Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown 5/3/1933-12/25/2006 RIP

Years ago I worked in a big name entertainment club in Augusta Georgia. James Brown would come in many nights and often be asked by the night's entertainer to do a song or two, or at least be recognized for a spotlight and a wave. As much as he loved the limelight and as brilliant as he was as an entertainer, I always thought he cherished the chances he got to be a regular guy even more.

JB would often get to the club early while we were setting up. He loved to tell us stories from his youth, give us boxing lessons, and even help us stock up or move some tables around. Later that night he would usually end up on stage thrilling the audience and reveling in the attention he received, but the smile was never quite as big as the one he had earlier that day.

RIP Godfather!

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I was not a fan of James Brown. I just never watched or listened to music of his genre. I like the old stuff like Nat King Cole and sweet love songs.

Do you remember the funny commercials Brown made for TV with the lady who tried to sing and he was supposed to be showing her how. He would get the funniest expression on his face. (Nobody here remembers them but me.) He seemed to be a natural born entertainer. Your writeup of him was nice. You really knew him.

Also, RW, I thank you for saying good things about me at mls. Don't know how you got in those kind words at the very last. That was a special holiday present.

G'nite and pleasant dreams.

I only knew him from that one slice of life, but he really seemed to like that we just treated him like anybody else and he could take of the showbiz hat and be himself.

I never really liked his music that much and frankly most of it wasn't that great, but he was the best entertainer I ever saw and he could make you believe you were listening to the best music you ever heard. It only worked live though.

As for ml's blog I only said those words because they were true. It was blind luck that they got in when they did. If you have an open window you can post until 7:15. When I hit post I glanced at the clock thinking it might be too late, but it made it in.
Oh, and Goodnight!

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