Thursday, January 11, 2007

Choosing Victory Over Surrender-David Limbaugh

David does a good job of showing how you can never please a liberal.

President Bush has now done what Democrats have been demanding of him for years. But are they satisfied? Of course not. They make sure of that by forever moving the goal posts.

Democrats have constantly complained that President Bush never admits mistakes and is too stubborn and inflexible to change his strategies. But on all these counts, his speech on Iraq should give Democrats much to cheer about.

He admitted he has made mistakes in Iraq and that his policies were not working. He accepted responsibility for his failures and laid out a new strategy specifically to address and remedy them. But instead of praising him, Democrats redoubled their criticism and reaffirmed their resignation to our defeat.

How about the president's new strategy? The press is heavily emphasizing his plan to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq, but is ignoring the other equally important aspects of the strategy.

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For anyone that missed part of the President's speech doing something else or got lost in his less than stellar delivery, the text is here. Even if you watched it all I encourage you to read it. I'm often taken aback at how bad a speech by W can sound, yet be so full of vital information. It's the exact opposite of hearing and reading a speech by Billy Jeff. They always sounded great until you read them and realized he hadn't said a thing.

Newsflash for David Wu (D-OR) The "real" Klingons weren't real either.


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