Saturday, December 30, 2006

Decade at Bubba's

Watching the services for Gerald Ford and having been riveted by the beautiful services for Ronald Reagan I have a lingering thought that I can't shake.

It seems that U.S. Presidents have to start planning for their own funerals the day they take office and those plans are constantly reviewed and updated throughout their lifetime. The President gets to plan exactly how he or she will be presented to the mourning public every step of the way, which brings me back to my lingering thought.

Does anyone know if there are any limits? I have a vision of Bill Clinton being taken on a year long International farewell tour and doing it Barbra Streisand style. That is, having a "This Time I Really Mean Farewell" tour every couple of years for a decade or so. Say it ain't so Billy Jeff!


As he goes on tour, I picture a group called "The Bimbo Eruptions" joining Babs on stage, and a lot of gospel thrown in- in recognition of the theme that he was our first black President.
Buy Danish,

They could get a soundtrack from James Brown's funeral for guidance.

To stay true to the Democrat party each appearance would have to be marked by shameless campaigning too.

Yeah, and maybe Michael Jackson could be a pall bearer. Hey, we better steer Honu clear of this thread.

As for the shamless campaigning, I wonder if they are constantly re-writing those scripts. Right now it just says "Bush sucks".
Buy Danish,

The Bubba Farewell tour could dress up a bunch of deadbeats to look like the Sgt. Pepper cover to go along with MJ. That way they could keep the "military" appearance.

They could always hire Miss Nevada and KGGW too.
Buy Danish,

If they're going to reenact Billy Jeff's early days, I hope Miss Nevada at least gets to perform on a stand in.

At the very least she'd be great playing one of the bimbos when they make Billy Jeff - the movie
Buy Danish,

She could bring the group of Bimbettes she was partying with. They could be Gennifer Flowers, Denise Rich, and the chick he raped in college over in England.

Who's going to play Monica? Lindsey Lohan?

How about Rosie?

Why didn't I think of that!

Buy Danish,

Eleanor Clift!

You should get a job as a casting agent!

Though they're going to have to work some Hollywood magic putting on the pounds to Elinor's lower half.

Maybe they could use a body double. Rosie could be Monica and Hillary - below the waist. Which would be a fun little psychological statement about Billy Jeff.
Buy Danish,

Do I get to force them to play the parts?

You "do lunch" and charm them into thinking about it. Whoever plays Billy Jeff comes in at the end and forces them into it. You know, to get into character.

Who will play Billy Jeff? Bill Maher?
Buy Danish,

Inflatable pant suits.
If I'm going to have lunch with and charm them I'm going to need an all new cast.

Are we casting the live Billy Jeff or the dead one? I'll go with Chris Matthews for the live one and we'll keep Bill Maher as the dead one.

You don't want to have lunch with Miss Nevada?

I'm thinking of Bill Maher for Billy Jeff - the movie
Buy Danish,

It's a given that I'm throwing a casting party for Miss Nevada and the Bimbettes. They will take any part you offer them. Literally it seems.

Is Billy Jeff the movie only going to cover the living days? I guess that gives us time to do a few sequels.

It's synergy. You have Billy Jeff's Decade at Bubbas tour. You also have Billy Jeff -the movie which can be at least a Part I and Part II.

That means a whole new set of those wild beauty queens will have to be broken in for Part II.

Oh well, you do what you have to do for art I guess.

Hopefully there's something in this movie making scenario for me. I just haven't figured out what it is yet.
Buy Danish,

You could keep me out of trouble. :-)

You do sort of look like a director in that outfit.

If this bathing suit didn't make me look so fat, I could also play one of the bimbos, but I'd really have to be a good actress to play that part...Says she modestly.
Happy New Year RW. Keep dancing!
Just thought I'd stop by and say hello since you were kind enough to bring me a gift and all. HAPPY SUPER-MEGA-BELATED HOLIDAYS!!!!
Happy New Year Nuke & Nicole!

No suggestions for Bubbapalooza?
The circle-jerk cynicism among the tunnel vision types here continues to amaze me. That is, whenever I have the time or the stomach to read it. George Bush is still the wort President we've ever had; the Iraq war is a bloody joke; the economy is unravelling and still you soma drinkers have the "courage" to say that everything is just fine. Perfectly dancy. Couldn't be better. It can't be the booze. Most of you seem to imbibe in moderation. I'm impressed by that.

Any word on when Andy's getting out of rehab?? The poor boy was long overdue for electroshock treatments, large quantities of Xanax and Prozac. Oh, and no booze. Or box cutters

Maybe medical science can make a human being out of him yet!!

RW, before you check (and you will), I'll tell you the obvious. In California with some lucrative consultancy stuff. But I'll be back. And much closr than you think. Or fear
gee bon scott,

Maybe medical science ought to take a look in your head?

Your first blog of the New Year consists of coming over here to talk about your hate of other bloggers?

Sure, you reap fear deep in the heart of the blogosphere. Tell it to someone who gives a fk, like the shrink you should pay $100/hr to withstand the moronic obsession you display for all to see.

Happy New Year and good luck in any event though.
finch (seneca or bon scott for those that don't know this prick),

Nobody gives a flying fuck what you're doing or where you are. What an empty life you must have to post that on New Years morning. I hope your "consultancy" isn't in the field of spotting drunks, because with what you've demonstrated over the last twelve hours or so, here and at Wooten's, you can't even spot the one in the mirror.

Happy New Year, freak!
Jay not jay,

A c-note an hour wouldn't begin to pay for the help this weirdo needs.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, RW.

Hopefully the finch just had to lay some eggs it has been retaining. Maybe it will feel better now. Peep, Peep.
Wow. Sybil bon finchie is morphing into Stalker Boy.

RW, before you check (and you will), I'll tell you the obvious. In California with some lucrative consultancy stuff. But I'll be back. And much closr than you think. Or fear

Dropping thinly veiled threats just like that deranged psycho ootmvod Stalker Boy.

Nice friends you've go there.
"got" there...
Buy Danish,

Good thing you corrected that. "Go" would be very confusing for getalife. Those Cajuns spell it geaux.
Bon Scott -- your last sentence:

Or fear

Did you nod off? Or was there something more you wanted to say here?
Hell, when I was in Cali....


BD is hammered too:

"Nice friends you've go there."

Geez, I thought I was drunk.
Sorry, Buy Danish. . .I managed to stumble on this thread earlier this morning. Surely you're not implying I'm a Michael Jackson fan?

Don't know where I've ever said that on this blog. Even though my nephews did teach me to moonwalk - on roller blades, no less!

RW -- Bubbapalooza -- now that's funny.
Oh well, so much for the correction. I guess getalife is already popping pills and chasing them with Crown.


Just a guess, but I think the steering you clear warning was more about our treatment of Billy Jeff than it was about Michael Jackson.
OMG, I just checked in at Wooten's and had to see finch's post for myself.

If possible, finch's 2007 is looking even worse than his 2006.

Oh's his future. How much of it does he want to waste on vengeance?


Why be impressed with other people's sobriety. I've heard it's 12 steps, frequent meetings, and a belief in a power greater than yourself and alcohol.

Sobriety can be yours, but you've gotta change your friends, your habits, and your hangouts.

Good luck for the New Year taken one day at a time.

Happy New Year! Glad to see you back.

Sybil Bon Finchie has a habit of nodding off mid sentence.

RW's right - I was suggesting you may not like the Billy Jeff Bashing, and it was in jest of course.


It looks like Getalife wasn't able to keep up with the pace of the blog entries.
Happy New Year @@!

I think it's hard for these secular leftists to sober up because they don't believe in a higher power than themselves.
Thanks RW. I've got lingering company. One day after I return from Florida, I get company for a week.

Feels like I never had that glorious week of sun and sand.

To top it off, I've totally lost interest in ml's & Wooten's. I think my sweet dog "Buddy" has gone deaf, and 10 extra pounds is following me everywhere.

Happy New Year to you and all. Regardless of how it sounds up ^^^ there, I'm counting on a great one.
What's wrong with ten extra pounds of junk in the trunk?

I'm sure glad you got around to that last sentence!
Hi @@,

Ahhh, sun and sand. Sounds good to me. Hope Buddy is ok.

Happy New Year!
well, well, well -- the "heathers" of the moronic and hypocritical party we know as the GOP consoling themselves and trying to think of more catchphases and slogans.

after I came back from dinner, I saw the usual lame, tired comebacks, accompanied by your agreed upon and equally tired and lame pet names.

I wonder -- which of you is the "master" brain? you know, the one who telepaths to the others these stupid descriptions of people who have the 'gall' to lament our country's decline under the moron that you all cream over, and "ooh" and "aah" every time he manages to not make a fool of himself on the world stage?

Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.

What happened to "standards"? Oh, I know. they were lowered so very, very far for Bush that it's hard to even have the appearance of having such.

I also saw where you posted Bon Scott's comments from this blog onto the Wooten blog.

Of course you have my permission to post my words.

Unlike you losers, I don't hide behind hypocrisy and knee jerk catch phrases.

so keep right on cheering for your loser president. you have no idea the pleasure I derive from that. you three should really take your show on the road.

A final word: I listen to Rush at times, along with Hannity. I do this so that I can be "in the loop" when you morons start parroting their illogical and retarded dribble.

So, the question remains: who really IS the parrot?

Dusty? Buy Danish? RW? Which of you think up your lame, hackneyed garbage before passing it on to the others for approval? And then you recycle it like yesterday's paper and plastic.

Original thought is not you people's strong point.

I keep telling you idiots about your projection.

It appears that you nitwits stubbornly hold onto the "Bush is great" meme, even though he's proven time and time again just what a clueless failure he is.

What's your problem? Stupidity? Ignorance? Stubborness?

no matter, as I get a kick out of that too.

Happy New Year, retards.

Now that I've given you morons enough red meat to chew on, I'll leave you with dessert: For you and your fellow 30 percenters: BUSH RAWKS!!!!!
So, the question remains: who really IS the parrot?

No it doesn't Midori, it's YOU!!!


Nice rant though, Happy New Year to you too.
All Right! New Years is complete. Thank you Ms. Midori or whoever you may be, freak. HA HA!

Go lay an egg, Polly wanna a cracker.
Jay not jay,

What do you suppose the parrot meant by "after I came back from dinner"? Maybe when they took her out to clean her cage she thought it was a dinner date.
Ah, Bitter? Party of one?

Let’s see now, we are, in one form or another:

Heathers (think she meant heathens?)
Moronic (4 x)
Lame (2 x)
Stupid (3 x)
Pathetic (utterly if missed the first time)
Retarded dribble (think she meant drivel?)
Hackneyed garbage
Clueless failures
Retards (w/o the “dribble”)

Did I miss any? Just want to make sure we get this right when we post at MLs & JWs.

Midori -- may the Lord soften your heart, enlighten your mind and guide you through a blessed New Year. I am so sorry you never have a good day.

New catch phrase for Midori and her crew.

In response to Midori's Parrot-fevered rant, just for the heck of it I went back to see how many times BUSH was mentioned in Luckovich's "Wheels" cartoon.

Them: 50 times

Us: 5 times.

Notably when our side mentioned Bush it was to correct the record of what they had said, or once when Dusty said, "Leave Bush out of this".

Bush Derangement Syndrome is a serious psychosis afflicting a certain segment this country, and Bon Scott, Midori, Stalker Boy Ootmvod, and others distinguish themselves as perfect case studies.
Good morning all!!

Sorry to be so late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to every one of you. I do enjoy your company and run over here often to get some "fresh air".

RW, your closing comment was so good the other day. You can close my comments any time.

Buy danish,

I still get a smile when "qith the raven" comes to mind. Good one!!

Honu, I will try not to use any of those words you listed. Who wants to be a liberal, 'specially with that vocabulary? Not me. Saw a ball game yesterday and thought of you. Sooners or somebody. I will never make the team.

Keep up the good work. And I am glad @@ is back. I enjoy her honest and charming presence.

I never commented on your Clinton funeral thread.

Will we be celebrating it anytime soon?

Just kiddin' Honu.

No doubt, a saxophone will be playing the gospels on his worldwide tour.

Darn tootin'...the highlight of his presidency.

BTW, you ended your commentary with "Say it ain't do Billy Jeff. it or ain't it?

Doo, I mean? Doo-whap a diddy...

That's hysterical! I've fixed that now, but it's proof positive of how many actually read the crap I write.

Anyway, now that you've finally commented maybe I can come up with something new.
Crap? Aawwww RW, I hold your opinions in high regard.

You offer all the emotions at different intervals.

Question! I've put this one to Semper, but all too often, he jumps on his soapbox and becomes a bloviator, leaving me wide-eyed and wondering...about...well Semper.

In all the discussions regarding separation of church and state, why has there been no outrage over religion within the federal, state, and local detention facilities.

The ACLU will go to battle for prisoners religious freedoms within a government building, but will overreach in the free world.

Is there some sort of conflict I'm not aware of? Some sort of law? Or is there a collision between the two?

I didn't really realize that the ACLU was doing that all that much, but if they are it probably has more to do with keeping prisoners from being punished for their crimes. The ACLU is nothing if not hypocritical in it's stances and it's a brutally anti-American organisation.

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