Friday, December 22, 2006

An idea that's time has come

OK, I'm not a collectivist or a globalist or even a big proponent of the whirled peas movement, but I think we can all give a little for this effort. Click the title for some background music and have at it.

Hat tip to Buy Danish, whether she wanted one this time or not!


Am I too late?

With the International date line you could probably extend this out further. Even if it is too late they probably need aftershocks anyway.
did you see me on the ajc? that was so cool!!!

why didn't that jim dude say hello to me?

what ya' doing for christmas?

Okay, I'll be back in a jiffy.
Double D,

I was a little surprised Jim decided to say hello to me today. He's usually scolding people for going off topic and I'm almost never on topic.


Careful if you're planning to cause all that ground shaking in such a short time. Most of my family is in the area with you.
well, i guess i'll give lil' jim a piece of my mind next time. i'm always "on topic" and never off.

my momma shoulda' named me exlax, 'cause i'm gonna pop the shit outta him.

anyhow, merry xmas. gotta run. there's a party down in l5p's tonight. are you coming? see ya' bud.

I'll be right there! Merry Christmas to you, don't scare Jim too bad.
Well hell. See how little I know. I did not know that I needed permission to seduce a man.

Earth Shattering. I'll get right on it.

Hope you guys are all doing great.

Weather forecast was right on. Overcast Thursday and today, but warm. Oh my goodness. No slippers or sweaters required in the morning or evening. Gawgeous!!!!

Softshell crabs, dusted, spicy and fried. Mmmmmmmm!!!

I must say, everybody at ml's is beginning to sound like the same person.

Jim was worried about you. You realize it's been in the 70's here the whole time you've been gone don't you?
Buy Danish,

I always thought it was a bad idea doing this around a fault line. I just saw the Miss Nevada pictures, you would think that party alone would have helped free at least one small country.

Oh wait...these are leftists that put this together, freedom would have nothing to do with "peace" in their world.

I hope you've seen the Christmas video at the Sports Bar.

This Miss Nevada?
Not Safe Around Family or Work

No, this one. The one Trump didn't give a second chance too.

I was kidding - I knew who you were talking about, I just thought it was funny that the 2001 Miss Nevada had slightly different priorities.

Even Fox News has a link to those photos of Katy and her prominent tongue.

What an airhead. I'm sure she has a great future somewhere in Vegas.
Buy Danish,

Fox News doesn't have that link posted. There is quite a contrast between the two.

Fox News has the photos linked. Click on the little blue lines.

Or did you mean the link to the virginal Miss Nevada?
Buy Danish,

So they do! The other day, while I was doing research mind you, they only had the three from (My link must have airbrushed out those stars they are wearing in yours.)

You're right about your research site and the stars! I missed that since I thought I'd already seen them at Fox.

I love this quote from Katie:

This was by no means representative of who I was, who I am, or who I will become.

Like, whatever. I occurs to me that Gene Simmons could hire her to fill in for him, or maybe they could have a new band called, KISS Girls Gone Wild.
Buy Danish,

Gene and Katie could do niche market films for tongue fetishists if the KGGW band doesn't work out.

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