Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary's in.

Do you wonder why she doesn't mention her recent trip to Iraq? Newsbusters may have your answer.


That video must be getting a lot of hits. I can't get through one sentence before it stops, and as such have been able to see it in its entirety.

I wish this was a metaphor for her whole campaign.
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If you're going to Hot Air and then loading it you may want to just click on Olympic medalist Hillary right here and it should launch the video.

That video is still not happening for me, but this is sickening enough.

Hillary runs for the White House as ‘new Thatcher’

Yeah, and Barak "Barry" Hussein Obama is the next Ronald Reagan.
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Isn't it amazing that the libs claim all there ideas are right, but they have to make some outlandish claim that they are like some conservative icon when they want to get elected.

Yes it is amazing, and it is mind-boggling that so many people fall for these ridiculous schemes.

At least Thatcher is still alive, so someone better ask her her opinion quick.

Come to think of it, after reading "Sam the conservative's" BS today, maybe they'll compare Obama to Goldwater.
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If you saw what rushncap wrote about Obama they should compare him to Jim Jones.

Compare rushncap to Jim Jones or Obama?

What did the scientist say about Obama?
I Googled Goldwater+liberal.

An interview in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine with C.C. Goldwater reveals that her HBO film to be aired Sept. 18 paints her late grandfather, Sen. Barry Goldwater, "as a kind of liberal," with testimonials from Al Franken, Sen. Ted Kennedy, James Carville and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately this story is originally from Editor and Publisher and I can't access the whole thing, but this is just shameless exploitation of Goldwater.

Compare Obama to Jim Jones. rushncap said, "every guy and girl I know will do anything, and I mean anything, for Obama."

Tells you the depth of the campus crowd doesn't it?

I found Sam's talking points at another blog.

Like or dislike Barry Goldwater, he shows how far conservatives have come as they’ve degenerated from a movement supporting freedom and small government to the current authoritarian movement dominated by the religious right. I’ve wondered how far Goldwater would have evolved had he stayed in politics in his later years when he considered himself a liberal and opposed the direction the Republicans were going in. If he had continued to guide the Republicans philosophically, perhaps they would have candidates like the fictional Arnold Vinick of The West Wing rather than George Bush.

I'd forgotten about that! They'd jump off a bridge for him (and give out a few bjs on the way).

And they call us "lemmings".
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They do easily fall in line behind any empty suit. I bet Obama will be like Billy Jeff in how empty a transcript of what he says is vs. the spoken word.

I've still only made it part way through that Hillary video. She sure has trouble saying "Bush" without spitting, while everything else she says is just one big fat nothing (also known as "a chicken in every pot blah blah blah")

Goodnight BD!
I want everyone to take notice of the time on this post. A trip out of town has turned me into a hoot owl.

I recall an article that said Margaret Thatcher was very impressed with Mitt Romney.

Curious. Do you guys enjoy the kind of confrontation that took place at Wooten's today? I just read it and...yikes.

Not my cup of tea, but I admire those that have the fortitude to endure.

Hello & "WHoo WHoo".
Is @@ trying to tell us that if you start going to bed at 4:00 in the afternoon pretty soon you are up at all hours of the night?

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