Monday, December 04, 2006

Who are you going to believe, the press or your own lyin' eyes?

Professional golfer Jerry Kelly on a recent visit to Iraq:

Kelly said everywhere he went in Iraq, the soldiers were showered with affection.

"They're spreading so much goodwill," he said. "All the kids are coming up to them and hugging them and mobbing them. People were waving at us. They want us there...

"If we left now it would be so bad for those people who want us there and need us there and are getting the freedoms now they never had."

RW & Danish:

Saw your comments downstairs. Of course I made it out of the cesspool. Do I smell?

I started withdrawing from ml's even before November elections. You can only stand in liberal bs for so long, and then you start itching from the fungus.

I wouldn't have even commented on PF, but sometimes I can't resist being as he described me at Wooten's once. "Cruel & Vicious".

@@...."Cruel & Vicious" that's funny. :-P

Little to no activity at Wooten's either.


I read another article this morning, regarding a military Chief Master Sargeant's assessment of Iraq. If I can find it again, I'll drop it off.
O.K., so maybe I had the rank wrong.

Conversations With A Special Forces Soldier

Good news beats the media lies.

Unreliable Sources and the L.A. Times

I didn't see a date on either one of the articles, but I enjoyed reading them.

I have posted a few things at Wooten's today, for Getalife, Diogenes and DebbieDumbAss.
Bush seems to be standing pretty firm on Iraq, so who leaked the Rumsfeld memo?

Hadley said that Bush _ just before a pivotal election _ was not portraying a different sense of the war to the public than his own defense secretary was giving him in private.

Joe Biden is all over it.

"The bottom line is there is no one, including the former secretary, who thought the policy the president continues to pursue makes any sense."

I'm assuming that "continues" means staying?
I couldn't've said it better myself. Great post, RW.
The "advisor" at ml's. A Huffington Post mouthpiece.

No credits? I would think Arianna and AJC would have a problem with that.

I think I'll make one comment in the mornings, and leave them to themselves for the remainder of the day.

Odd how Huge, OoTMV showed up out of nowhere. Will Smith, Diogenes, this is going to be too funny.

Advisor did that over at Wooten's and sort of kicked himself out after Jim asked him to tone it down. Of course Jim came back an insane compliment for him.

It will be interesting to see how long they can talk about their 2008 candidate when the first primary isn't for over a year.

El Patro,

Thanks, I think Jerry Kelly summed it up quite nicely.

I just briefly scanned MLs. That Diogenes sure is proud of her Onion Evolution parody. She posted it to me at the old toon earlier and then posteed it again at the new tune.

I also see that Stalker Boy showed up for last call.
Buy Danish,

That's at least the third time she's posted that. I'm close to putting her on my scroll list.

I scroll through most of it, but every once in awhile she says something so deliciously stupid that I can't resist, and today was one of those days.

Does the Onion have searchable archives? I'd love to find something that makes fun of Darwiniacs.
Buy Danish,

They do! I have no idea what you might find.
Time for Heroes, see you after 10:00! Maybe you can find the Onion story by then.
I feel kinda like @@. Not much fun today. PoFo is such a boring fool. And now advisor!! Too many really weird ones.

DebbieDoLittle seems like a professional agitator with a bundle of provocative statements and then disputes everybody, even herself sometimes. You gave her a good run, BD. (Shhh,she's RW's favorite!)Do you think she has help on the side or is she nimble on the keyboard.

Thanks, RW, for posting some encouraging words about Iraq. We hear so few of them. The newspeople seem allergic to good news. As usual, they are afraid it might make Bush look good.
Did RW just desert hero Kelley to go watch Heroes with b-b-b-bouncing b-b-b-boobs on T.V.?

Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Hi Dusty. Whenever I see the "Best on the Web" at my homepage, I think of you. No kidding. :-)

You're still Semper's favorite, but he's stuck with me. :-(


You're right about the Debster - She is one fast typist! And if you say "The sky is blue" she'll find a reason to argue about it.

Diogenes is that way too, they just have different styles. They both love to argue and they both contradict themselves.

Story after story from people that go to Iraq say things like this but they always get shot down by the argument that they didn't see the "real" Iraq and most of them clam up giving the press an excuse not to report their story.

I hope this will get out to enough other people that have been their that it's time to call BS on the antique media. Jerry Kelly is not the type to keep quiet and there's a group of pro wrestlers going on tour over there soon. It's a pretty safe bet they won't keep quiet.


Where are these bouncing boobs you speak of? Certainly not in such a wholesome show as Heroes.


Where are these bouncing boobs? I just assumed that with cheerleaders, there had to be some movement.

Come to think of it, ml's may have inherited an abundance of them, I wonder if it'll be an odd number.

I just noticed, you were able to combine sports and politics on your main page.

You are very creative.

There was also a group of parents who visited Iraq, and said they'd bring back news. Has anybody read their assessments?
I love this blog of RW's. I came over this morning after preaching and foaming at the mouth at ml's. After reading all the good posts here, I am feeling warm and perky.

Well, kinda warm. 67 degrees just doesn't cut it in my house. It is a 100 years old and has NEVER been REALLY warm. Love it most of the year. Freeze in the winter.

Excuse my complaining. The males here run around in shirt sleeves year round and never get cold. I get no sympathy at all. So thanks to you warm hearted friends, I'm off to a good morning.

I've been trying to figure out what the big deal was about the Rumsfeld memo and what strategic benefit there was to anyone to leak it.

The story line at first seemed to be that he might have written it just before leaving and leaked it himself. He has now declassified the cover letter showing that it was weeks in the works.

Considering that Rumsfeld often wrote many memos that played devil's advocate for many scenarios and this memo didn't actually recommend any particular new course of action it seems like maybe somebody leaked it to damage the President. Basically saying that it was really Bush being hard headed since Rumsfeld was advising change.

Others have speculated that the White House leaked it to show that they weren't getting timely advice from the Pentagon.

To make a long and winding comment short, I don't know. :-)
Good morning Dusty,

My wife swears by Cuddl Duds.

Nice comment in the swamp this morning. I guess they don't care how silly they look lashing out at your positive thoughts.

Finch is out of rehab making even less sense than usual, so he must be in a halfway house -

Reality in Iraq is that we should just leave today, why do we care who gets killed and all wars turn out to be unnecessary anyway.
Buy Danish,

He's only posted a couple of times lately, so maybe Nurse Ratched isn't letting him have much computer time.

**Disclaimer: The structure of that post doesn't sound like finch

Assuming it is though, these leftists really do believe that about wars. How many times have you heard them say that Vietnam is doing alright and we pulled out of there?

They conveniently ignore that millions were slaughtered because we packed up and left even as John F'ng Kerry was assuring anyone that would listen that everything would be peachy the second we left.

Yeah, and they ignore the wars that have been fought to end slavery and tyranny.

It's curious that they fight us tooth and nail with unprecedented rage and venom, yet claim to be peace-loving people.
Buy Danish,

They are also very "pro war" when it comes to places they know we aren't going and they are more than happy to send troops to places we have absolutely no need to go.

I emailed you something to look over when you get time.
What is up with Gates?

Carl Levin asks if we're winning Iraq and he just says "no" without any clarification.

Lindsey Graham asks if Iraq is the central front for the war on terror and he says "one of them." When Graham asks the logical followup of what are the others, he's got no real answer.


I thought I heard Gates answer in the affirmative to the proposition that we are not winning but not losing.
Buy Danish,

That may be the case in some follow up from somebody trying to rehabilitate the answer, but Carl Levin was the first Democrat to question him and it was point blank, Q: "Are we winning in Iraq?" A:"No."
What? No talk about Jessica Simpson flubbing the lines to "Nine to Five" in front of your president??

I thought this was the place I could get my NEWS.

Maybe Gates was buying time or confirmation.

There's an interesting link at Powerline.

Edit for "Iraq" regarding his opinion on well....Iraq.

Hey, I'm gettin' me some of those CuddleDuds. My down slipper have a hole in them.

It looks like I've been plucking chickens in my house.

Thanks for the answer on Rumsfeld's memo. I'll blame the Democrats shortly....yup, times up....they're to blame.

Now about the accusations against Putin.....J/K, I'm exploring the globe, not stopping too long in one place if you know what I mean.

We go to YOUR place for that kind of earth shattering news.

I had to put up with Billy Jeff being my President for 8 loooooooonnnnnggggg years, so you can't just claim W isn't your President.


That Putin accusation story may be more interesting than anything we've been discussing. It's already odd that Litvenenko converted to Islam on his death bed and there may be more to what he was up to. Buy Danish is currently the expert on the topic.
RW: In the past, the KGB (some other name now) have used methods which would be ruled accidental, or that didn't give the victim opportunity to hurl accusations.

Sometimes the evidence is a little to obvious. A bunch of exiled oligarchs who were missing out on their piece of the pie; one of them
Berezovsky has associates in Kyrgyzstan who has economic dealings with Iran.

Russia is wanting Berezovsky and some guy named Akhmed Zakayev charged with terrorism through his affiliation with Chechen separatists, extradited from the U.K.

Converted to Islam huh? I love espionage thrillers. I can follow them better in a movie format.

Maybe Danish will elaborate for Slow OO (@@).
When you put those @@'s in parenthesis I can see why you're cold and in need of Cuddl Duds.

I wonder if I should tell BD she's been designated the expert on the Russian underworld?
Funny RW :-P. As Semper would say...

"That was a good one @@."

Buy Danish or Jack Bauer? Who to choose, who to choose?

I'll take Danish for information.

Thanks for the tips on Cuddlz. They sound good. Bound to be better than two sweatshirts and a wooly scarf tied around my neck. So much for style.

I found one other way to keep warm. Read DebbieDo and Dio. They even make Getalife look good. My internal temp rose quickly. but that is the wrong one. Oh well, take what you can get.

I really don't like the sound of this Jim Webb. What a jerk. Ohh..must run. NCIS is on. Be back later.

Here's another chapter in your spy thriller.

AllahPundit has been on the side of it being the KGB while many of the contributors at the site have been on the side of the Litvenenko/dirty bomb theory.

You could get warm being near DebbieDoesType's keyboard when she's pounding on it or you could curl up with Dio's 106 cats.
I'm here to solve the Muslim problem. There's a lady in Dearborn who is complaining because, while at the gym, her prayers were interrupted by a patron. She complained and the manager's response wasn't to her liking.

Morning Prayers
Noon Prayers
Afternoon Prayers
Sunset Prayers
Bedtime Prayers

Solutions: If you can't work your exercise program around your prayer times, hang a "busy praying" on a dressing room door, and have at it.

Problem solved. It's easy.

Dio's 106 cats, now that's funny!

WTF is that Dio? Maybe Darwin could explain it?

I'd like to give a yell out to @@!
Jay not jay,

Only someone living with 106 cats and a copy of every issue of the AJC printed in the last 57 years could think that even the slightest disagreement with them is a brutal attack.

I had a "prayer" meeting in a dressing room once. Does that count? ;-)

These girls should have hung out a "busy praying" sign.

Here's a clue that I find interesting-

The efforts now being expended to sustain the assassination theory is incredible. Litvinenko was one of 100’s of thousands ex-pat Russians in the UK. He was by far the least successful and least pwerful. He was in desparate need of cash so he cooked up an idea to blackmail Russian leaders, who probably would have laughed the guy off since his credibility was totally shot. But now, this insignificant man has morphed into such an enemy that Russia and its FSB had to use $10’s of millions of dollars worth of Polonium and activated an army of people to carry out a hit on this one low level nuisance.
Buy Danish,

What does the contamination at the Stadium point to? Was Lugovoy there with Litvinenko or was Lugovoy there himself and met with Litvinenko after? Or maybe before?

By the way, I'm spelling these names the way the sound in my head at whatever point in time I type them.
Never mind, I just read more of the story and found out the meeting was before the match.

This is more confusing than Heroes!

Are you talking about this? There were rumors that Lugovoi had asked Berezovsky for seats at his box and was denied. It will be very interesting to learn where this contamination was.

I've been reading a series of stories from this link which back up my theory that it was a set up to make it look like Putin did it.

The characters are Berezovsky and the Chechen Akhmed Zakayev.

Woops. Here's the link I"ve been reading.
Buy Danish,

I was talking about Lugovoy, he met with Litvinenko on November 1st and then went to the Arsenal Stadium for a match (soccer I guess) and there have been very small traces of polonium found there now.

What I don't get is how someone is supposed to have poisoned Litvinenko without other people, including the poisoner, dropping dead.

I haven't read nearly enough, but my first instinct is that Litvinenko was up to no good and poisoned himself.


You don't want to tie this into Heroes. There is a radio active hero in the jail in Texas where Peter was being held.
Look! We did it and what a tremendously large statewide turnout. (for some reason I hate to use the word huge these days)

I also think he was up to no good.

Do you think that Litvy (we can call him that for short!) procured the plutonium from Lugo (another nickname!) or do you think that Lugo was trying to kill Litvy?

Is there some way people carry this stuff around? I have no idea.

Re the Republican victory - That is a lot of votes. They didn't come from my hometown, I can tell you that!
Buy Danish,

It's polonium and it's deadly toxic so I don't think you want to be carrying it around in your pocket. Maybe Lugo delivered it or maybe he was an innocent bystander.
Buy Danish,

It's a little over 200,000 votes and it's statewide. They didn't come from my polling station either, but everyone involved in public utilities had a stake in this and everywhere there was a local candidate runoff they would see this on their ballot, so I thought it would be a little more than this.

Now that I have done my civic duty, should I care about public utilities? Does it effect things like Comcast or Bell South? What's in it for me? :)

I meant to say "polonium"! I figure that it gets carried around in a lead briefcase or something smaller and maybe Lugo got some on his clothes or shoes at some point while "packing".

In any case, for now I'm on the side who says that it was not Putin.

This guy has apparently gotten hundreds of thousands of web hits over this.
Goodnight Buy Danish!

Now is the time to pose that question to Chuck Eaton.

By the way, I just found a web site where you can buy your own piece of polonium and they make it to order for you in Tennessee.
JayNot: Shout out received and returned. :-)

RW: You're "dressing room" prayers. Before I linked, I thought you were talking about Danish & Honu.

BD&RW: In all my reading, I thought I saw where an isotope had been found in some Italian guy's apartment.

And...hasn't Berezovsky been accusing the Russian government of orchestrating a bombing and then blaming the Chechen terrorists, so Putin could wage a war against the rebels.

I think we need to frisk Will Jones with all his "loose change", they may be polonium disks from Tennessee. Harmless amounts have affected his brain.

For the time being, I'm looking at the two guys Danish is checking out, but Putin's refusal to allow suspects to be extradited from Russia for questioning by the U.K. doesn't fare well for him.

On the surface, it's just looking too convenient. You know the old saying, "When one finger is pointing out, there's three pointing back at the accuser."

And Iran has polonium? Hmmmmm. Putin has been assisting Iran with the U.N. sanctions. However, Bush's efforts to open the door for Russia's entry to the WTO may have been viewed by Ahmadinejad as fraternization with the evil Satan.

It would be great to have a timeline to follow. It's like trying to untie a bunch of loose ends to find the original knot.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I've gotta go dig out my trenchcoat and dark glasses. :-)

I found a timeline last night. Let me see if I can figure out where I saw it and I'll post it!

No timeline yet, but this is interesting.
Not even. Acknowledging someone's in office is a FAR cry from them accepting them as your president, mister.

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