Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is it possible for a Kennedy to commit sedition?

Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez is an ally of the Iranian mullahs, a supporter of North Korea, a close friend of Fidel Castro and a good customer for Vladimir Putin's weapon factories. Now he's also a business partner of Joseph P. Kennedy II.

The former Democratic Congressman describes the deal he's cooked up with Mr. Chávez as charity for low-income consumers of heating oil. But it's worth asking what the price of this largesse is to Venezuelans and to U.S. security interests.

The arrangement is this: Mr. Chávez's Citgo--a Houston-based oil company owned by the Venezuelan government--is supplying home heating oil to Mr. Kennedy's Citizens Energy Corporation at a 40% discount. Citizens, a nonprofit outfit, says it passes the savings onto the poor, aiming to help 400,000 homes in 16 states that would otherwise have trouble heating their homes. In the process, Mr. Kennedy happens to get a high-profile publicity plug. If you think you qualify, says the television ad that drew our attention to this partnership, just dial 1-877-Joe-4-Oil.

So what does Joe Kennedy's partner in this propaganda scheme have to say about the United States?
Chavez, who is heavily favored to beat opponent Manuel Rosales, told the crowd he would confront the "devil," and that his re-election would deliver a knockout punch to the U.S.

Amazing. I just got through reading an analysis on Chavez at Stratfor.

I wonder how Joe feels about robbing Venezuelans of their country's oil profits. The guy is spreading his oil throughout the world looking to win recognition in the world community.

He's soon to become "Little Castro" once he ratifies their constitution to remove term limits. And let's not forget that Equador just took a left turn with their elections.

Sedition, another Kennedy privilege
I suppose.

Mais oui! If you call that number do you get the raspy voiced traitor in person, or was that just a privilege that James Taranto enjoyed?

Chavez pulled this last winter but I guess "Not your Average Joe's" involvement is recent. The fact that these local Mass congressmen are willing to sell their souls to buy votes from Useful Idiots is appalling but predictable.

However, this is a golden opportunity for Romney to make a name for himself and put this on the front pages.
Hi @@ -- hope you had a nice day. You made a comment the other night, in effect, about wanting to “wean” yourself off of MLs blog. And I took that comment to mean you no longer wish to participate due to the multiple ID jackings and vulgar nonsense that goes on there.

I just want to say that I think you are wrong in that decision. You bring quite a bit to the table, at MLs and particularly at JWs. A voice such as yours should not be silenced by uninformed idiots. Read RW’s remarks this evening to Southern Democrat and Dusty – he tells them that they, too, should not abandon their discussions because of differing viewpoints. I feel the same way about you, and don’t want you to be discouraged. I, for one (and I can’t be alone in thinking this way) look forward to your insights and witty rejoinders to the dim-witted posters who find it necessary to fight you with bathroom humor as opposed to intellect.

Just wanted you to know you have a fan here.
Good evening, Buy Danish -- hope all is well with you, too. Remember when I was staging the coup against Chavez? I knew I should have carried that out!

On the VZ oil topic, I was telling RW that Citgo is running a commercial about giving folks 40% off their heating oil up here in Connecticut.

It shows a single mom and her little girl, sitting by their electric oven for warmth. Then it shows off-shore drilling rigs (not sure whose waters,) then jumps to Joe, the oil truck guy, high-fiving the mom and little girl for giving them 40% off their monthly oil bill after he delivers their heating oil.

Worst part? The tagline – brought to you by the GOOD CITIZENS OF VENEZUELA and Citgo! It has that same number to call 1-800-Joe4CITGO.

Like, our government won’t help you, but Chavez will? And have you hugged a dictator today? I was stunned by this commericial, especially that it was allowed to air on U.S. television.

From Citgo's website.

I pointed out months ago (to jmblaw) that, unless things have changed, NYC landlords pay for their tenant's heat, so this is totally bogus - unless the landlords are the poor and downtrodden in a new Democrat's eyes.
Hi Honu,

Have you called Joe and given him a piece of your mind? As a local beneficiary of Hugo's kindness, you are in a position to do it. I'd also call my local reps, Senators, et cetera if I were you.

Early last summer I noticed these touchy-feely generic Citgo ads, and I remember writing down the ad copy and posting it at MLs.

One of them ran right after O'Reilly went into a (reasonable) tirade about Citgo. He got a lot of emails from "folks" like me and justified it somehow, but now I can't remember exactly what he said, except that boycotting Citgo would hurt the local gas station owners.

Well, those 7 eleven franchisees are no longer being served by Citgo. I'm not sure who else is now.

In any case, getting oil at a discount for J/K is not the same thing as free-market sales and we need not worry about throwing fellow Americans on the streets.
Buy Danish,

As famous as that Citgo sign is at Fenway, there was a push to have it taken down after Chavez made his remarks at the UN.

Evil Dr. Blogspot must have eaten your last link.

Somehow I screwed up that Citgo link. If I'm not careful I'll link 1-888-Danish.

Here we go.
Buy Danish is right Honu, you have another Joe you can call about this.

I think I'll call them just to ask them why global warming isn't fixing this problem without having to coddle dictators. Isn't that a big Kennedy cause too?
From 1-800-Joes website under the category of "commercial ventures"

In a few short years, Citizens Energy firmly established its reputation as a profitable innovator. In the pre-deregulated energy market of the early 1980s, Citizens Energy played a pioneering role in electricity trading, becoming the first non-utility to win a federal license to trade power between utilities.

Gosh, I wonder how he finagled, err, beat out the competition!

Just lucky I guess.

No wonder the Dems are opposed to ANWR drilling. They want Citgo to have a monopoly to enrich Kennedy and his Big Oil company friends.

How many Native American communities are benefiting from the program?

One hundred sixty-three Native American communities are benefiting from the program, of which 151 are in Alaska.

Yeah, it sure is cold in Alaska and it makes so much sense to get it from Venezuela which is right next door, sort of.
RW & BD -- that's exactly what I'm going to do. It never occurred to me to call/write the "real" Joe.

Thank you for that!

(But I'm still going forward with my coup :-.) Guess you'll be getting a virtual lookie-loo from the state department, RW)
Or should that have been the NSA?

Buy Danish,

Now you don't want to be messing up all that beautiful pristine paradise that CNN always pretends is the section of ANWR in question do you?

Every time I post a Democrat Congressperson's name we get a visit from a server at the capital.
Can't drill here!
You know, maybe the Lord was looking out for John and Bobby -- perhaps He didn't want them to see what their kinfolks turned into.

I wonder if the 163 Native American communities includes the Mashantucket Pequot Nation here in CT? Although I would think Mohegan Sun is earning enough to pay their property's oil bills. But the employees may be a different story. . .
Admiral Honu,

Will this coup be accomplished with an invasion of turtles on the beaches of Massachusetts and Venezuela?

They would make a great amphibian army - what with their built in protection and all.


RW @ 10:58p -- shouldn't that be "DemocratIC" congressperson?

/just sayin'
Buy Danish,

They are Democrats not DemocratICs.

Ignore those superfluous "a"s in my last post.

Don't ask!

Were you going to say something at 11:23:13?
Look at this craziness. The antique media must instinctively know this won't go over well because it takes all kinds of searching to find out she's a Clinton appointee.
I was responding to your 11:10:32, by the way multiple "a" link got eaten too.
Buy Danish! I'm serious -- I want the bastard taken out. And if it means calling on all turtles from all lands -- including the ones in the Galapagos who hatched from bird eggs to giant tortoises -- then that's how it shall be.

Admiral Honu will not be denied!
Was there a time when Tom Waits could sing?

Did the birds lay a nest full of eggs and some of them hatched as birds and some as turtles? Maybe the turtles can lay some eggs that hatch into some new shark that can swim to Venezuela and sprout wings when they get there. That way we can hit by air and sea.

Am I screwing up or is it Dr. Blogspot?

I can't believe that I am suddenly so lame that I keep copying and pasting this website to itself.

One more time. Hitting the Jackpot
RW! I love it -- Diogenes ain't got nothin' on our facts!

Is that who that was? Tom Waits? And why was he ending the show?

Buy Danish -- waaaaaaaaaa -- your link Hitting the Jackpot sounds so interesting -- but it brings me to a really weird page here called Blogspot? Can you post again?

Was that a secret message with invisible ink?

Tom Waits used to be great. He could sing as much as Dylan could sing.

This is probably a really dumb question, but since we're on the subject of singers for some reason (???)is it possible to record a CD from a Direct TV concert?

I recorded the John Mayer and would like to have a live CD of it.

He was probably ending the show because everyone else ran to hide.

Go up one message and you will hit the jackpot, in a manner of speaking.

Don't spend it all at once.
Buy Danish,

I can't use invisitype in the comments here but that would be cool.

Your 11:10 comment ended with:


So I responded in kind :-)

Is that a trick ? If he could sing as well as Dylan does that mean my answer was no? He can't sing a lick right now.

What did you record onto? I would think you could record as long as you have an audio output on your recording device.
To be clear, I mean an audio output on whatever recorded from Direct TV onto and that output would go to the record input on your CD recorder.

When we have our attack force out and ready, there are a few people I'd like to take out on the way to Venezuela.

If nothing else, I'd love for our super evolved agents to drop some super high test bird poop on their heads. Would you like a list?


And so you did!

Tom Waits always had a really gravelly voice but he could sing and he writes great songs. Do you think Dylan can sing?

Re John Mayer, I "recorded" it onto my tivo.

One message up won't do it. Go to my 11:32.
Oops -- correction at 11:09p:

Foxwoods Casino employees, not Mohegan Sun, which is a different tribe but whose employees probably still need their oil bills reduced. (Thanks BD -- your link pointed out my error!)

2nd correction at 11:22p:

No, my friend, they are democratic congresspersons not democrats congresspersons.

/just sayin'

I wasn't aware that it was an error.

I only knew about the book because I know the author, although I haven't read it myself and probably never will!
Buy Danish,

I can't think of any time when I've ever thought Dylan could sing.

So now we need to know if your Tivo has an audio output, which I'm sure it must. You should be able to hook the audio output to your CD recorder and play the TiVo. The CD will only pick up the audio.
Au contraire mon ami, Honu,

Most of them aren't democratic at all and it also makes a big difference to the definition when you use a small d rather than a capital D.

If a Democrat comes to my door and asks for my vote and I ask them what they are running as they say, "Why Mr. RW I'm running as an independent minded public servant"

Now they say that because they are liars, but if I press on they will say. "I'm running as a Democrat."

Never do they say they are running as a Democratic.

Here is Tom Waits when he could still sing.

Lyrics -

Well you gassed her up
Behind the wheel
With your arm around your sweet one
In your Oldsmobile
Barrelin' down the boulevard
You're looking for the heart of Saturday night

And you got paid on Friday
And your pockets are jinglin'
And you see the lights
You get all tinglin' cause you're cruisin' with a 6
And you're looking for the heart of Saturday night

Then you comb your hair
Shave your face
Tryin' to wipe out ev'ry trace
All the other days
In the week you know that this'll be the Saturday
You're reachin' your peak

Stoppin' on the red
You're goin' on the green
'Cause tonight'll be like nothin'
You've ever seen
And you're barrelin' down the boulevard
Lookin' for the heart of Saturday night

Tell me is the crack of the poolballs, neon buzzin?
Telephone's ringin'; it's your second cousin
Is it the barmaid that's smilin' from the corner of her eye?
Magic of the melancholy tear in your eye.

Makes it kind of quiver down in the core
'Cause you're dreamin' of them Saturdays that came before
And now you're stumblin'
You're stumblin' onto the heart of Saturday night

Well you gassed her up
And you're behind the wheel
With your arm around your sweet one
In your Oldsmobile
Barrellin' down the boulevard,
You're lookin' for the heart of Saturday night

Is the crack of the poolballs, neon buzzin?
Telephone's ringin'; it's your second cousin
And the barmaid is smilin' from the corner of her eye
Magic of the melancholy tear in your eye.

Makes it kind of special down in the core
And you're dreamin' of them Saturdays that came before
It's found you stumblin'
Stumblin' onto the heart of Saturday night
And you're stumblin'
Stumblin onto the heart of Saturday night


Thanks for the tips. I printed out your directions to record and I will try to make sense of it tomorrow. My CD player is a Bose 123 and it plays music from the TV through the system if I want to set it that way, so I would imagine I could record too. Right?

If there was a live album I'd buy it but there isn't...

I need to say Goodnight!

Admiral Honu - goodnight to you too!
Goodnight Buy Danish!
RW -- well, gees, when you put it THAT way. . .

(and oooo, your French makes me kind of quiver, down in my core. . .)

Good night, Buy Danish!

Shall we meet for a nightcap at the bar, Monsieur RW?
Pourquoi certainement, Honu!

Thank you for the compliment. You're so kind. I stumbled onto ml's about a year ago, and thought Andy was funny as hell. I joined in just for the fun, but found that I could learn from the experience.

My main objective was the fun. The delay the AJC applied has hampered my timing. Believe it or not, we used to have a group on both sides who could simply enjoy the back and forth exchanges. RE was one of those who could engage in the fun. A guy named Buff was a hoot. He'd come on while drinking, but still had worthwhile information to offer.

Big Daddy dropped in the other day looking for some fun, but didn't linger long. JayNot, DavidU...Getalife. Hell, even Getalife is coming in under pseudonyms now. And RW will tell you, I'm not good at picking up on who's who.

It was all about the fun for me, with the opportunity to learn in the process.

I'm not going far, just don't visit as often.

Thanks again!
RW: Allow me to pick your brain for a moment. All these recent visits to the Middle East by the administration have sparked my interest.

Are the Arab countries starting to agree that Iran is the common threat to stability. It looks like Syria isn't willing to relinquish control to Iran. Then this news
out of Saudi Arabia on the heels of Cheney's visit.

Just how powerful is Saudi Arabia militarily? Are the tribal allegiances within a country really indicative of the governments actions, or is it like the polarization between parties within our own U.S.?

Syria is Sunni, Al Qaeda is Sunni/ Sharia extremists, Iran is Shiite/Sharia extremists. Saudi Arabia is Sunni with a large Shiite population they're not willing to succumb to.

I wonder if Saudi Arabia is talking about a complete withdrawal or "my" definition of re-deployment (move aside), but to nearby Arab states?

This guy saw it coming.

Are we playing a "pick-up" game in the Middle East?

Hey, ^^^ this could have visited the bar.

I know it's a lot to take in, but bear with me. I'm curious and looking for your insight.

Can I add this article to my ^^^ repetoire?

Did you die and go to heaven or something today?

If you're in heaven, please excuse my intrusion. ;-)

This is a great quote from your second link -

I was in Iran for six and a half years and I learned to appreciate the Iranians," Lubrani explains. "The Iranians have the patience of an elephant. They're a nation of carpet weavers. And weaving a carpet takes a year. They're chess players who can see three moves ahead. These are not impatient Arabs or Jews who are looking for immediate satisfaction.

A Nation of Carpet Weavers...

I have to hand over the computer to my kid. I'll check in later I hope!

Actually I went to Gainesville and Clarkesville, hitting all the hot spots you know!

I think the reasons for all the Middle East trips are twofold, one is that we obviously need some help and we need to remind them that Iran is one US pullout away from taking all of their butts over unless Israel saved them. They would probably rather be dead than for that to happen.

I also think that some of these countries may well think that they were able to bluster and bitch before and nothing would matter much, but now that Democrats are in office we really might walk.
Thanks RW, I'm gonna have to use my imagination here and say that the threat of democrats taking over in January is a strategic advantage in regional cooperation.

I'm always speculating on behind the scenes strategy. Have you noticed that there hasn't been a video released from Zawahiri since the Chiangi (sp?) bombing? Dead? I doubt it, driven further underground? Possibly.

I'm off to the war room to listen in.

BTW, you won't find heaven north of where you are. South, always south. Sun, surf & sand.

Christmas for Semper, my daughter and I is going to be a week in South Florida, smack dab in a condo on the beach. I'm excited. I've been trying to sell Christmas getaways to the family ever since the Giffer graduated from H.S.

Hot Air picked up the Stratfor story about Zawahiri. Is there more red meat in the article that they didn't excerpt?
Not really RW. Other than hindering his ability to put out videos. He had begun to use a professional group for taping. If you remember, Chiangi was the area that we talked about some two months ago.

They had zeroed in on him there, and the article mentioned something about timing between tapings and airing of tapes that had helped them determine his location.

Another question for you. The Dora Farms bombing that preceded the war?
Wouldn't that attack discredit the theory that it was Bush's intention all along to invade Iraq? On the History Channel, they indicated that the attack was made in an attempt to avoid doing so. I know it was misinformation from the Rock Stars, but Sadaam was trying to smoke out the informants by giving them bad info.
Wait, I've been posting more than YOU this week? How is that possible?
Someone looked up Andrew's address on Wooten's today.

Warn Andy if that was him but I hope he was not that stupid.

Just in cast that was a screwup I would hope that you would drop it and let the name fade away.

You're just a posting fool! I've been busy commenting on other pages.


I will call him the name he posts under.

Urban dictionary is pretty cool.

Does that mean you'll call him whatever he posts under next?

I thought you'd like the Urban Dictionary.

So @@ thinks I post under different names.

No, but I may start.

I think "advisor" is one very angry Muslim.

Right after that she mentioned she wasn't very good at picking them out. You may be getting pegged for some of Poly Prepuce's vaudeville routines...I seem to remember a Joe Wilson though.
Ah, "joewilson".

Charles banning me was a mistake. The love I received from the lizards made him jealous.

No, PF tells me to stfu.

He does not accept I rule both blogs.
PF may tell you as well as everyone else to stfu, I just meant that maybe some of his garbage gets blamed on you. I don't really know which ones she's talking about, perhaps you can just pose the question to her here.

Does anyone, and I mean ANYONE, accept that you rule the blogs?

I appreciate your discretion about Andy. It's funny but when PoFo told you to STFU, I thought it was the only bearable comment he has ever made, particularly since it was free of bad puns.

I have no idea why @@ confuses you with him. He is way too wordy for you.


Check out this BS from the BBC describing the Pope's visit to the Hagia Sophia:

The Pope spent half an hour in Hagia Sophia, a domed complex that was once a Christian centre before becoming a mosque and eventually, a museum.

Hundreds of riot police were deployed in Istanbul.

The protest outside was linked to an Islamist-nationalist party, which said the pontiff's tour was an affront to the secularism enshrined in Turkey's constitution, as well as an attempt to stake a Catholic claim to the site.

The demonstrators warned that any hint of a prayer there would be deeply offensive, but the Pope refrained from any religious gesture, such as praying or crossing himself.

Eff these people. The Hagia Sophia was not a "Christian Centre" it was an Orthodox Christian church. The Ottoman Turks came in and instead of building their own freaking mosque they take over a church built by Christians, take down the crosses and replace them with stars and crescents.

Do we take over their mosques and put up crosses, or do we just build our own churches instead? I may be wrong, but I can't think of where we have done that to them.

I did a google search of "Mosques turned into churches" but every response is about churches turned into mosques.
Buy Danish,

For the record I just said maybe it was a polly/getalife mixup. I don't know what @@'s comment really meant. She's a tricky one you know!

Let's see how long it takes for her to add tricky to the list.

For the BBC that sounds like a fairly straight forward story. Maybe they figure they can take over the better churches because they intend to burn the others to the ground and murder the worshippers anyway.

Dennis Prager had an interesting take on why Keith Ellison should not be allowed to be sworn in using the Quran. I think the article was on Townhall early in the week and he was on H&C tonight. It's basically that it isn't supposed to be about his choice, it's about ours.
Hey Getalife. I've never really thought you were Political Foreskin, but somebody linked you in with him, and I just asked.

Political Foreskin started out O.K., but he's gotten really mean, and for some reason likes to target me.

I really don't know why I even respond, but if he wants to play with words, I'm in.
Yikes! Isn't it about 4 hours past @@'s bedtime? I wasn't prepared to explain my "tricky" comment yet.....oh well


Your pregnant chad that became a miscarriage of justice was just the kind of thing I meant by "tricky" hysterical too.
RW: You already described me as tricky a long time ago. I have it written at the top of my list. The list is becoming long. :-)
Hysterical? I'll put that under abnormal right before I go to bed.

Nite RW, Buy Danish & Getalife.

I think Dennis Prager's explanation is right on.

According to this website Christians didn't really mind that the Muslims took over -

Conversion from churches
Many mosques of the first centuries, were originally churches. When churches were converted into mosques, this was naturally against the will of the Christians, but this wasn't always a big problem. In many regions, Christianity lost its position, and churches turned into mosques over time. Muslims could actually use the churches since they were religious buildings and since Christianity was considered as a kin religion to Islam. This also happened in full respect of Christianity and of the Christians. Over time, the Christians gradually converted to Islam, and one day there were no longer anyone using the church as a church, only as a mosque.

And everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

And then there's this -

But through most of Muslim history, women entering mosques have not been welcomed by men. Mosques have in many cases been closed to women, a tradition either regulated by local rules or by habit. Women have, therefore, resorted to pray in their homes.

Fine. Keith Ellison can pray in his home like the women. We'll call it an act of solidarity. When he's sworn in he can do it on the Bible like everyone else does it in this country and has done it since George Washington was administered the oath of office.
Goodnight @@!

You realize these are compliments don't you? Goodnight!
Buy Danish,

Do you think for one second that anybody in Congress will stand up to CAIR and not let him use the Quran? There's more of a chance they'll give us private Social Security accounts.

Have you seen the story that the Dem's have already decided to go against their promise to enact all the 9/11 commission suggestions? I'm thinking about giving it it's own post above here.
Hi Buy Danish -- hope you had a wonderful day. Goodnight @@!

RW -- I was looking for the Prager article but can't seem to find it. Did you by chance locate it? (My blockers don't like that website -- most times I get a blue screen with nothing.) I would really like to forward it to my sister. . .she and I were just talking about this the night before last and will confirm what we both thought. Thanks.

Buy Danish -- you are absolutely right in your last paragraph at 10:40p --

I realize that we won't win this battle, but there is no reason not to get good and angry over it so we can reconquer congress and take the Presidency in 2008!

I heard about that backtracking but that brunette bimbo Dem pundit was on H&C and swears that it isn't true and swears that she got it from the horses mouths of Pelosi and Reid.

Hannity said, "do we have that on tape"? or something to that effect.

I don't really want them to put the rest of the 9/11 commission recommendations through so I'm not all that upset about it.

If they don't do everything they said they would do that would be a good outcome!
Hi Honu!

What do you mean I'm right in my last paragraph? What about the rest of my brilliant observations!
Buy Danish,

How is that bimbette the leader of the young Democrats? If that's what they look like young I'd hate to see an old one. From the name of her group you would expect teens and early twenties.

Yes - that bimbette! I can never remember her name. You don't think she's in her twenties?

Just in case you're wondering, I am kidding at 11:03.
Buy Danish! Dang -- I wasn't slighting anything you said! But the last paragraph resonated with me a bit more than the others. I just emailed your whole message to my sister, with emphasis on the final 'graph.

As I've told RW many times, you would like my sister a whole lot more than you like me :-.)
Bush Danish,

It's Jane Fleming, but I prefer bimbette and if she's in her twenties she's been rode hard and put up wet far too often.

If you do a google search on her name a naked heptathlete is the first entry, but the fascists that run the internet won't let me look.

Since I really didn't say anything until the last paragraph I forgive you!


I don't believe I've heard the expression put up wet before. I'm not exactly sure if I know what it means. Is it a Southern thing?

Here's the article from Townhall. It's posted at Politics Line too, but the link takes you to Townhall. You may have to allow popups for Townhall to be able to see the articles. Usually it's just a normal ad for travel or Vonage, nothing sinister.
Buy Danish,

You can't split the term, it's rode hard and put up wet and I think it's a horse term. Maybe I'll do some of that late night research on the Origin of Terms, which I think is written by somebody named Charlie Darwin.
There's this version which is likely the real one and then we have the expanded version.

I was trying to find something to justify any claims from looniess like Malik Shabaaz that Islam influenced our Democratic institutions.

I found this interesting blog post which starts with a nonsensical claim that we got the idea for democracy from them, but happily ends with a Muslim disputing that claim:

However, the concepts that the founding fathers espoused in the Constitution are a more direct outgrowth of the Magna Carta movement and individualism, plus the Church of England's oppression of certain religous sections and European conflict between the religious establishments and government, and finally the failure of the confederation model (tried for a few decades before the US Consitution was drawn up) are the most direct forming factors for the US federalist system.

We Muslims suffer from the same self-centerism that Americans do, that all good things must somehow come from us. We have a proud history of achievement and our influence is wide-spread, but unsubstantiated claims such as this only hurt us, not help us. We don't need illusions of grandeur. What we need are practical solutions.

Halleluia and Amen.
RW & BD - it's a horse term (I know that because I used to show horses plus my friend Katie owns a horse and we use that term a lot for people we don't like.)


RW -- thanks -- waiting for blue screen to do something.

Okay I get it now. Wet as in lathered.

Of course horses are never supposed to be "put up wet" they are supposed to be walked and cooled down first, which could make sense if the expression conveys a bad thing.

Someone needs to walk that filly.
Buy Danish,

Is he the one that was on H&C telling us that the Muslims brought enlightenment to Europe and we basically owed all our worth to Islam?

I know there was a rich cultural and intellectual history in Islam at a point in time, but that's complete revisionism and why did so much of the Muslim world go back to the dark ages?
For what it's worth the bimbette does have a kind of horse face and who knows, in a pinch maybe I'd rotate her tires!*



*Note to the uninformed: To understand that you have to go to the IMDB entry for Goldfinger and look at the Pussy Galore discussion page.

That's the one. I thought he was Betty Shabaaz' grandson or somthing, but I don't think he is.

Tonight was about the most measured and sane I've ever seen him. He is really off the wall and one angry MoFo representing The Nation of Islam.

Your Dark Ages question is one I was wishing that Hannity would ask him. Look at the Taliban. WTF is that?

Of course Malik would blame the white man for ruining everything.

In all fairness to Ms. Fleming, don't you think she's a step above Sasha Burns? That woman is one ugly palamino. She even snorts when she talks.
Here's Sasha's blog. I was hoping to find a picture but all I could find was a Panda.
Buy Danish,

I'm not sure I have any idea who Sasha Burns is. Does she have any particular places she shows up?
Here's the search page I get from her name.

Is she the kinky-lezbo-whore? If she's the one on the page that opens I don't really see the problem. :-)

She isn't around much anymore - I think she got usurped by Kristen Powers and the bimbette.

I see her on Fox occasionally.

She's blonde but has a really piggy face. Let me see what I can find to rattle your memory.
Buy Danish,

Kirsten Powers has too much sense to be a Democrat. One of these days she'll either see the light or pull the other Democrats to her way of thinking. Neither would be that bad.

She was on the same soap box you were on about outings and caught so much crap from the hard left she had to shut down comments at her blog. When she did she put right on the main page who was to blame for it to. (Plus AllahPundit has a huge crush on her)

Dr. Blogspot screwed with me again. Does he have some sort of rating system that blocks posts?

Not Sasha Burns(D).

I've been meaning to ask you, who is Allah Pundit? I thought it was Michelle Malkin, but I guess I was wrong!

Allah Pundit has had several blogs off and on and he guest blogged for Michelle a few times. She hired him to run Hot Air along with Bryan (who I don't know from anywhere else) and then they added Ian from Expose the Left which had been the Political Teen.

They run a nice site and Allah Pundit's posts are usually very insightful.

I did my kremlinesque thing.

Hot Air had an opportunity to register a while back which I did, but I have never bothered to post any comments over there.

I suppose I should at some point - after I am straight on the cast of characters.

I need to get to sleep!

Buy Danish,

There isn't really a cast of characters. Next time I'm over there I'll let you know in case the topic interests you.

All this talk of riding horses and dem backpeddling puts me in mind of a very steep hill I used to ride up on my horse.

We called it "The Pig Trail". Very narrow and wooded. Riding bareback, you'd hold onto the mane while the horses lunged up the hill, with your feet dangling of their rumps. You never quite knew if you were gonna make it or not.

Buy Danish: I say put the Koran under the bible and let osmosis work. :-)

Question! Is Mitt Romney a liberal? There's a Democratic website, that's claiming he's a liberal. Trying to defeat him by claiming he's one of them. The second time they've used that "stupid is as stupid does" approach on an opposing candidate.

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