Thursday, December 07, 2006

7 December 1941

Any time you go to Oahu take a left out of the airport and visit Pearl Harbor. Every time you take the ride out to the Arizona Memorial will be different until you step off the shuttle, then it all changes to the most serene emotion you will ever feel. The aura of standing on the Arizona Memorial is something I won't pretend to be able to describe in words, but I will tell you that as powerful as it is the first time, the experience never diminishes. A visit to Pearl Harbor should be the first stop on any visit to Oahu to reflect on the past and more importantly to see the future,


Maybe I should make Oahu next year's Christmas destination. I've never been to Hawaii. Rather odd since I'm drawn to tropical climates.

Can you imagine having Will Jones as a tour guide at the memorial?

Buy Danish & Midori:

I left messages downstairs.

Thank you for helping us remember. I'm sorry to say that my one visit to Hawaii (decades ago) did not include a trip to the memorial. I shall not make that mistake again!


I left you a response downstairs.

If you go to Oahu the North Shore is the place to go. This is a really nice place to stay.

Across the street from the Wieland museum is a bar/restaurant that's connected to an ice cream shop. If you go there get the Big Island burger. It comes with an unbelievable mango barbecue sauce.
Buy Danish,

The first time I went out there I thought I could appreciate it without taking the boat out to the memorial in the picture because it's right there in plain sight anyway. Don't make that mistake, the feeling out on that memorial looking down into the Arizona is something I can't even describe.

Can I leave these here? Some of them will touch your heart. Some of them will make you laugh.

In another article a Pearl Harbor veteran said:

When asked how they want to be remembered, many Pearl Harbor veterans mention their generation's loyalty, willingness to serve their country and ability to triumph over adversity.

And they worry that the events of 60 years ago have already faded too far into history for tomorrow's schoolchildren. Future generations will not fully understand America's history, ideals and promise if they fail to learn about the era, they say.
Whoops! These stories.
the Luckovich blog is closed, and unlike you and your ilk, I'm above hacking into it. You see, some of us really do abide by the rules. I just wanted to tell you that I saw your post, and that you are a lying sack of manure.

YOU know what you did.

How DARE you.

Lying sack of manure.

You're just pissed because you were CAUGHT, and you didn't expect me to expose your sleaze.

and with this, good evening scum.

Have fun talking about me, as I don't intend on returning.

There's three people on this thread.

Me, @@...Buy Danish & RW.

Who is scum.

Hey guys, were we planning on spending time talking about Midori?

I sure wasn't.
Oh, nevermind. I see where they signed off as SCUM.


Only true scum would put that comment on a thread commemorating Pearl Harbor.

For readers that don't know about the mike luckovich blog at the AJC,

Midori is one the America hating and especially troop hating liberals that can usually be found there or at DU. I'll leave here comment here as testimony to just how low these moonbats can be.
I woke up this morning, heard the "Day of Infamy" soundbite on the news and thought to myself, "RW will post about Pearl Harbor today."

Can you believe I've been around enough to remember your post from LAST year?? We go way back!

The only problem with that theory is that my blog hasn't been around long enough to have had a Pearl Harbor post last year.

Was there anything special in DC today for the occasion?

Mark Steyn posted his review of the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor.

Interesting in retrospect, and I loved his sleeping giant line.

Speak of the devil, Mark Steyn is on O'Reilly right this minute.
"I've talked to families who have died."

I had no idea he talks to dead people.

First God, now this.

Is this guy insane or what?
hey getalife,

when you get a min.,

go fys or gfs, whatever.

Dr. Blogspot strikes again. Let's see if I can beat him at this game.

American, who converted to Christianity,
exposes jihad, now unfit to enter country

Buy Danish,

I guess he was an active jihadist they would have been more accommodating. He was on H&C a little while ago.
Earl was really good tonight.

Would you marry Catalina to get her a green card?

I forgot to watch your favorite show. I need reminders!

I would never do that to Randy. He is in love with Catalina but I do like to watch her jump at the club.

I am trying to get Joy's happy pills so I can blog happy like jay not jay.
Buy Danish,

My Name is Earl is suffering a little this year. They decided to do carry over stories and it doesn't work as well as being able to end each show by crossing something off the list.


I think the parrot could use one of those happy pills, in fact I can think of a few people that need them.
Can't we all just get along?

Its just politics.

Is that what you used to say at the lgf? If the whole blog went on Joy's happy pills they'd have to shut it down.
Of course getalife. extend your hand...Be nice now....

"joewilson" was a funny character at the lgf. They did not appreciate my sense of humor. It was not evil enough.

Happy, happy , joy, joy.
jay not jay,

I am a vicious lib according to RW.
getalife, you are a vicious lib, but we still like your crazy ass.

It looks like its not just about politics. You and Getalife don't even agree about Earl.
Buy Danish,

I think getalife and I are in agreement. Last year he would have said "great" instead of "really good."

nuff said.

Well that's good to hear.
Jay not jay,

Is the slash a divided by sign in your equation.

Libs divided by leftists =suck
Which side do you think the clowns at ml's will take?

The next installment in your spy thriller is ready!
RW, that quotient would be correct. I only get one guess on the clowns right?

The plot does thicken in that spy thriller, doesn't it.

I loved this blogger's comment:

If this murder mystery gets any more confusing, people are going to lose the plot and forget all about it, and the perpetrator’s not only going to get off scot free, but 7 years later, his wife will be elected Senator from a state she’s not from, then become a top contender for President.

flip on December 7, 2006 at 11:32 PM


My new nickname for you is "Getitwrong".

Contrary to your 8:15 post last night, this is what Prez Bush really said -

Here is what President Bush really said:

Make no mistake about it, I understand how tough it is, sir. I talk to the families” of those who have died. “I also believe we’re going to succeed. I believe we’ll prevail,” he said.

Hey, where's that memo that proved Bush knew about 9/11 in advance? Don't be stingy - share it with us.

That story you were posting yesterday about Saudi Arabia caught my attention last week. Within one day, after having made it Obaid was fired. I was gonna tell you, but somebody got there before me.

The idea that Saudi Arabia could flood the market with oil thus choking off Iran's funds sounded like a good idea though.

One day I'll read something that appears to be true only to find that it isn't the next. It's frustrating.
K-Mart Sucks!

Huge Sucks!

Bellsouth Sucks!

Dial-Up Sucks!

I forgot to tell you.

For now on, I'll leave my badmitton racket and Dust Buster by the front door just in case any crazed parrots are flying around in here again.

One of your Statfor guys is on The Factor right now.

Maybe that doesn't suck! :-)
Jay not jay,

Thanks, but we might need hazmat suits. I think the last one had bird flu.
RW, that display of moonbattery was hilarious.

@@- gliding through the internet at the speed of sound.

Sorry @@.
Jay not jay,

It's always fun watching that build up and go into multiple explosions. It's kind of a blog version of a fireworks display.

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