Friday, December 08, 2006

ABC, Brian Ross/Joseph Rhee, and editorial standards.

If reports are true that Chelsea Clinton and her boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky are considering marriage, the father of the groom won't be able to attend the wedding until he is released from prison in November 2008.

Ed Mezvinsky, a former Democratic Congressman from Iowa, is serving a seven-year sentence for fraud after getting caught up in a series of Nigerian e-mail scams.

Now why would I call special attention to the word Democratic? Would it be because I want to highlight that a Democrat is a crook? Could it be that I don't the "ic" on the end is appropriate in this sentence? Or could it be that the report didn't say that when first posted?

Read the first several user comments to find the answer. I find it awfully difficult to believe that all these commenters made the very same mistake.





From the comments it is clearly that nasty little "D" word was added later.

Yep, if the Bush twins were engaged to someone like that we'd never even know about it.

The only good news about "Derrick" is that either we have a really great FBI surveilliance progam going, or there is at least one "moderate" muslim in the world.
Buy Danish,

That first excerpt from MSNBC is great.

Uh, something didn't happen but could have and a guy, just a guy mind you, was arrested. Now move along, nothing to see here.
Please Note:

If anyone comments over at The Blotter it has that same nasty habit the AJC had of showing your email address to any and all.

That trick of showing the email address at ABC is really nasty. I sent them a note about that during Foleygate, but I got people more clueless than the Survey Monkey in response.
Buy Danish,

If you want you can put this blog into the URL line. I commented over there and the odd thing about having a URL in there is that it doesn't show you that, it just uses Typepad to redirect you, but you also don't have it showing the email.

I can't find that comment you cited from MSNBC. Where is it?
Buy Danish,

My apologies, I should have made it clear I was paraphrasing their whole "story."

Duh. Since I was reading the ABC story, I thought that someone signed in as "MSNBC" to comment.

That would have been funny. especially with your comments.

Buckwheat's Last Stand.
Buy Danish,

I had posted earlier at the ABC story, but they either didn't like my parenthesis or my snarky comment about Brian Ross' lack of integrity.

Now I see what the point was. He's doing a segment on scammers on 20/20 tonight.
Buy Danish,

Let's hope it's her last stand. If Hank Johnson goes delusional and runs for Senate like Denise Majette did, she might be back.

I saw a comment from you at the Brian Ross site.
Buy Danish,

I've got one over there as RW, but it didn't like RW-(the original) unless it appears everywhere except my computer.

Yeah, it was "RW".

Moonbats at work.

This guy may be an inspirational hero for Huge Gas Bag. They're both such moderates.
I see CyMc is going out with a bang.
Buy Danish,

Huge would probably bitch the guy out for promoting religion by using the crucifiction.


Did she leave her Tupac investigation with anyone?
I can't believe this. Have they no shame?

Will they crucify anyone to get to religion and prevent school vouchers?

There are some kids who can do well and actually benefit. Typical students who could use a lesson in compassion can benefit.

However, many are left to vegetate. Others with severe behavior disorders are disruptive when mainstreamed.
Oh, I forgot to mention. I watched this Brian Ross piece last night. The funniest thing I noted was that
Congressman Mezvinsky was a "stooopid" victim/crook.

That pretty much sums up a Democrat, in general.

Dianne Sawyer's visit to North Korea was excellent. Although we saw only the best, how do those people overlook the children starving in the streets. They've lost the ability to be compassionate.

Now there is a situation where "survival of the blindly loyal and terrified" will sacrifice their fellow man.

Don't lose sight of the fact that Mezvinsky, while stupid, was also a crook and you just know Billy Jeff would have pardoned him for the right price. I guess he'll have to wait for President Rodham.

Your link to the ACLU suit isn't surprising. Have you noticed how many organizations with "American" in their names really aren't? Full government control of public education is a centerpiece of the Communist Manifesto.
Scratch "public" from my 11:19, Marx and Engels said government control of all education was the goal.

Here's one just for you.
This is Dusty from the frozen North Polz,

She aint got no Cuddlz under her clothes.

It is pretty obvious, soon she be "froze",

But no sniffling & blowing 'cause she don't like a red nose.
She be yearning for some nutty fruitcake,

But all she gets is Dio, intellectual fake.

She'd make some banana bread but it aint cake,

And Santa says Manichevitz he don't make.
So back to my igloo in the family room,

If you don't hear from me, don't fall into gloom,

My darling computer is still strong in bloom,

And I'll try to post, tho' froze' is my doom.

It's going up to 60 tomorrow, just try to hang on until then!

You promise?

Absolutely I promise, but I won't promise how far South you'll have to drive. Maybe we can give Al Gore a call about his global warming.

The weatherscan forecast for Atlanta tomorrow says 59 and then 64 on Monday.
Well, thank you, RW..

I am beginning to feel warmer already. I shall have the swim suits ready for tomorrow as soon as I can find them in the igloo. You are such a big help.

Have a nice weekend. I shall have to call g'nite after many interruptions here. Always good to talk with you. Pleasant dreams..

If you call 59 swim suit weather you shouldn't be cold now. Goodnight!
Hey RW,

Your weather prediction was right. Much warmer today. And very warm over at Wooten's place.

You know, I hate to say it, but I think Diogenes is enjoying all the attention. Any kind. Strange creature. Seems half smart and half stupid. Senility? Whatever. I don't think she should be driving. She mentioned driving to the library. Uh oh! Clear the roads.
Hi Dusty -- hope you are well and having a great afternoon. I just love reading my "harpies" at JWs -- good stuff!

I see you've been having CT weather down there! Just got back in town so I missed the single digits here this past week.

RW & BD -- I have been catching up, and can't seem to follow where Midori's accusations end. I looked at MLs and apparently her "jacked post" was removed? What did it say? I'm so curious! Dang, she really was Mad-ori the other night.

I'm not getting the "half smart" part!

I just left you a note at Wooten's.

Hi Honu! I'll let RW explain Mad-ori to you.
Hi BD! Hope you are well. I admit, I had to look up the word harpy and here's what it is:

. . .a monster in Greek mythology described as having the head and body of a woman and the wings, feet, and tail of a bird.

Isn't that Midori? And you'd think one who works in a library might know that :-.)
I know everybody was wondering, so here's my Panda pick:

Ming Xing (ming-shing)"bright star"

(Yes, RW -- the stargazers called and applauded my choice hahahahah)

Hurry boyz & girlz -- time is running out - only 6 hours and 40 minutes left to Name the Panda!
I think I'll pass on trying to describe Midori.


Definitions aren't Dio's strong suit any more than reading comprehension is. I don't believe the original cat comment was even addressed to her unless she is the one that came in yelling about losers blogging all day and forgot she used that name as a diversion.

That original comment was not addressed to her, so your theory about her changing names for a minute may be correct.

How else to explain how she proudly talks about debating with liberal and moderate cats like that is a perfectly normal occurrence?
Buy Danish,

She also says her cats vote, so I think we should remember that next time someone says it's unfair to make photo ID's mandatory and I'm willing to bet Dio is one of those people.

Hmmmmmmmmm -- wonder if Name the Panda would go over better on a "No Zoo in the Area" blog?

Why won't anyone tell me what Midori's deleted AJC comment said?

just askin'. . .

She said something about being a stupid parrot and not having enough crackers or something. She was obviously in some bizarre rage which seems to happen pretty often with her.
I'm dragging behind here. #1 son & wife came by and I remembered my manners and stopped blogging.

Welcome back, Honu. Hope you don't freeze up there at the CT North Polz. RW can tell you how to keep warm. I may bake him some bacon grease cookies. He said it would be warmer today and it WAS! See what I mean.

Poor ol' Dio. She thinks a dog chasing his tail is funny. Oh well! And conversing with 120+ cats. I am going to tell my feral cat about that.(His name is "Kitty".) He doesn't have much to say. Mostly meow. Maybe he's conservative. Better be or NO catfood.(Honu, now you see why I didn't submit a name for the panda.)
Buy Danish,

That Marine Philip Martin sounded like he was reading from some kind of manifesto. It's a wonder some Marine hasn't whacked him in the head. He is certainly not your typical Marine. He sounds more like Kerry military.

When Martin gets home he will probably throw his medals over the fence at the protest march. Getalife likes that type.

As to Dio--she seems like a glass half full. And the full half is pretty murky. Maybe her librarian gives her some "big" words to post. I hope the librarian also does the driving before they both end up between the stacks in that library in the big beyond.

Nice weather should be around all next week, even in Honu's neck of the woods.

Is dinner ready yet?

I thought that Diogenes WAS the librarian. Maybe she lets one of her 128 cats drive for her.

I have an idea for a movie! -
Driving Miss Dio
Buy Danish,

Is that the sequel to "Driving Miss Dio Crazy"?

Yes. After she is driven crazy, she is driven around by her cats.

Who will play Miss Dio? Vanessa Redgrave might be a good choice.

I think we should make this choice on the bare facts....BRITNEY SPEARS!

Here she is winning an Academy Award for Best Actress and ranting about "Zionist Hoodlums".

Here is Paddy Chayevsky's brilliant retort:

I would like to suggest to Miss Redgrave that her winning an Academy Award is not a pivotal moment in history, does not require a proclamation and a simple "Thank you" would have sufficed.

Paddy must be a Harpy. Anyway, she is PERFECT to play Dio.
Just finished reading Wooten's

I agree with Dusty about Diogenes. Attention seeker!

Likes to play "cat & mouse".

Dodging in and out from behind getalife & Markus while avoiding RW & Buy Danish.

Reminds me of that singing catfood commercial. Her debating style is "Meow Meow Meow Meow" while preoccupied with her scratching post.

I think she is Passive-Aggressive while RW thinks she is Manic-Depressive.

Her debating style has changed. She used to make an effort, but now she just calls us names and leaves juvenile insults.

She doesn't take defeat very well.
I forgot to say "Goodnight"! I need to make it an early evening for a change.
Buy Danish,

That's because her words are QED and we're just harpie blog guards. She probably thinks Jim is dying to respond to her, but we have him captive somewhere.

Maybe David Bowie could play her. I think he's pulled off the androgyny bit before.
Goodnight Buy Danish!


I didn't know you were coming over, dinner is already finished. We could have some nice dessert wine if you know of any.
Buy Danish:

You've probably gone for the night, but I never thought of Diogenes as female, but then the role of Peter Pan has always been played by females, so passive aggressive works.

Androgenous like RW said. Maybe a "Peter Pat" kinda.......?????

I'm soooo sorry, and soooo tired.

Goodnight all.
Aw... Buy Danish is leaving after she came up with the delightful title "Driving Miss Dio". That was such a good one.(I think BD was a little disappointed about Vanessa but Britney was so suitable.)

I'll be right over, RW. Do you have any Boone Farm peach nectar? I heard that was good. The ones that recovered said it was unforgetable.

You are in danger of becoming (heaven help us) a HARPY. Be careful! Big Dio is watching!

I thought these were dessert wines.
Goodnight @@!

Now you've really got me thirsty. I had no idea Manichevitz made all those wines. What is the difference betweet a cream and a cordial? And a cherry traditional? Never seen that one at Kroger. I bet that is good.
Good night, Buy Danish!
Good night, @@!

Gee, I'm so sad they're gonna miss the Name the Panda deadline.

/chuckling up here in the NE :-.)
RW -- thanks for the weather update. I have to be in NYC Tuesday and Wednesday and one thing I always forget to do is check the destination forecast. It was 50 degrees here today, but CT 50 isn't like GA 50 -- it's colder.

I think they just use different labels. The wine is the same in each bottle.


I don't think you should trust my New York weather forecast. When does this panda naming thing end and where do you name it?
RW! Okay -- wait, I'll go find the link and put it here. Dang, I always forget I'm not link-challenged any longer. BD & @@ would surely have voted.

That is so disappointing. I was hoping for something new.

I didn't name the Panda. She is so cute. But I don't know one word of Chinese. Didn't think they would want to name her Ramen noodles.

Well, I better go hop under my electric blanket. Goodnight to both of you, Honu & RW. Stay warm.
Goodnight Dusty!

I'm sure the wines are different and equally as um...err...delicious?
Here it is -- hurry! 45 minutes left!

Name the Panda


That's not a name the panda link, it's a vote for the name of the panda link. There is no option for "Bear Jerky."
Well, I never! What's next? Sea turtle recipes?
Now I'm over the edge. This has GOT to stop.

Enough is Enough

Is it something in the air out there on the West coast?

That is just nuts. I could see a problem if they had a nativity scene and were refusing the menorah. This Rabbi really opened a can of worms, but at least the leftists with start liking the Jews again.
It just sickens me, RW, not to mention the profound sadness that Christmas has come to this.

Well, I guess a decorated tree doesn't really symbolize Christ's birth, but at least it served as a reminder to those not entirely believing in the Lord. It never hurts to keep reminding folks, regardless of how we get the message across.

P.S. I voted at the Sports Bar :-.)

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