Thursday, November 23, 2006

What Would Janet Do?

Former attorney general Janet Reno has taken the unusual step of openly criticizing the Bush administration's anti-terrorism strategy -- joining seven other former Justice Department officials in warning that the indefinite detention of U.S. terrorism suspects could become commonplace unless the courts intervene.

Here's how Janet Reno would avoid the messy business of capturing, detaining, and prosecuting.


Let's not forget the innocent Americans she had imprisoned when she was the Dade County Attorney Witch-Huntress -

Grant Snowden.

Frank Fuster
Buy Danish,

I guess she decided that she should progress beyond ruining peoples lives and just kill them.

I have a theory (based on nothing but my own intuition) that she was abused as a child and that's why she latches on to these unbelievable child molestation claims like white on rice.

It's like a personal crusade for her and she has zero objectivity.

Dorothy Rabinowitz's writing on the Grant Snowden case was remarkably moving.

I just caught your last post at MLs. I'll have to watch that Waco movie at some point.
Buy Danish,

It seems like that movie used to play on History or Discovery a lot, but it's been sent underground. The site has some great pictures and the reviews of the movie are pretty interesting.

I kind of felt sorry for rushncap today since he didn't have much background noise to hide in.

I'll look at the site later in greater detail.

He seems to have a real problem controlling his rage and of course he is a pathological liar, but he was in control today.
Didn't Clinton throw Reno under the bus when he was questioned about Reno's pre-emptive strike based purely on the speculation that David Koresh was an imminent threat.

Maybe it's a delayed reaction against a president, any president but Clinton.

Buy Danish, I watched Ward Churchill tonight responding to Sean Hannity. It seems Ward's grandfather, when witnessing Ward being a bad little boy, inflicted the same pain and discomfort on him.
Said it would teach him what it felt like.

No wonder he hates Americans and protects terrorists. His Grandpa was an American terrorist.

The man is a ticking time bomb.

The way he threw Reno under the bus is often referred to as to why things like killing Bin Laden when we had several chances. He would always give ambiguous signals and make himself unavailable. Everyone knew that if anything went wrong they were getting the blame.

Even lefty hero Richard Clarke says that.
Do you think Janet is capable of sending this kind of message?

Probably not. It's reserved for conservatives only.

The Terminator. "I'll be back."

Great story!
Hi @@! Well, your link won't let a centrist in either -- my pop-up blocker blocked it (unless my blocker slants right :-)

I also wanted to tell you, @@, your "that saucer won't fly" line was one of the funniest I've read in a long time!

You can see @@'s story here, but you may see a white box instead of the picture. If so just click on the white box and you should see the photo. Trust me, I have no idea why this is a white box for him and it was a black box for Ma-la-mar-o, but it's the same problem. Lifting a bitmap photo off the web.
In fact you may have to click on the blue text box to read it.
Thanks, RW! It worked and I knew my computer couldn't be that sensitive. Is there a story with this photo?

Can I find bitmap in that same book on pixilating :-.) hahahaha
RW -- duh -- found the story right below your photo. Inspiring.

It was kind of odd because Snopes wouldn't let me copy the words of the story either, so I had to turn the story into picture.
You talking Janet Jackson?

Please, no Nipplegate comments.
I've been meaning to ask. Where has Andy been?

Why isn't he visiting here?

Andy, where are you?

RW: Your bunny keeps you hopping. I like to as well. :-)

It wasn't the nipple so much as that God awful decoration she had around it.


I think this is too small a stage for Andy. Not to mention that he's one of those strange people that sleep at night and get up early in the morning.
Damn RW, I go from stalker to abnormal to strange. I'm in good company on the last one, at least.

I've often been tempted to stay up and chit chat, but chit chatting, even in person, just isn't my thang.

Over half the time, I don't know what the hell you guys are chit chatting about. All I could offer would be a bunch of Huhs? :-)

You and Danish were tearing up the playing field at Wooten's today.

I think you've become hypersensitive here. Does Semper know about you keeping company with Andy?

Semper encourages it. He likes Andy.

For some reason, I'm not spending as much time at ml's. Too many pseudonyms. Itermittent visits throughout the day only.

I'm like Dusty. I may be forcing myself to go through periodic withdrawals. It seems to work for her.

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