Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why would we trust these guys?

Next time someone tells YOU that YOU should trust some new global ice age theory or twenty years later they want to sell you oven mitts just to touch your car doors because they read about global warming in Time magazine, keep in mind that in 2006 Time named YOU it's Person of the Year. And yes, that applies to anyone on the planet that reads this.

**UPDATE** Michelle Malkin took the time to read Time and it seems most of us aren't really a part of their little scheme.


The internet has been great in that it removes "publishing" gatekeepers, but the idea that it will make us one big happy family is a pipe-dream.

Kinda like the "Peace dividend" that Time Rag Inc and others heralded with much fanfare and which mostly resulted in us getting nailed on 9/11.
Buy Danish,

I was thinking of making my blog sing Kumbaya when you opened it. Are you saying there's no point?

I can't imagine how horrible it would be to agree with everybody about everything. I'm sure you've noticed that when liberals say we should all agree they're never willing to agree on our side.
Buy Danish & RW,

Well, I just finished reading Wooten's so I thought I'd better hurry over here before you two drink yourselves under the table. Honu must have some good stuff.

Also, I am totally impressed as to how important I am. Funny, Time didn't call to tell me. Oh, the vagaries of notoriety.

I kinda liked that write up. It was better than naming Nancy Pelosi or Ahmejinabad or some other creep. Now now. I am losing the Christmas spirit. Not suitable for the person(s) of the year.

I'm not saying there's no point. I'm just saying there's no such thing as Utopia - blogosphere or no blogosphere.

I'm also quite happy that there is no such thing as Utopia, because if it's that bizarre place where Dio and OOT are in charge and everybody agrees with them, then I'd prefer not to live there anyway as it would be perfectly horrible.
Hi Dusty!

I never drink myself under the table, although I suppose I could drink myself on top of the table if there was some compelling reason to do it.

Manichevitz would not be one of them.
Buy Danish,

Even with fruitcake no Manichevitz? Now that is the first step to Utopia. I need to get a bottle for the holidays. Not today so I won't get put in jail or wherever they put blue lawbreakers.

Now no fruitcake to be bought on Sunday would be a real tragedy. I don't even want to think about that one.

It occurs to me that there may be some liquor-soaked items that could land any of us in jail (or more likely impose a heavy penalty on the store that sold it to us).

Baba au Rum, Italian Rum Cake and Brandied Hard Sauce immediately come to mind.
Dusty and Buy Danish,

I can't tell you how honored I am to have my blog visited by co-recipients of the coveted Time Ragazine POTY award!
Thank you, RW.

It is always an honor and a privilege to participate in your blog.

As to the POTY award, when Time sent my gold staturette they mispelled POTY and put POTTY Award. Will it be OK to put duct tape over that? Will you still let me blog?

Thanks for the Michelle Malkin vent link that tells the truth about T-H-E-M.

I think the Malkin video explains why your award has an extra "T"

Buy Danish,

Look at this little edit Time made.

Wow. That's scary! They must have some card-carrying jihadists working as editors over there.

Here is James Taranto's take on YOU which is fairly amusing (scroll down a bit).
Does everybody get BOTW before I do? Whaaa...

Buy Danish,

That was a good question, how much is our prize money?

Do you get BOTW as a feed?
Buy Danish,

I have it emailed to me, it's not real reliable though. I think the RSS feed is for all the Opinion Journal stuff. I guess I should set that up.

I just set it up for a feed today so we'll see how it works tomorrow!

I just started doing these feeds and I'm not finding them very reliable either as they don't always update correctly. Or I'm doing something wrong.
Buy Danish,

They're usually pretty reliable as long as the web site is sending out the information that they've updates. I just added opinion journal to bloglines and it came up with the latest BOTW right on top as soon as I did it.

I'm using Bloglines and it is not working for me. I was stuck at Sundays "Thinking Right" all day and my Opinion Journal feed starts with "A New Plan" and ends with "Harvard loses its edge". No BOTW in sight. Luckovich did update now, but earlier it was stuck at the Panda cartoon.

What am I doing wrong? Waaaaaaaah!
Buy Danish,

Luckovich's blog is always screwed up. I don't have any other AJC site on there, but they're probably all the same.

I had to take the BOTW url and paste it into the Bloglines add line, then strip off all the stuff that ID's it as that day's file.

I think there used to be a button on my toolbar to subscribe to any site I was on, but I've either lost it or it went away when I upgraded IE.

The URL for BOTW is this:

There's not much there to put on a diet. I'm about to turn into Cartman again, but I have to eat dinner first.
Buy Danish,

I backed it out so that it ended in .com it will then tell you what feeds are available on the page.

One thing about Bloglines though is that once you look at a page of new feeds, if you don't check "save as new" on the ones you want you won't see anything unless you tell it to refresh whatever time period you've set. I've got mine as "Last 72 Hours."

I may have to wait until next week to try to figure this RSS feed stuff out - too much to muddle my brain right now.

More important - Did you see this story about John Mccain and blog legislation?
Good evening, RW & Buy Danish.

Well, well, well, the smarmy bastard (good one, RW) calls me out at 7:13p on a blog that closes at 7:00p.

What a gutless coward. Wonder what he's into that makes him so afraid of the Lord, and causes him to attack every chance he gets. Guess I don't need to know the answer to that, but whatever it is must be truly vile to make him quake in his booties over my beliefs.

Hey!^^ And that’s exactly what I’m going to tell him tomorrow – in public for all to see. (Although I’m sure he’s skulking here right now, the insufferable twit.)

Your psychic abilities are amazing.

Good call! Said smarmy bastard was here about the time you posted that.
Buy Danish,

Maybe it's McCains goal to co-sponsor a bill with every Democrat he ever serves with. I'm not sure the bill is as over-reaching as some in the article say and internet predators almost have to come under Federal jurisdiction.
There you are, RW -- was talking to myself at the bar. Good place for me, eh?!!

Hi Buy Danish -- hope you're well and had a great day.

RW -- was he really? Nevertheless, I'm posting it several times at MLs tomorrow - that ought to rile up the other parrots, too. Bunch of wienies.

Re Mccain, what I don't get is - How do you penalize someone who is spammed with images?

He was indeed. Probably a little disappointed that he hadn't made much of an impression.

Buy Danish,

It's hard to get spammed with images, but I'm sure if McCain is involved it will be a major cluster@#$%.
Here's the audio of Round II in the Bonaduce smackdown of John Conner.

Thanks for the audio. Gotta love those peace-loving Leftists who threaten 12 year old children.

While we're exchanging multi-media, here's a fun video from Jerry Zucker which spoofs the Iraq Surrender Group.
Global warming isn't a problem. *whispers loud enough for everyone to hear* i have an inside tip its all a load of crap...
El Patro,

A tip like this?
Buy Danish,

That video is great.

El Patro,

Shhhh...It's got to be our little secret so that we can snap up the best ocean front property on the cheap.

I loved the way they used old footage!


This is for you.

On the global warming front, this just is jaw-droppingly stupid. I hope all those crocodile tears that the envirowackos have over this don't add too much to the water vapor problem.

One thing they forgot to mention is that every person flying in a jet (mass transportation!) means one less person on the road in an evil SUV.
Buy Danish,

The only real change to (insert media hysteria here) coverage is that they have started putting their predictions far enough into the future that they can't be held accountable. They were pushing it a little by only going to 2050 in your link.

I think I'm already supposed to be long since dead and gone from some of the things that were going to get me by 1970 or 1980 or surely by 1990, and Y2K was curtains for us all if we had managed to survive everything else.

One minute its Jets, the next its wood stoves in Alaska.

A city is allowed two human-caused violations a year before it faces the possibility of being classified as a "non-attainment area." Once that happens, the state and borough must come up with a plan on how to bring particulate levels into compliance and submit it to the EPA.

Two human "incidents" a crisis makes? Meanwhile Mt. St. Helens is puffing away.
Notice to all Alaskans:

Use only your canned heat.
Good evening, Buy Danish -- hope you had a wonderful day.

Thank you so much for that link. My question is why does anyone give Sam Harris the time of day?

Do you remember when OOT (nka OV) gave us homework assignments? Me to read Sam Harris and you to read Jonathan Kozol? I spent more time pondering his Jonathan Kozol obsession than I did Harris. I refuse to link on anything that loser has to say. And I was so pleased to find out he and OV represent less than 1% of our country. Praise the Lord for that!

Thank you, BD - I appreciate you taking the time in finding that link for me. Very much appreciated. Guess you're now my designated hitter since Andy's been gone. He would have blasted OV the other day, much better than I could have.

Have a great night and I'll talk to you soon!


(Hey, Jay not jay -- I'm in mango heaven! hahahahaha)
Buy Danish,

It's probably all the millions of extra caribou we have thanks to them finding a nice warm spot for a glass of reindeer wine and and a little hanky panky, courtesy of the pipeline.

Then again if we could turn leftist bluster into a heat source we would never to burn anything again.

The good news is that even Nicholas Kristoff of the NYT is turned off by these 1 percenters. OOT (Stalker Boy) thinks he's back in the majority since the Dems picked up a few seats, but he's not.


What energy source IS acceptable to these loonies?

Off too enjoy my non-particulate forming but exorbitantly expensive gas-heated bedroom...

Good night all.
Nite Buy Danish, it was a HUGE landslide, remember.

A major a** whooping.

Now we can all be on solar energy, in CAMELOT!
Goodnight BD!

I think union driven rickshaws are approved.

Jay not jay,

Don't they hold over 500 of 535 Congressional seats mow? /sarc

I love the way they conveniently forget the Executive Branch is equal to the entire Congress. I'm going to join Buy Danish, albeit in a different room and city. Goodnight!
Nite RW,

At least we can all rest knowing WE were the people of the year. POTY.


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