Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The troops respond

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Good afternoon, RW – I kept wondering last night what the troops thought about Kerry’s comment, and wondered if anyone would ask them. After all, this slur was meant specifically for them (even an aggravating centrist can see that this was not a Bush-joke-gone-bad.) I really hope this is a real banner that real troops created, and I hope Kerry hears from every other American soldier from all parts of the world.

The LGF website is not one that I am that familiar with; however, their staff needs to start an email or letter writing campaign from all of our soldiers directly to Kerry headquarters. And keep it up until the 2008 election is over. Maybe that way we will never be subjected to another Kerry “joke” again. (Why do all the politicial nuts in this country hail from New England :-)

I’m not sure of the effect this will have on next week’s elections, but it can damn sure keep Kerry from another presidential campaign.

And then in my mean voice, “what an effing loser.”

It seems to be real. A military spokesman said it looked authentic and even though soldiers were not supposed to make political statements, you could never underestimate their creativity.
I'm putting a little something in Kerry's coffi...errr coffer.

He's a vulture too

What's lost in this kerfuffle is that Kerry didn't exactly help Phil Angelides campaign either.


You are a very wise centrist. Or maybe you and Zell Miller are the only 2 left on the planet. You would not find any of the ML gang taking your position.

Sybil will point out that it was "an unfortunate gaffe" while cheering on the moonbats.
Buy Danish,

You may have seen the reaction I got when I said O'Reilly was too centrist for my liking. I'd love to see the reaction if you said Zell was a centrist over there.

Note to Thomas the Monotonous Talk Engine: Is that what you meant by planning.

Thomas the weeping whiner is running a tight race with Huge Dolt for the honors of saying the least while using the most words.

That list of fellow dunces that Huge came up with was hilarious. But who is Rick Whitenack??

Moving on - I found a great articulation of my opinions on Cindy Sheehan and "treason" here.

Just to be clear: although Cindy Sheehan’s campaign is a campaign of hate directed against her own country in time of war, although it is filled with unconscionable lies and slanders against her own countrymen – not to mention, by implication, her own son – it does not in my view constitute legally actionable treason. Is its intent – defeat of America on the field of battle, designation of her own country as the enemy of humanity – treasonous? It is.

I just realized that Sybil made the list of dunces. I wonder if he is pleased to have made the "A" list.

I doubt they have very good parties.
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That party would be a lot smaller than they think even if they all showed up.

I think I saw a Rick Whitenack post today. Odd that one post would be enough to make the dunce A-list unless someone knows somebody or just scanned all the names of the day for members.

Today was the second day in a row one of the dunces has brought something up and when I asked for proof they told me to do my own research. That's a little trend that's going to need to be nipped in the bud, again. They try that crap every couple of months it seems.
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That's a great link! I'd like to call the dunces The Downing Street Gang, but sadly they would wear that as a compliment (or complement if it happens to be someone calling you stupid at the time).

If the Duncers invited the Tubbers to join them they'd have a decent number. Quantity does not make quality however.

I bet the Freepers are much more fun and so much more articulate.

Isn't that great! It is a perfect review of the whole damn situation. I love David Horowitz and he has creds like no one else. Can you put it in Danishova's favorites for future reference?

I'm going to throw it in Weepy Whiny's indignant and prissy face tomorrow if I have time. I'll pretend it's an ice cold martini.

Sorry for the triple post - I'm off to bed. How about The Downing Street Dunces?

Buy Danish,

Sure I'll put it over there. I was over at Hot Air looking at tomorrow's phony outrage where the Dems are pretending John Boehner is blaming the military and demanding an apology.

The Downing Street Dunces is perfect.

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