list in case you want to send them a card.

Barbara Boxer 11 November 1940

Chuck Schumer 22 November 1950

Hillary Clinton 26 October 1947

Al Gore 31 March 1948

John Kerry 11 December 1943

Bill Clinton 19 August 1946

Howard Dean 17 November 1948

Nancy Pelosi 26 March 1940

Dianne Feinstein 22 June 1933

It would be fun to send everyone shopping on line for the perfect card for each distinct personality, but, of course, you've already done one for Slick Willy.

Barbara Boxer shares my Mother's birthday and Chuck Schumer shares my late Father's birthday.
Now question for you RW.

I just saw where you mentioned a nuke on Tel Aviv at Wooten's. I haven't been able to find anything in the online news.

What's up?
OMG, Islamofacists conspire in our universities.

They're gonna emasculate our males, behead & rape our females.

Fruitcakes! Goodnight...

I didn't mention any nuke, that was some punk using part of my name and I would bet it was that "advisor" since he came right back to say something about it.

It's so lonely over here, and due to my technical malflunktion, I'm not seeing anything but a blank screen, and haven't since this thread was put up.

I can't comment on what I can't see.

RW accused me of being a stalker at the sports page. Something to the effect that "I'd hunt people down wherever they were."

Whoa is me. Me and OotMV.

RW: Just FYI, male bunnies privates are very well concealed. With my first rabbit, they became exposed at one point and I rushed her to my neighbor who had raised rabbits. I was crying because I thought she had a tumor. He laughed and said "No @@, HE has tools."

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving RW, JayNot, Buy Danish, Dusty, Honu and any lurkers.

She or he sure isn't about to let anyone get a good look.

By the way, my "she can find you" was highly complementary!

I can't believe that prick rushncap tried to tell you that he was sharing a direct quote of mine with you. I notice he put the part about "have artificially high prices" in quotes and changed the entire reason for my saying it, leaving that out of the quotation marks simply implying I said what he claimed.
RW: I really wanted to pull your comment and mine, from yesterday's thread, but time was running short.

Like I told him. He could have addressed the assertion. That's what I asked him to do, but I had to reference the time and posting name so that he could go back. He knew what I wanted, and he knew what he wanted.

I was very disappointed in my little student. ;-)

What's that saying? There's one born every minute, and I'm it. First it was Washington State, then it was AntiR, and now rushncap.

I'm baloney on everybody's sandwich.

Now have a good one, and I'm not returning.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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