Thursday, January 11, 2007

Choosing Victory Over Surrender-David Limbaugh

David does a good job of showing how you can never please a liberal.

President Bush has now done what Democrats have been demanding of him for years. But are they satisfied? Of course not. They make sure of that by forever moving the goal posts.

Democrats have constantly complained that President Bush never admits mistakes and is too stubborn and inflexible to change his strategies. But on all these counts, his speech on Iraq should give Democrats much to cheer about.

He admitted he has made mistakes in Iraq and that his policies were not working. He accepted responsibility for his failures and laid out a new strategy specifically to address and remedy them. But instead of praising him, Democrats redoubled their criticism and reaffirmed their resignation to our defeat.

How about the president's new strategy? The press is heavily emphasizing his plan to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq, but is ignoring the other equally important aspects of the strategy.

Click the post title to read the rest of Limbaugh's article.

For anyone that missed part of the President's speech doing something else or got lost in his less than stellar delivery, the text is here. Even if you watched it all I encourage you to read it. I'm often taken aback at how bad a speech by W can sound, yet be so full of vital information. It's the exact opposite of hearing and reading a speech by Billy Jeff. They always sounded great until you read them and realized he hadn't said a thing.

Newsflash for David Wu (D-OR) The "real" Klingons weren't real either.





RW: You're absolutely right about Bush's speeches. For me the problem is in the delivery, but the content is full.

Excuse me while I sound off. I mentioned that he acknowledged mistakes at ml's today. The liberals heard it differently. This is what they wanted to hear from Bush:

Naaaahhhhh, can't do it. Wouldn't be prudent.

Sorry, that started off sincere, but then morphed into GHWB.

I really was going to lay it on thick, but I'm beginning to feel like there is no privacy in this place.

Hi Losers. See a shrink elsewhere. I'm off the clock.

He does a lot better when he has a live audience. Even when it's the press he does better in his pre-question remarks. He just can't look into a camera and look right doing it. We're supposed to be electing leaders not camera ready posers anyway though.

Note to stalking losers: I'll analyze your problems when @@ is off the clock. I'll have to put up a tip jar first though because you freaks are a full time job.
Great opportunity RW.

Fuck Yu Wu, you're a vulture with a cling on problem. Struttin' around looking for roadkill in the bushes, while it taunts our military in the Middle East.
Look at the first line of an email I just got from Howard Dean:

Last night, George Bush plans announce that he wants to send tens of thousands more troops to Iraq.

What we need is a nitpicking English teacher to have a chat with the boy. Too bad the only one that hangs out here has become a film critic.
Wow @@! Do you want Wu's email address?
Well lookey lookey, it has begun.

A preemptive strike on Iran?

RW: I most definitely will e-mail that little shit. Hell, I never saw anything so rehearsed, childish, & pathetic.

Google Wu?

Here you go. Some of these weasels won't take email feedback from outside their district so you may have to call or fax.
Those Iranians sure are whining loud and hard. Perhaps they were reading the blogs today and decided to follow the lead of the American left.
Now really RW, with a dufus like that for a Congressman, can his staff be real bright? My gawd, he attended Stanford, Harvard & Yale. That speech came from a college graduate. A PhD? Nevermind, who cares, he's stupid no matter what his level of education. It does happen sometimes.

He must have gotten a sports scholarship. The boat rowing team or something..."crew team"?

I'll give it a go.

This is goodnight RW.

He does sound like all the folks at ml's that squawk about all their degrees, yet you could beat them with a cluebat all day and they still wouldn't know anything.

Stanford, Harvard, & Yale to stand on the floor of the House and tell us the White House is teeming with Klingons, and oh by the way, not the real ones either. Unbelievable.

He was educated in public schools, earned a Bachelor of Science from Stanford University in 1977, attended Harvard Medical School, and received a law degree from Yale University in 1982.

I guess that med school thing wasn't working out, but why switch to Yale for law school? Doesn't Harvard have a pretty good law school?
Did anyone here watch the PBS documentary last night "Anti-semitism in the 21st Century"?

Now I know that I, often times, see things from an abstract perspective, but it really was interesting. Whereas, anti-semitism was introduced to the Middle East by European Christian missionaries, it has become fodder for the progressives.

When Europeans were asked about the validity of claims made in a propoganda book HTTP://WWW.JEWISHJOURNAL.COM/HOME/PREVIEW.PHP?ID=17042 HREF="" REL="nofollow">"Protocol of Zion", they believed it to be true. It's the kind of crap that Will Jones? puts out at ml's.

While the liberals are busy blaming Christians for violence perpetrated in history, they're also helping to perpetuate the conspiracies put forth in the book against the Jews. Assisting the Muslims in justification for their hatred so to speak.

On a percentage basis, the U.S. has the least anti-semitic sentiments towards Israel. Taking into consideration, the percentage of Muslims within our country (don't know what that would be), it's safe to say that the 5% is made up, mostly of...liberals. I base that on what I see at ml's. That would include the RE's, N-GA's, Candide's, etc.

Although many are claiming that the documentary was biased in favor of Islam, I didn't see it that way at all.

I attended a bible study for several months at a Baptist Church. Shute, we all partook in a "Sader" (?) feast with a Rabbi that they had formally invited to share the Jewish beliefs with us. Aside from eating "fresh horseradish" it was a welcome experience for all of us.

Anyway, just an odd observation.

Probably something you guys say about me. "That girl is odd."

Not only the Left, but "Liberal elites", including Jews are anti-semitic. I posted a comment here a few days ago about I most creepy person I met recently who was in the State Department. I hear this first hand all the time.

I had this conversation today with "Southern Democrat" at Wooten's who thinks its a "conspiracy theory", but I know for a fact it's true.

Gotta make dinner. I'll fill in more later.
Oh, Stalker Boy,

Now you think you're George Burns?
Let's try that again. Link went haywire.

Croc Hunter's Daughter Makes TV Debut

She is her Dad made over. Would he be proud or what?

Have you ever watched one of the Farakhan rallies that they like to call million man marches?

Among the 5 or 6 thousand people that show up you will always see a few hard left whites clapping and cheering to everything they say from the stage seeming not to notice that several of the speakers are saying the world needs to exterminate white people.

I don't know how you can ever reason with or understand people that insanely dense. On a far sadder note, most of them are probably in academia.
Buy Danish,

If you were busy getting dinner together and missed the first segment on O'Reilly you need to watch the rerun. I finally figured out what they keep Jane Fleming, the "young" Democrat, around for.

Who is George Wu in connection with the ml blog? And what happened with the last 10/15 posts for the day? All sounded like nick jackers. I better stop using "wanker" as I find out that also means other things.

There were a couple of my posts and BD's posts that were real but most of the end of the day was ...something...I don't know how to describe it.

There's a video of David Wu on this post, but I'm not sure what you mean about George Wu at ml's.

Nice poems! Yep, those were nickjackers and multiple identity characters, and the one who calls himself GOD is Stalker Boy, who now thinks he is George Burns.


Cleavage? Now I have to look up the schedule because I can never remember when all the reruns come on. I may record it if it's on too late, but the suspense is killing me. Well, sorta.
Buy Danish,

DING DING DING we have a winner!

It comes on at 11:00 and it's in the first few minutes. It's almost like they said, "well she's got nothing else so put her in a low cut top and take down the graphics."

I'll set my alarm.
Buy Danish,

It's 11:00 tonight! Are you taking on @@'s hours?

I don't know where I got George from either, Just a leftover from George Burns I guess. Hmm.... and I must confess I am not familiar with Klingons. Star Wars? (I know. Sheltered!!)

Ah, so DAVID Wu is Democratic senator from Oregon who thinks the White House is full of Klingons (not anything you want to be). Did I get it straight??

I just read the jay walking professor's piece. He sounds like a Mr. Chips trying to be nice but thinks all police should be nice to little old weak! professors who break the law and don't obey the police. That would be nice. It didn't injure him so much he couldn't write a very long piece about it. And the low life he had to sit with--oh oh SNiff! I'm trying to drum up some sympathy here.

I think I'll make it to 11:00 tonight, but I may forget to watch O'Reilly.

I do fall asleep quite early sometimes, but I don't plan on it the way @@ does. It's usually a case of getting too comfortable and deciding to close my eyes just for a minute during a commercial and the next thing I know its one in the morning.

Is that the same piece where the jaywalking professor thinks the United States is really a bad place and George W Bush is responsible for all the evil in the world?
Buy Danish,

Thanks for your generous compliment. My poetry is pretty bad but I give it a try now and then. Nice to have a captive audience who can't give catcalls. I gave up on one poetry society. Most of them were just about as bad as I was.

I read the end of mls after dinner and thought the place had gone wild. But nobody at AJC-mls cares. At least Wooten tries to stop nick jacking sometimes. That lasts about two minutes. Oh well.

Where is this jaywalking professor's piece? I can't find it (not that I've looked all that hard).
Buy Danish,

Here's a link to it with color commentary from Boortz.

I didn't see where the old "frail" professor (who is middle aged and does not look infirm) said anything about Bush. He thinks the police are horrible people and likens himself to Mandela. Yes, after a whole eight hours in jail. He claims he didn't know it was a policeman but the officer told him. I guess the officer missed a golden opportunity for good publicity and also missed the chance to let a professor get run over.

It's this paragraph near the end. It's difficult to stay awake reading this far into that piece.

"I have long known, as any reasonable person must, that the courts are the citizen's only protection against a rogue executive and rationally uncontrolled security forces. Though my own misadventure was trivial – and in perspective laughable – it resembles what is happening to the world in the era of George W. Bush. The planet is policed by a violent, arbitrary, stupid and dangerous force. Within the USA, the courts struggle to maintain individual rights under the bludgeons of the "war on terror," defending Guantanamo victims and striving to curb the excesses of the system. We need global institutions of justice, and judges of Judge Jackson's level of humanity and wisdom, to help protect the world."

I found it. I'm going to give my commentary before I read Boortz'.

When the guy described himself as an "intellectual" I knew he was an ass.

When he tried to make an analogy between the Atlanta police force and Bush, I thought we might have found one of ML's moonbat professorial bloggers. Such a high opinion of his 'intellectual' abilities, without a shred of evidence.

That being said, the police were probably out of line - and remind me not to walk around the streets of Atlanta. Where I come from everybody jaywalks. Although I have a feeling he may have been sizing up the boyz, and jaywalking wasn't really the offense.

Now I'll read Boortz.

Before I click on that link, I forgot about his spiel about the executive being violent and dangerous and the judiciary being sweet little lambs!

It was incredibly dull, and thus easy to forget the details.
Okay, I read the link. Well done Boortz!

He may have called the cop a "pig" and an "illiterate peasant" and/or said "Bush is a Nazifascisthomophobe" and did I say that he sucks too?.
Good Heavens, RW,

I jumped to the kindness of the judge and missed the Bush part. I should have known that the professor would be a rabid liberal. His talk with Boortz was even more revealing. Disgusting.

Maybe the policeman smelled a rat!! Maybe the rat's been blogging. Blackadder? Naww, no British accent!! I cringe at the thought of him teaching at Tufts or anywhere for that matter.

I don't think he really had a conversation with Boortz. That was just Neal taking the article and giving his thoughts on the professor and his words.

Maybe he's TfTT!
Buy Danish,

I've completely lost track of which tftt is the real one. Do you think this wimpy weasel professor could pull off the fake crazy conservative routine?
Buy Danish,

TfTT has a large vocabulary but he's been blogging a long time (not that you couldn't be blogging from Boston). Don't think the professor would demean himself with such common language. Ha!

I must say good night to you and RW. Early rising tomorrow.
Goodnight Dusty!

You're going to miss the cleavage countdown.

How crazy is this story?

I can just imagine the family of the one that had been missing over four years watching the search play out never thinking for one second their son would be found alive.
OH BD....It's 11:00!
Wow, RW -- guess all those tears I've cried over Rory when he was in Iraq, and the ones now, don't count since I don't have children of my own. So how the hell can I relate? Boxer is an ignorant fool. I agree with Condi, thought single women had come a lot further than that.

Does this Jane woman have a bathing suit on under her blazer?

Last, did Laura really say that about Condi?

I'm doomed in my quest for political office, I guess.

Hi Dusty! Hi @@!
@@ -- I got to see Bindi on the Ellen show the other day, and she was amazing. I was crying all over again, like I did when Steve died. She really is an incredible tribute to the way her mom and dad raised her. Can't wait to see her special on Animal Planet.

I caught literally one second of Jane on O'Reilly - just enough to get a peek. VaVaVaVoom.

Re TfTT, I was just imagining some Brit yelling "Bollocks" and a string of other choice words at the police officer.

That missing/found boys story is amazing. You couldn't make something like that up if you were writing a script. I can't even begin to imagine the anguish the parents went through.
Honu/Buy Danish,

Now that I've seen it again it was like they had her sitting up extra high to take advantage of the "bathing suit" look.


She's really an airhead so I guess they figured they had to do something for what they pay her.

Even though she is called a guest, she's what's known as a contributor. That means they have some exclusivity and she has to appear whenever they want, but they also have to pay her a contracted amount whether they use her or not.

So you think they had her sit on a phone book or something?

You are quite the expert on contracts! I didn't realize that's how it worked. I figured they got paid by the visit, unless they had a regular gig.

Buy Danish,

That's the way it works unless I'm wrong or making it up. :-)

They had to have her propped up. Have you ever seen that much of her? (poor choice of words I guess, but you know what I mean)

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