Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Every time you think the political landscape couldn't get stranger...

...the new head of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence says this.

“We’re not going to have stability in Iraq until we eliminate those militias, those private armies,” Reyes said. “We have to consider the need for additional troops to be in Iraq, to take out the militias and stabilize Iraq … We certainly can’t leave Iraq and run the risk that it becomes [like] Afghanistan” was before the 2001 invasion by the United States.

What do you suppose the moonbats will have to say about this?

When a reporter suggested that was not a position that was likely to be popular with many House Democrats, Reyes replied: “Well again, I differ in that I don’t want Iraq to become the next Afghanistan. We could not allow Iraq to become a safe haven for Al Qaeda, for Hamas, for Hizbullah, or anybody else. We cannot allow Iran or Syria to have a free hand in there to further destabilize the Middle East.”

Did Nancy Pelosi know about this?

Reyes added that he was “very clear” about his position to Pelosi when she chose him over two rivals—Rep. Jane Harman of California and Rep. Alcee Hastings—to head the critical intelligence post. One widely cited reason that Harman, a moderate Democrat who supported the war, didn’t get the nod from Pelosi is that the Speaker-designate wanted somebody who would be more aggressive in standing up to the Bush White House—which Reyes promises to be on other issues like domestic wiretapping and CIA secret prisons.

Why it appears she did, which only adds to my speculation here.

Damn RW, so Reyes is going to gain access to information that Harmon wouldn't divulge?

He's going to have to backpeddle on one or the other. I'll pray for the latter. The American people have indicated, that they don't have a problem with the wiretaps.

It's like I told Midori at ml's, "They used the radical left to get elected, but there's no place for you in the party anymore."

I'll have to admit. One of the things that has disappointed me, in Iraq, is the rebuilding effort. I understand the failure in Baghdad (why invest in something that's likely to be destroyed), but the quality and the cost outside of Baghdad is in question.

The U.K. has got it right in Afghanistan. Employ the people, but oversee the expenditures.

Here's the link I told you about at Wootens.

Here's a timeline for you, involving Keith Ellison (M) Minnesota, CAIR and the flying Imans. I wonder if the voters of MN realize who they have elected.

Scroll down to "Orchestrated Stunt".
To think what liberals are sending to Congress is most discouraging. Ellison sounds like Sharpton or Rangel, like we need more of them. Webb sounds like a loose cannon.

If Reyes comes out on the Iraq War like he sounds now, I can't believe Pelosi would name him. She really must have disliked that Harman. Hastings should not be in Congress at all. Wasn't he finally convicted?

Anyway, RW, thanks for the comeback to getalife. In other words gfy =(GOOD FOR YOU!) Hmmm...these abreviations are tooo catchy. I don't think I will use them.

Update on Keith Ellison and his questionable allegiances.

Doubts grow over Muslim lawmaker's loyalty
Keith Ellison tied to group that holds Quran as highest legal authority
Ad nauseum.

@@ & Dusty,

The Reyes thing is a little strange, but it's possible he genuinely holds these views and Pelosi couldn't pass over another "next in line" minority without looking like more of a fool than ever.

It also gives her a little cover when conservatives go after her as too stridently anti-war. She can say she is personally against it but didn't let it stand in the way of naming Reyes. (Of course it's also fantasy land on my part that anyone would even ask her)

Buy Danish,

I've got to run out, but I'll check your links and catch up on Ellison when I get back.

I wonder if he'll start praying in the House gym and get offended if anyone walks in, like the woman in Dearbornistan.

Have fun!

I've got more for you, this time a rumor that, as a student of treasonous Democrat behavior, I have no reason not to believe.

Report: Hamas met delegation of Democrats.
Source claims U.S. party willing to hold dialogue with terror group

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Maybe we should hold a conference with drug dealers in Atlanta. I am sure we would get some good ideas for the police.

I bet Hamas is full of them for the benefit of the USA!
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I opened your last link before I walked out and couldn't resist linking the story from the Ma'an page. I forgot to give you credit, but thank you for the link.

CU L8R /DebbieDumbA$$ off
I think I'm gonna be using the damn word a lot over here. I'll do my best to refrain from the "f" word.

Damn, Danish. Ellison & the imams? I think you should have been nominated for chair of the HIC.

Intelligent Democrats don't fraternize with the enemy (Hamas). Nevermind, history does repeat itself. Rockefeller, Kennedy, Kerry. All "effin" dimwits. <---- Almost, but not quite.

If we leave it up to them to make history, it'll be a short lived one, that's for certain.

Are they "dimwits" or do they know exactly what they are doing?

What's HIC?

HIC. House Intelligence Committee. I saved your link downstairs. The "Not a timeline but Interesting. I've been too busy to read it today.

Are they dimwits? Please God, just let them be dimwits who will see the light sooner than later.

I'm not sure why I love this intrigue. I guess it's because I don't have any little "puzzling kids" to assemble.

I was hoping to get back to work after Christmas, but they hired a new administrator that thinks we should do things like the public schools special ed. That's not realistic. Some of these kids are very limited in their mental and physical abilities.

A couple of parents have approached me about tutoring. I'm considering, but crap...I did so love the groups of three.
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Just in case there are a couple of more assassinations in Lebanon, Stratfor got a jump on this one.

U.N. authorizes investigation of Hariri assassination. Syria suspected.

Gemayel is assassinated. Syria suspected with assistance from Iran.

Latest...Syria, meanwhile, has been looking at its own agenda for Lebanon. Following the assassination of Lebanese Ministry of Industry Pierre Gemayel, a Syrian security delegation made its way to Tehran to discuss at length a cover up Syria's suspected involvement in the spate of killings, Iran allegedly has suggested killing one or two second-tier Lebanese allies of Syria to confuse the ongoing investigation.

Throw them off by killing a couple of their own allies. Sound familiar?

It's hard to keep up. I spent the morning pasting links into a word document. This intrigue makes a John Le Carre novel look like Dick and Jane.

The House Intelligence Committee probably could use me! If they rely on their PC staffers for updates on current events they are undoubtedly missing a lot.

Why isn't the New York Times covering Keith Ellison's questionable connections? I can understand them not picking up the Hamas thing, but surely there is a story here that deserves scrutiny.

If you're decide to tutor, I have some potential clients for you - one is known as "rushncap". He may prefer to be in a group of 3 - with Midori and Huge, although I don't know if even someone as patient as you could handle that challenge.
It's like I told Midori at ml's, "They used the radical left to get elected, but there's no place for you in the party anymore.

don't you think you need to be more concerned about the disintegration of you own "radical" party?

the american voter saw the danger that you loons posed, and overwhelmingly voted you out.

don't you think you should be more concerned about "fixing" your own?

I think the Iraq Surrender Group (aka "Survey group) could use that heads up from Stratfor.

If you're interested in Lebanon, let the experts solve this Russian Spy caper and check out this website.

If you get a chance listen to her "interview". Ignore the fact that the interviewee is exceedingly dull. It's riveting and there is an important lesson here for us - the first half has the meat of the story.
What do you know? The parrots stopped rioting and one of them found their way here - but still has nothing to say.

Talking to herself too!

i just came by to see what you hens were clucking about.


I wanted some bird food, but was told Danish used it all in her witches brew.


he told me to watch out, cause she wanted to pluck some of my feathers to add to her brew!!


now that I've given you loons more red meat to feast upon, I bid you good night.


I talk to myself cause there's no intellegence here to match mine here.

oh, before I go, I'd like to ask you, er, people to tune into the Scarborough Report. It's on right now. A panel is discussing today's rebuke of Bush by the ISG.

I'm very interested in what you, er, people have to say about it.

good luck and good night.

I think Midori misses you.

What's the Scarborough report and why are you so fascinated with unelected commissions? Do you realize nobody from the Iraqi Surrender Group ever left the Green Zone?

I know it's hard for a parrot to ID another species, but we are in fact people. Now if you were really squawking to yourself couldn't you have used that mirror in the corner of the cage right about the exoctic nut stick.
Buy Danish,

She's got an awfully strange view of an "overwhelming" victory too. Most races were razor thin, so I guess she's now admitting that President Bush beat John F'ng Kerry in an historic landslide.


How about that evidence that I was hacking ml's blog or even that I claimed to have?
From Wooten's blog we have Dio still hoping she can make Jim write what she wants.

By Diogenes

December 6, 2006 05:48 PM | Link to this


I’d be interested in reading your editorial opinion tomorrow on the Douglas County judge vacating the three death sentences against De’Kelvin Martin.


How did you post on the closed blog without hacking into it?


P.S., tomorrow's toon is up.

have fun.

Please show me the post I made that wasn't between 8 and 7 M-F? Thank you!

It's pretty easy to tell you knew the new toon was up, but we appreciate the URL.
Hey Parrot,

Where'd you go?

You're precious ISG was quaking in their wingtips that a Fox reporter was going to ask a question.

They didn't even get that right. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Yea let's take the complete word on Iraq from a group that can't ID the reporters at a press conference.

You hacked the AJC at 10:27 and came back here and gloated about it at 10:28. Psssssst. Thanks for the URL!

Are you still looking for birdseed?
Buy Danish,

I've got to give the parrot a tiny little bit of credit here, although for the life of me I don't know how she pulled it off. She hacks the AJC blog and rushes over here to do her endzone dance, but she also made her post over there sound like she was jacked.

She's got to have a handler because the Midori we know can barely string two sentences together, much less do all that. Maybe Andy crossed over to the dark side and is working with the parrot.

It is a miraculous event indeed.
Buy Danish:

Your link to Lebanon takes me to a page that can't be found. Don't leave me in suspense.

Hi Midori:

Me concerned? You're kidding, right?

Well, I am a little concerned about your "molting" and the diarrhea you're suffering from.

I read at ml's this morning where you're suffering from some sort of disease. I hope your caretaker will get you to a vet.

Oops, I see you've got a few feathers in dissaray. Let me get those for you.

Pluck, pluck, pluck. Better? Hope that wasn't too painful.

Let's try it this way - Copy and paste this to your browser:

I recommend the "interview" video with Brigitte Gabriel - it's long but well worth it.

You can always minimize it and just listen while you blog!

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