Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Iraq the American media doesn't want you to see.

Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt cradles a young Iraqi girl as they both sleep in the hospital. The girl's entire family was executed by insurgents. The killers shot her in the head but she survived. The girl received treatment at the U.S. military hospital in Balad, but cries often. According to nurses at the facility, Chief Gebhardt is the only one who can calm down the girl, so he holds her at night while they both sleep in a chair. Chief Gebhardt was assigned to the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Group at Balad Air Base, Iraq.


That is the nicest picture I have seen in a long time. Makes you want to hug both of them.

The writeup does not say whether the sargent has children of his own but I bet he does. He knows how to comfort a little one.

The military.com story they got the information from says his children are 25 and 23.

Now, he is back at home in Wichita, Kan., with his wife, Mindy. They have a warm, hospitable home five minutes away from McConnell Air Force Base. His son Ryan, 25, and daughter Amber, 23, have long since outgrown being cradled and he said he thought about them constantly while he held the Iraqi child.

"I got as much enjoyment out of it as the baby did," he said. "I reflected on my own family and life and thought about how lucky I have been."

His affection for children is no secret to his wife, Mindy. While dating John in high school, she watched how he bonded with the child of a coach of one of his athletic teams. That softer side of him is one of the reasons she married him.

"People see him as this tough guy," she said, "but I always see that other side of him that is full of compassion."

RW: Too sweet. I've got pictures just like that of Semper sleeping with our Giffer. There's nothing more soothing than to hold a sleeping child. I'm sure it helped him as much as the girl.

Maybe they could use me in Iraq. A full-time job comforting the littlest. I'd love that.

Tissue, I need a tissue.

Part of the story is the huge volume of soldiers volunteering to help out with the kids. Some were there so much that others thought they were assigned there.
Oh but wait, I keep hearing from from the left now that the soldier's time spent is all for NOTHING?
I know RW, I read the story last night. You linked to it somewhere. After I read it I got all snotty and left.

Semper wants to know why I bawl so much when I visit your site. He thinks you're funny and just doesn't get it.

When I was excited about your little Senorina, he said to tell you she was worth $8.00 @ $2.00 a foot. He's such a nice guy. :-/

No, really he is. :-/

Tell him Senorita SweeTee isn't nearly that tall and she's VERY well protected!!
I just got this in an e-mail from my minister.

How apropos.....

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you:

1. Jesus Christ
2. The American G. I.

One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

Sleep well little one, you're in capable arms.

Dangit, I'm gonna need another tissue. What in the heck is wrong with me?

Goodnight @@!

Jay not jay,

Either that or they are called ignorant deranged killers.
Or not smart enough to make a decision as to what they want to do to serve their country.
Thanks, RW,

For filling in the rest of the story. It is such a good story. Just loved it. Kinda offsets all the rotten comments people make so carelessly.

Sometimes I think I should stop reading the blogs. Just scanned the end of mls and rushncap is so obnoxious, not to mention paranoid. Tomorrow I shall be out of town enjoying music. That's better than blogging.

Take us with you!! wahhhh......

I will hum a little song for you while I enjoy the beautiful leaves on the mountains and watch clouds drift slowly on the sea blue sky.
(Rubbing it in!!)

You do know it's supposed to rain about 2 feet tomorrow don't you?

(take that!)
I just wanted to say Hi to Dusty.

and the Mountains will be beautiful.

Is this a Woodstock revival that you're going too? Have fun playing in the mud with all the half-naked hippies!

Stay away from the wild mushrooms, and keep your manichevitz in a flask with a combination lock. You must be selfish for their own good and not share it with anyone.

Dusty: I would say I'm envious, but the mountains don't appeal to me. How in the world can you enjoy the wide open spaces of the desert southwest AND the "you're blocking my view" mountains? Of course, a warm glowing fire in the cold, dreary, and "locked in" mountains sounds well......cozy.


The term one thing hinges on another" is beginning to hold new meaning for me.

I guess some will have to be happy, and some will have to be mad.
That is very sweet. The American G.I is protrayed as a gun-happy lunatic who loves to shoot Iraqi civilians by the ACLU and Sen. Derbin types. This is quite a meaningful photo.
RW: I was dancing cheek to cheek with PoliFore at Wooten's today, so I don't know if you may have seen this. You probably did, but lookthere's a new poll out.

You would think they had learned from Vietnam, or an R.O.T.C. cadet from the era. POLITICIANS WEREN'T MEANT TO RUN A WAR. That's the military's job.

I really am enjoying this. :-)

That article sure seems to put the end result in the Democrat column on each of those issues. President Bush is pretty good at outsmarting them, so I wouldn't be too sure in some of those cases.

El Patro,

It's really sad the way they slander out troops to score cheap political points.


I didn't see any of it, but I'll pop over there and take a look. How did you guys get in, the sites been down all night for me?

That was quite the undressing of Polly Prepuce you did over there. It was also a nice touch when you were accused of being a government worker on your way home and posted two minutes later.
RW: I have no idea how I ended up at hispanicbusiness.com in my 5:00 post.

I intended to link to where the Big 3 are ready to begin producing more cars equipped to run on alternative fuels, but in exchange for cooperation in reducing healthcare costs and a generous spritzing of DDT for the environmentalists, but no mention of the "all too powerful" unions.

I didn't want you to watch me and PoliFore dance. I wanted you to check out the poll. 57% of Americans polled said they don't think the Democrats have/had a plan for Iraq. Well....duh!

So Abizaid (sp?) isn't saying what they've been saying he was saying and now they're all frustrated. :-)

It would have been icing on the cake if Abizaid had added that the stories put out by the media have not reflected the whole of Iraq, and that as commander, he viewed their actions as undermining.

I need you to explain your link at ml's yesterday regarding the Democrat's fliers. Was Michael Steele involved or not?

I'm going to be really disappointed if you say yes, but I can take it.

Give it to me straight because the article left me confused.

I was really angry when Rove announced Martinez. A political strategy, I understand, but I was still angry. If you tell me Steele was involved, then I can see beyond the strategy and say they knew what they were doing as it relates to Steele.

As best as I could tell Steele wasn't involved, but even if he was I really saw nothing wrong the thing. I also wouldn't be too sure you can take the WaPo story as the be all and end all.

Neither did the Washington Post or they wouldn't have run this buried deep in the paper and have made it very difficult to find on the web site.

Politics ain't beanbag as they say and the group was called Democrats for Erlich. The flier showed the names of the people "Democrats for Erlich" was supporting.

The biggest gripe seemed to be that they put a "D" beside the name of the Democrats they were supporting, but no "R" beside Erlich or Steele. According to the writer this was supposed to trick these voters into thinking Erlich and Steele were Democrats, but that would only be the case if they had put a "D" there.

It really boils down to the soft bigotry of low expectations. The media thinks these people are hopeless bumbling idiots waiting to be tricked at every turn. I would argue that these poor and less formally educated people that were being given these fliers have more street sense than the entire Washington Post writing staff put together.
Good RW, then I can stay mad at Rove, the magnificent BASTARD for a while longer. I really think they messed up, but sacrificing Steele for the greater, albeit convoluted, good of immigration reform better produce some changes.

Sadly, I don't think it will. Immigration laws will go unenforced like they have been for 30+ years.

I learned that from you. See, I can retain something other than the occasional water. :-)

Now I'm leaving so that I can practice being angry. >:-Z

I didn't really see what you're talking about. It seemed to me that Steele made a decision to distance himself as far as possible from the White House.

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