Monday, December 11, 2006

Meet the incoming Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence

And it's not a pretty sight.

The dialogue went like this:

Al Qaeda is what, I asked, Sunni or Shia?

“Al Qaeda, they have both,” Reyes said. “You’re talking about predominately?”

“Sure,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Predominantly — probably Shiite,” he ventured.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Al Qaeda is profoundly Sunni. If a Shiite showed up at an al Qaeda club house, they’d slice off his head and use it for a soccer ball.

That’s because the extremist Sunnis who make up a l Qaeda consider all Shiites to be heretics.

Al Qaeda’s Sunni roots account for its very existence. Osama bin Laden and his followers believe the Saudi Royal family besmirched the true faith through their corruption and alliance with the United States, particularly allowing U.S. troops on Saudi soil.

It’s been five years since these Muslim extremists flew hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center.

Is it too much to ask that our intelligence overseers know who they are?

Civil War
And Hezbollah? I asked him. What are they?

“Hezbollah. Uh, Hezbollah...”

He laughed again, shifting in his seat.

“Why do you ask me these questions at five o’clock? Can I answer in Spanish? Do you speak Spanish?”

“Poquito,” I said—a little.

“Poquito?! “ He laughed again.

“Go ahead,” I said, talk to me about Sunnis and Shia in Spanish.

Reyes: “Well, I, uh....”

I apologized for putting him “on the spot a little.” But I reminded him that the people who have killed thousands of Americans on U.S. soil and in the Middle East have been front page news for a long time now.

It’s been 23 years since a Hezbollah suicide bomber killed over 200 U.S. military personnel in Beirut, mostly Marines.

Hezbollah, a creature of Iran, is close to taking over in Lebanon. Reports say they are helping train Iraqi Shiites to kill Sunnis in the spiralling civil war.

“Yeah,” Reyes said, rightly observing, “but . . . it’s not like the Hatfields and the McCoys. It’s a heck of a lot more complex.

“And I agree with you — we ought to expend some effort into understanding them. But speaking only for myself, it’s hard to keep things in perspective and in the categories.”






Say it isn't so. Nobody in Congress should be that uninformed. Let's hope it was a bad day. A really bad day.

Intelligence???? Maybe Pelosi thought all the terrorists were Spanish. Who knows???

Oh "shiite"! I mean sunni. Nevermind.

"I'm just not going to talk to you anymore."

Isn't that what the Democrats call a Bush denial?

This is bad. This is really, really bad. #:-O

Even I know the difference.

Iraqi VP criticizes nation's security

Shia? Sunni? How about anybody but Sadr.

With this in the works,maybe it can be used as leverage against anymore Sadr uprising.

I'd like to think that a simplistic approach would work, but I do agree with Reyes on one thing. These people are too complex to apply reasoning.

Nite, Goodbye....whatever!

I just stopped by to get my cream cordial. Do you think I will get "creamed" if I have a nice cordial cherry one? If not cherry, mango? That seems to be popular over at the sports bar. I hope you have fruitcake hors d'oeuvres. Impatiently waiting.

How about a nice Cream Sherry? You have got to kick this Manichevitz habit!
Hi @@ -- I just had to commend you on your post this morning at MLs -- it kept me laughing all day. Thanks for that. The Inter-galactic Study Group was priceless!

Hi RW -- hope your day was a good one. Just finished up at JWs and wished I would have been home in time to respond to Dio. How anyone could support free abortions for all as a deterent to child abuse and child murder is beyond me. And his earlier views on evolution just don't jive with the let the churches handle this problem. Unreal. Good job over there. . .really some good commentary.

And for Reyes not to know the difference between a Sunni and a Shia is bad, but not knowing Hezbollah is inexcusable. Where was he all summer?

I guess everything is making me mad today ever since SeaTac took down their Christmas trees.


Hi danishova! Hi Dusty!
Ah Danishova,

You remember the cold Russian winters on the steppes, the mean Gulag years, the buggy borscht and NO Manichevitz?? An intolerable time of torture. And now you want me to kick my tender love for the fruit of the gods? Never, I say, never. (Unless you've got something better.)

Hi, Honu!

The time has come to leave those miserable years behind.

Stolichnaya! (Old Russian term for "Aloha" and "Salut!")

Strike 1 against Affirmative Action.

It's kinda like not knowing the difference between a Yankee and a Southerner.

I can't believe Danishova is trying to take a dedicated Cream Cordial drinker and get them chugging vodka. I hope she was at least going to give you a frozen glass for it.


Dio was trying to make things simple enough for a barely literate ignoramus like me to understand, but I still couldn't figure out the sudden fascination with turning everything over to the Church.

Goodnight @@!

Buy Danish,

It's one thing to not know this stuff and it's pretty darn bad, but would anybody with any sense tell a reporter from Congressional Quarterly that since it's late in the day (5:00PM late?) they need to run them off by speaking Spanish?

That sounds like an Onion story.
I'm baaaaaccckkk. Just had to mention that I actually watched H&C tonight because I heard Rumsfeld was going to be on. I had no idea Sean was over in Iraq.

Man, he got the very best from our very best. Those troops were awesome. They said everything that conservatives have been trying to get the liberals to understand.

Great things are happening there.

We can win this war.

If you say we can't win, you're saying you have no confidence in our abilities.

We're here because we believe in what we've doing. We weren't duped.

You can't support us without supporting what we're doing.

The media isn't telling the whole truth about Iraq.

As far as I'm concerned.

'Nuff Said...THOSE GUYS ROCK!!!


You're so welcome. I'm glad I could make you laugh. :-)

Why does everybody's name look odd and where is your picture Danish?

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to watch the replay at 12:00. (Or I'll try, I'm used to it being at 2:00 and keep missing it)

My picture is right here! Why do you ask?


I hope that Pelosi has a good tutor hired to bring Reyes up to speed -who no habla espagnol.

Here is advice on the proper way to drink Vodka. After an extended cold spell, many wise, elegant people decide to ditch the Cream Cordials for Vodka.

Close your eyes and you will see a frozen glass and a frozen pitcher to go with it.

Stolichnaya and goodnight!
Ah comrades of the frozen Urals,

My heart is warm with the mystical volume of vodka I have consumed. Alas, I got a bit slippery with the garlic lard tasty tidbits and the Ruska toe & knee dance but all is well. I am booked with the Czar tomorrow and Dr. Zivago will see that all is well (when he is not fooling around with that dirty blond). Many bear hugs for the vodka secret files edited by Putin with polonium deleted.

Stolichnaya and manichevitzka The hour before dawn approaches. ZZZZZ

I was right with you until I saw what you have to eat with the shots. I take icy cold vodka and frozen glasses while going ahead and getting drunk.
Гуднайт Дасти!
Just in case my little friend google screwed up, that was Goodnight Dusty!

May the moon shine on your frosted glass. May you receive many blessings of garlic lard. May the wolves never howl at your icy door. And may your hangovers be short and serene.

Manichevskirockaby! (sweet dreams)

I thought you went to bed.

That garlic lard was what put me over the edge, I may never do a cold shot of vodka with a friendly toast of "Nostrovia" again.

That was an incredible segment on H&C. Thank you thank you thank you!
Although you might have warned us that the impeachment clowns were coming up after the segment.

I can't believe this woman just said that the majority of Americans are for impeaching President Bush. Where is that poll published?

You're welcome.

I didn't see the impeachment clowns, I was busy doing my victory dance.

You mean you don't like eating raw eggs and drinking glasses of pickle brine?

Is that worse than drinking Manichevitz?
Buy Danish:

Your picture? You don't have a picture for Danishova?

Maybe you need to drag RW to the dressing area again. Maybe something Venus-ish this time.

Scratch that. You'll need arms to hold the racket.

Make sure there's no money in your purse though since RW will have to hold it while you try on outfits.

Is your purse a dainty little number?

The only picture is of Little Sisova, from which you are supposed to imagine what I might look like.

This is for you, Darfur by Ralph Peters.

Like Mark Steyn points out, all those people with "Free Tibet" bumper stickers aren't doing anything to free Tibet.
One more thing ( I'm filling in for Andy with story links). Here is what Michelle Malkin refers to as a "cheat sheet" for Democrat Congressmen.

Which is more complicated - Russian spy stories or Middle Eastern religious and political rivalries?

Even typing "raw eggs and pickle brine" has me queasy. I can handle my vodka just fine, as many a night at Nikolai's Roof will attest.
RW, Hi! Been over at Wooten's lately. Watchin' Getalife post the same things on both blogs. Notice he never "says" anything to me when I catch him on it. I saw something about the article/interview you posted today. I think it's pretty pathetic, and Ms. Pelosi has control??? All I have to say is Wonderful!! Can't wait to see what happens after January.... Wondering what your thoughts are on Obama. My dad is a hard core Repub, but kinda likes this guy. I'm guessing because he's new and hasn't had any time to screw up.

Obama is a smooth talker with a 100% perfect liberal voting record. He hasn't been tested in any decision making capacity and the first time he's really been questioned was this weekend in New Hampshire where he answered by accusing Republicans of being racists.

With two years to go he has plenty of time to prove what he really stands for. When he does he will either take centrist positions that may get him elected or he will show that he really believes the things he votes for now which will have him flame out.

I think it's a safer bet right now that he will be a VP candidate, but it's way too early to be having a Presidential race.
From what I hear and what FNN is reporting, it's gonna be him and Hillary on a ticket. Woman Prez candidate and a "minority" VP. But I have also heard that whoever is on the GOP ticket is gonna run Condi as VP. What is your take on this? I find her to be an extreamly intelligent woman. Still not sure if McCain is the way to go on the GOP ticket... seems to me like he's got a little bit of "anger management" to deal with. Not quite sure if I want someone like that to have the secret codes to the "magic button"

Picking who's going to be on a ticket two years out is fool's speculation. Just ask President Dean.

Condi is a brilliant woman and seems to have the strength of leadership that the position requires, but she isn't proven either. I know I would vote for her for President in a heart beat, but she would likely need to go VP first.

The biggest problem with the early speculation game is that our media will report the strength of any Democrat and the weakness of any Republican in an attempt to make you think that the only choice is which Democrat to elect.

As many things as I don't know about the 2008 race there's one that I do know. I would sit out the election before I would vote for John McCain and if the Democrat was palatable I would vote for them. I will never in my lifetime cast a vote for John McCain and I firmly believe that he actively undermined the Republicans in the last election.
Good Lord. I just wrote a huge load.... It didn't like my user name or password. Anyhow.... My daddy said that McCain was a loose cannon back in 2000, and that someone like that with all the anger management issues should have the secret codes to the "magic" button. Condi is a brilliant woman, however, it disturbs me how often she says "um" while in conversation, on during questioning, etc.... I think she is too smart for that. She might not do well under pressure and that concerns me. She seems to do well while the cameras are off though. What are your thoughts on the GOP hopefuls? I'd like to educate myself more on them.

It's just too early to say who emerges as a top candidate because so many things can change. It's very unhealthy that we are in this perpetual election mode. So many priorities can change that we should never lose sight that different times demand different leaders. I guess I should get ready to work tomorrow. Goodnight!
I'd love to catch up tomorrow. Unfortunatly I really don't work. I watch after my little ones and thats plenty of work. LOL I'll try to catch up tomorrow. I'm not quite as sharp as Buy Danish and @@ but I love to read their posts on the Wooten and ML blog. BTW, not quite sure what everyones problem with "Andy" is. I find him quite ineresting, and I don't find him really that offensive. That "Debbiedoright" is a characther though.... I told her she was hateful one time and she told me "Thank You" Go figure.... typical Lib.
Buy Danish:

Thanks for the links, I haven't had time to get into the last couple you left, but I will.

Huge trying to justify his comment on Darfur by claiming there's a subtle (nuanced) difference between the phrase "for the oil" and "because of the oil" was hugely amusing.

Hi Jenn, I've seen you on at ml's several times. Whenever you're in the mood to break away from the repetitive boredom of the leftists there and offer something lighthearted, go for it. I'll gladly join in if I'm on. I enjoyed your venture into childhood memories.
RW etc.,

Citizens Energy/Chavez update, in Maine.

The freaking Governor(D) supports it, and check out the comments from the Chavez loving the Mainiacs.
Buy Danish: 37% of Venezuelans live in poverty. I wonder if they need a little heating oil. I heard he's big on handing out manure. Maybe that's what they heat their homes with.

It stinks doesn't it?

RW: I saw the guy who interviewed Reyes. He shocked me when he said the majority of congress is equally as uninformed as Reyes, along with many high-level FBI officials.

Now there's an argument against politicians running a war from Washington. I wonder if they were as ignorant of the VietCong.

Several Arab countries are planning on pursuing nuclear ambitions for peaceful purposes. Iran is making them nervous.

A nuclear Middle East.

Everybody get out your bicycles. Look on the bright side. We'll all have buns of steel, muscular thighs, and well-formed calves.
Buy Danish,

It sounds like it's all about the oil for the Mainiacs. I could only get through a couple pages.

I went back to see what Huge moron was talking about with my cowardly hit and run post. My comment was typed at 7:03 in response to his comment that he typed at 6:53. That means his post didn't hit the board until nearly seven and I'm hiding out by answering three minutes later. I think finch may need a roommate.

I think I saw the same interview. I wasn't surprised at all that many in Congress are clueless, but I'd like to know who he's talking to at the FBI.

I also think that Intelligence Committee members should know better, especially the new chairman.
Buy Danish & RW,

I don't get this oil deal. Seems like it has been going on for years under the Kennedy's. Well, in Massachusetts anyway. How can a select group get cheaper oil prices by just sayng it will go to low income families? If it is legitimate, is Chavez using it for a political tool? Is he trying to make Americans look poverty stricken to make Bush look bad? I mean I can't get the whole picture here. Something is out of whack.

It's probably some of both. He can use propaganda that he has to help out the poor poor pitiful Americans. We ought to put the screws to him and not use any of his oil.

When people say that oil is a world commodity and if we didn't use the Venezuelan oil that it wouldn't matter because someone else would just buy it while we buy someone else's are wrong in one regard. Venezuelan oil is heavily sulfur laden and most people can't refine it.

I was in a rush today and only barely skimmed the posts when I saw Huge Hippos accusation. Who does he think he's kidding? What a detestable phony.


Chavez is clearly not doing this Oil for Heat scam out of the goodness of his heart, and Kennedy is enough of a Leftist that he sees nothing wrong with dealing with Chavez and probably thinks he is an admirable man.
Buy Danish,

I was in Forestry service hell all day so I didn't even see the blog until close to 7:00 today. Of course it wasn't hard to catch up with 60 or so comments.

(Hey Huge A'Hole, I won't be around tomorrow either! Blow me.)

Anyway BD, I had time to respond to his first bs claim, but not to see what the loser was talking about.
Hey everyone! I wouldn't open any of those links above until RW approves.

I don't think I've ever been to ml's and found it quite as insane as I found it today.

Why? I have no idea...

RW: I would think working for the forestry service would be great. Enjoying global warming while installing systems on trees so the animals could talk to each other.

Wait a minute....that sounds like ml's place. You're really at Cox aren't you.

So tell me. Can they see the forest for the trees over there? :-)

Off to shop. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh.
Buy Danish:

I wonder if CAIR inserted the "Imams Playbook" or if this was the original playbook they gave to the imams?

American Muslims on the Lookout for Slights, 'Profiling'
RW,BuyDanish & @@,

I was gone most of the day and then I came home and read mls. It was rotten. I hate it when they dump on all of you and act like this country is the pits. Couldn't think of the right words while I was so disgusted. And I see one of them has ventured here to "act out". What a loser.

Anyway, cheers! Tomorrow will be better (I hope.).
Well damn. I'm hogging the board. PoliFore would be appalled, APPALLED I say.

From the margins of my previous link.

Syrian Ambassador Slams US at CAIR-Hosted Conference

The Syrian ambassador sounds just like liberals here, Murtha & getalife for example. I am amazed at the similarities. Thanks for the link.
@@ and everyone else,

Those posts that show up with multiple links are more of a nuisance than anything else. It's the price you pay for allowing anonymous comments.

This article from a Marxist publication leaves me saying WTH?

Ahmadinejad's "Nazis"

Am I understanding this correctly? Bush has set the example for Ahmadinejad to follow?

Within the article they mention these people:

From everything that Iranian friends tell me, Ahmadinejad's government is very unpopular in Iran because of the deepening economic crisis and his repressive policies, including the arrest of labor leaders, suppression of student opposition, and general identification with the most reactionary sectors of the society.

So who exactly does Bush identify with? Reactionary Christians????

They are among us. They are our radical left wing.
Good evening, RW -- regarding that person at MLs saying all of those horrible things about you and your personal life? Just wanted you to know that so many times I wish I was a guy so I, too, could tell him to blow me. Guess my "bite me" will have to suffice.

What losers -- none of them can formulate a cogent thought without you, Andy, Buy Danish, @@ and Dusty to lead the way. Truly sad.

I don't know about you, but I am at my wit's end with the Bush Sucks mantra. I think the last straw was a few days ago when Rushncap said that al-Sadr was NOT a terrorist.

If that's true, and al-Sadr is a humanitarian, then I am the stupidest person on the planet. Might as well end it all now. . .because I have no clue.

Hi Buy Danish -- you kicked royal ass at JWs today. Kudos to you. I knew as soon as "Pat" began talking in third person, it was the beginning of his end :-.)

You guyz & girlz -- is OOT all of the voices at both sites?

P.S. to @@ -- I wanted to thank you for the recommendation to watch Hannity & Colmes Monday evening (not a show I'm familiar with), and I must say I was absolutely riveted by the interview with the soldiers. Do you know this is the first time (probably since Rory joined the Marines) that I have a good outlook on war, soldiers and the overall military?

Those young (and my age) men were some of the most well-spoken, sincere and patriotic Americans that I have heard from in a long, long time. It truly changed my outlook on this war and those who are actually engaged in it.

I just wanted to thank you for suggesting a news report that I would not normally tune in to :-.)

I thought it was pretty funny when I got back in and saw what one little post had touched off. As Scooter said, it kind of stole ml's thunder.


I guess you wouldn't be surprised to know that the Marxist writer is also a history professor at Rutgers.

He even wrote a Barry Bonds steroid column that he used to point how awful capitalism and GWB are.

Hi to you too, and your welcome. I admire Sean Hannity for his comittment to our military, but sometimes he talks too much. I feel sorry for the other side. All they have is Alan Coombs...Colmes...whatever. Everything that comes out of his mouth is like a script. The same script that all the leftists read from.

All those guys were so eager to speak, and I was so eager to listen.

Is that a beauty mark you're sporting?

#:-) How do you like my new doo? RW caught me one night late at ml's drawing. Too funny!

Bye for now...
Oops, didn't see you there RW.

So the professor really goes out of his way to sack the quarterback (Bush), rough up the kicker (Bush), clip the runner (Bush).

Do I qualify for the bar? ;-)

That comment is far too sports oriented for the bar.

Screw these freaking Imans. I hope they get deported.

I hope every freaking one of them goes to Mecca with a one way ticket.

And I would be my pleasure to say that to Ibrahiam Hooper's simpering face and the rest of the snakes that he represents.
@@ -- yes, that's my super-model look! All 5'2" of me stole it from (I think) The Daily Show, or it may have been David Letterman -- one of them was mocking emoticons, and this was their version of the super-model. Knowing I'd never be one, I decided to vicariously update my smiley face!

You stole that from Planet Mancow.

Buy Danish,

That Ibrahim Hooper just oozes with disgust. If that's supposed to be the calm and peaceful face of CAIR, then they are just another terrorist organization.
I humbly submit, RW, that I did steal it from someone. But now I do remember -- it WAS Mancow! Oops. And I've never remembered to watch that show again. Dang!

Buy Danish -- when you said that show blows, I guess I subconsciously removed it from my radar :-.)
Honu, you're 5'2"? You're smaller than my daughter. She's 5'3".

I always wondered whose genes she carries. I'm 5'10" and Semper is 6'1".

She's blonde and Semper and I are dark.

OMG, the hospital screwed up. Too bad, I'm keeping her.

I had no idea those things were called "emoticons". I may have to give them up, I don't like the name.

Nite everyone.

Unctous is a good word to describe that slippery, soprano-voiced... terrorist organizer.

Moving right along, who says there is no War on Christmas?



Is that show still on?
Buy Danish,

I was going to ask if Sasha Cohen had been offended. Luckily I scrolled far enough to see the update from "reader Mike"

The only other time I saw that Planet Mancow was coming on it was a repeat of the first one. I don't think they ever said it was going to be a regular thing, but Mancow seemed to want it to be.

Goodnight @@,

Technically I think the emoticons are really the dancing frog things so prevalent on liberal web sites. I'm sure we can come up with a more acceptable name for the hand generated ones.
@@ -- ya, I'm all that (tee hee hee)

My three sister's and brother and I idolize anyone who is your height! All of them married very tall people, so my niece and nephews "look down on us" praise the Lord!! (We wouldn't wish our height on anyone :-.)

Hey, y'all! I didn't invent the term emoticon - just remembered it from the Mancow show. I believe RW is right -- those are the little characters "rolling around laughing their assess off" on most websites and Instant Message -- DDA probably knows all about those, since she talks in "u's" and "ur's".

Buy Danish -- I only watched that one time, so I do not know if it's still on.
RW et al,

Back to subject of Imans, I completely agree with this from Powerline.

I'm just shy of 5'9". Is that too short for idol status?
No, Buy Danish, my friend. I would idolize you no matter what height you were. And you are right. . .the Imams are a much more important discussion.

But just let me say one more thing -- I so envy those of you who are not a slave to 4" heels. (I just spent all day yesterday walking around your former hometown trying to look fashionable in my "tall" boots. My little feet are still crying tonight! :-.)

If Tom Cruise sheds himself of Katie, he would probably like someone like you that's only a little taller than him. :-)

I saw a Rainman rerun the other night, how short is Dustin Hoffman?

Buy Danish,

Just finished up at Wooten's. I thought you were incredibly patient with the morons today.
RW ( proprietor),

Those short actor comments are funny even if they are at Honu's expense.


At least RW isn't fixing you up with Herve' Villechaize, who would be a tough date even if he were French.

I think it's time for bed. I didn't notice that Herve' was deceased.

I guess RW will have to handle the match game. I'm clearly no good at it!
Buy Danish,

Damnit, I was just in the process of making a very inappropriate comment, but you deleted your post.

RW et al,

Before I go to bed, here is one more Flying Iman's theory.

Although I think that what they have done is harmed, not helped, their extortionist efforts to get legislation passed.

I can't wait for Pelosi/Reid to try to get this no profiling law passed.

And have I expressed my opinion that this Keith Ellison guy is going to be bad news.
You two are hysterical -- thanks for the laughs! There were times in my life that I dated (and married) those much taller than I, because as you know, we're all the same size when horizontal nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Dang BD -- what did you erase while I was watching the game, and what were you going to say, RW?

I miss all the good stuff -- see, that's what I mean about needing to find someone who shares my sports addiction :-.)
RW! Make that scary anonymous person go away. . .

I need to figure out how to delete a comment without leaving a "this comment has been deleted by the author" trail behind.
Buy Danish -- the blogmaster, aka the Wizard, told me he knows all and sees all and that even posts that are deleted do not escape his perusal. Scary, huh?

I know that, but at least no one else would know that I screwed up. The fewer the better.
True, Buy Danish! I just like to delete because I can :-.)

Thanks for those links by the way -- very informative.
Honu and RW,

Thank you, RW, for erasing that weird post -- I was just being sassy when I said that about you being the wizard - :-.) Hope you knew that I was playing.

Good night, Buy Danish. Keep up the good work tomorrow!
Goodnight BD!

We need to get @@ to give the secret of making a post disappear without a trace. It works differently for me because I can delete anything so I don't know what she does.

Wake up @@, tell us the secret or we'll sick Polly Prepuce on you!

Until we can get Dusty to turn blue we'll have to deal with those aggravating posts. Typically they aren't a person here, just a robot program set to spread spam messages. That's why your blog always gets complimented but nothing about the post or another comment does.
RW -- thank you for that explanation. The voluminous blank space creeped me out, so I figured they were up to no good :-.)
Honu @ 12/14/2006 11:30:47 PM,

That "same size when horizontal" thing is a myth if one happens to be a connoisseur.

I wanted to find a politically correct word for your height without using "small" or "short".

Petite would have been better.

You resent wearing 4" heels? I love it...4"...6"...there's something about looking down on men of average height that elevates my spirit. I love guys. Don't demand much from them, but they surrender their masculinity without realizing it, when they have to look up.

Am I blue ooooooo????
Am I BLUE oooooo ????
Once I tried oooooo....
Without a clueooooo....
Still black not blueoooooo..
B B B a a a l l l u u u e e ooo
(You didn't know I could sing, did ya?)
Let's try this again. I had to delete.


You are an absolute joy and too funny. Remember, I used to be OO(the original).

(Insert laughing face here)

If I were blue I'd look to you to cheer me up!

And let's get rid of those stupid blue laws while we're on the subject of blue.

Can you send me an audio file of that lovely tune? Maybe we could make the blog play it whenever you open the page.
Oh my goodness. I just saw where Buy Danish needs assistance in deleting, leaving behind no evidence.

OMG this is an exciting moment in my life.

Hit the trashcan.

Hit Delete comment.

Back out of the page.

Hit Delete forever.

Sometimes it asks me to sign in, but I don't. If I don't, it leaves my profile open for anybody to edit.

So do the sign in...sign out thingy unless you want a lurker going in and declaring you a b*tch or something.

That might not be possible though because of the IP on your URL blocking the RSS feed to your HTML.

I'm a delete geek. (Smile)
@@ (computer geek),

I think RW will tell you that only you can see your profile because of cookies on your computer.

I have done what you suggest in the past, but I swear that it ended up leaving numerous "comment deleted..." notifications instead of erasing my trail.

Maybe Dr. Blogspot was just screwing with me. Next time I screw up I'll try the delete forever option again.
I almost forgot. I came here to post this fabulous news for mankind.
Buy Danish:

Your link on Vienna's "lightbulb" idea is ludicrous.

I c-a-n-n-o-t believe that. OMG, how much is that going to cost them?

If Semper were to find out this was being done in the U.S. with "his" money, I guarantee you, he would skip hippity hop, hands a flappin' across a street that depicted a "woman crossing".

I kid you not!!!!
Buy Danish,

How long before they take down gender specific bathroom signs? They could just use a picture of Dio and get it over with all at once.

The only way someone can edit your profile is to be logged into it with your password.

That was quite the impressive geek speak you came up with! First it's sports and now it's, my...

Pretty ridiculous, huh?

I mean, do you think that people sent letters to the Austrian parliament to lobby for this (second only in importance to ending Global Warming, no doubt)?

I'll leave you all to ponder that vital question. Off to dinner and a party.
Buy Danish,

When the US takes care of all your security concerns it gives your Parliament more time to work on signs and such.

Enjoy your party and dinner! A friend asked me if I could help him move a few things earlier today. He's got a catering business and the "few things" were the tables, chairs, liquor, food etc., for an 80 person party/dinner tonight. If it's your party I hope you don't get the table with the wobbly leg.
Hey Buy Danish -- what the heck does this last sentence mean in your link:

"A roadworks sign picturing a woman in a skirt digging into a pile of dirt and used on a campaign poster will not see the light of day however because of traffic regulations."

Was it like lewd pictures of BS that RW & @@ were discussing over at the bar last week? If so, and I guess it showed a lot of Brittney, that might stop traffic.

Hey RW -- do they have baby changing stations in men's rooms? Just curious, and how is it depicted?
Hi @@ -- yes, petite is a very nice way of describing me -- then there's always the PC height-challenged.

Hi Dusty! Nice song :-.)

The changing stations in the men's room has a video that tells you to take the baby back to your wife and tell her the kid went again on the way back from you changing the little tyke and let her know that it's now her turn.
Honu: I don't recall such a conversation at the bar. RW and I never discuss lewd pictures, we just post 'em. (Smile)

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