Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's our Birthday!!

As some of you know, this blog was never a serious effort and wasn't even supposed to be around more than a couple of weeks. Today the blog turns one year old with this being the 427th post and sometime in the next few days we will welcome our 20,000th visitor. So much for a couple of weeks.

It's still not much of a serious effort to inform since most of the people that visit here are already quite informed, but more of a forum to record events and discuss virtually anything. One of the great joys I get from this blog is the avant-garde nature of the comment section.

Our very first post was Butterscotch-(the original). A few days later we got into the hard news business when we found out that Supreme Court Nominee Sam Alito had once shot Pope John Paul. From there the blog was off and running. I had thought about linking to something from each month, but perusing the archives I found too many posts that all of you had turned into very special memories and found it too difficult to choose.

Thank you everyone!


This better not be your swan song. How in the world would I continue learning?

Dare I read your first post? Butterscotch?

No way. I'm wearing mascara.

Next post? Seneca and "Big Daddy"?

Now there's a cocktail that'll blow your mind.


Somehow I knew you would catch that the only two comments on that post were finch and BigDaddy.
Happy Birthday RW-(the original),

Congratulations, a million thanks, and many happy returns!
Dear RW!

I am a bit hoarse and have a bit of a cold, but I have recorded a Happy Birthday greeting for you in my native Russian!

I raise an ice cold shot of Stolichnaya to you!

Das vadanya,

Thank You Buy Danish! I type pretty well for a one year old don't I?

The Value of a Friend

Two are better than one,
because they have a good reward for their labor.
For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.
But woe to him who is alone when he falls,
for he has no one to help him up.
Again, if two lie down together,
they will keep warm.
But how can one be warm alone?
Though one may be overpowered by another,
two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

-- Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Thank you, RW, for making this site available and for being a friend to all of us.
Hell RW, you've gotta know I'm always looking for my "Big Daddy", a man among.....other things.

Finch? I've heard tell he's been deposited in the "Lost and Found".

Let's all hope he finds himself and figures out what to do with "it".

I choose not to watch though.

My apologies, but you know how those icy vodka shots make me drop my v's!


Thanks and I think the real thanks for the site being available (sometimes) goes to the much maligned and evil Dr. Blogspot. It's the people here that make the site fun. We'll have to have a big bash when the Sports Bar turns one in June.


I was hoping you were going to tell us BigDaddy was one your real life friends and you were going to drag him back over here. Hell the old finch was tolerable until he got ADS*.



*Andy derangement syndrome

So poor finch contracted ADS - that explains everything!
Buy Danish,

Maybe I'm missing a letter there too.


Either my Russian is suffering today or your sister spiked my punch. Possibly both. If I have your name wrong again I'm giving up.

. could be that sinister Dr. Blogspot or his wife Natasha stealing letters out of my posts!
Oh but absolutely RW,

This is the most fun place. Adventures with RW just can't be beat (even though you don't like Manichevitz). But all is forgiven for that one faux pas. So I post this thought in honor of Butterscotch: RW is the BIG CHEESE! You are the CREAM of the CROP! And furthermore, if you come over I saved one pickled pig foot for you. (Anniversary Present.)

A gentleman would never take a lady's last pigs foot, pickled or otherwise.

I'll raise a glass of a fine Merlot

and call it Manischewitz though

^ ^ ^ My best poetic effort to date!

Nope! Scooter is the only person on here that I know personally. Me and "Big Daddy" personal friends?

Well. In a way, a little too personal if I recall.

Didn't get home until late last night. If I'd know it was such a special day, the day you opened your heart and hospitality to all us misfits, I'd have come over after midnight after putting away 5 Tequila shots.

Who knows, my post might have made sense. We'll never know. An opportunity lost.

I have a low tolerance for liquor. Everybody else seemed fine even though an equal amount of shots were fired by all.

Unless you have a video to look at they might have all thought you looked fine and they were buzzed.

One never knows with you. We didn't know you knew Semper at first either.

You are the perfect gentleman!! Yes sir (she said as she munched on a pickled pig foot).

My French is tres kaput. Is Merlot pronounced mer low?? If so, you are also poet supreme.

merlow + though = perfecto!! oh oh and bottoms up. I am referring to drinking in case there is any doubt.

P.S. I think @@ is our wild wild woman. Who'd a thought it?

It is indeed pronounced Mer-low!

I can be one of those poets coming to town now!!!!
RW (the poet!),

What a shame that it's much too late,

For Dusty to bake her best fruitcake.

We'll have to rely on Duncan Hines,

To make a cake that's less divine.

OOoooo RW

Me and you and Angelooo

Talking like poets do.

But, please, RW, no jaywalking on Peaches Street.

That's where a kindly policeman you might meet.

(Oh noooo....traffic's so slow...if only I knew!!)

And now DANISH is with us poets TOO!!!!!
Dear friends,

This is fun but I have to run.

The crowd is ravenous and seem cavernous.

I'd love to bake a lovely cake

But folks are crying like they're dying.

I'm fixing grits for their hunger fits.

So for now, see ya later, alligator!

Doesn't RW sound quite a bit like Robert Frost with his effort?
Somebody get Dusty's last poem to rewrite. Alligator needs to be changed to caligator.
*Top secret message for RW's eyes only*

Phew! Dusty didn't get a chance to bake that damned fruitcake of hers.

I've got both Devil's Food and Angel Cake ready to be iced.
Buy Danish,

One thing you should know about fruitcake. If you bake one now it's for your great-grandchildren. Fruitcake must be aged for forty or fifty years, so I'm sure Dusty has a few sitting in the fruitcake cellar just about ready to go.

By the time she get's back we'll have had my delicious confections and will just have to politely refuse her kind offer to enjoy her great-grandmother's fruitcake.
Should we have told her not to read these comments too?

my gentle nature is greatly touched. I can tell you both are putting up a big "front" to cover your great yearning for my fruitcake.

But I shall be polite and beg quietly for some of Danish's two cakes. GIMME SOME CAKE! Grits did not hit the spot tonight. Of course I would slice fruitcake but as RW mentioned --they must age sufficiently. Mine are not quite gray enough. When spring comes with the green I shall be very generous. In the meantime--I'll take Devils Food and cut BIG please.

(Honest, RW, I didn't think Danish could cook! I'm copying my fruitcake recipe for her.)
Ah Dusty,

Nothing quite says springtime like a heavy slab of fruitcake. I'm surprised they don't have fruitcake rolls for the kids visiting the White House and Easter fruitcake hunts in the Church yard.
Ah, the Goode ole days when there were posters from both sides.

Where have all the good times gone?
Gosh, I don't have a poem or a fruitcake except for Semper that is.

I'm off to watch the season premiere of 24.

Finally, something on T.V. that's wrought with intrigue and espionage, not to mention Jack.

Thanks again RW.

Signed: A shooting star!

I think when all the lefties confused themselves by all posting as anonymous they went away.

In some cases they went into rehab.
Like Nixon, don't you think it is time for your party to step up and ask w and cheney to resign?

For your country, you should contact them and put pressure on them to do it, so they can keep their jobs.

If they did that at the same time Nancy Pelosi would be President. Is that your fruitcake recipe?

One day you'll be thanking your lucky stars that Bush and Cheney don't listen to you whiny little snots.
I do not like fruitcake.

Funny, there are many cons who do not believe in your heroes anymore.

Your party will do the right thing anyway.
I had to come back to see who "anonymous" was.


Who chose to stop having fun just because our views differed?

I'm still having fun day to day.

You RW?

I remember when Getalife was only in it for the fun.

So what are we supposed to oppose on this thread?

It's not your birthday RW or you can't be born again?

Back to Jack!

There was a time when you were intellectually honest. You know damn well that I disagree with the administration on lots of issues even though I do feel he's better than the alternatives we were offered.

Iraq is not one of the places I disagree with the President. He's doing the right thing against all sorts of bitching and sniping.

Now lighten up, this is a party and you are really the only reason this blog got started to begin with.

Log in and take your place as a guest of honor.
No thanks.

I have been blogging with some friends on the right and they are contacting their reps about Iraq.

Just thought I would try.

Have fun.

You talked me into it. I'll get in touch with Hank Johnson in the morning and ask him to change his position on Iraq. OK?
Happy Birthday to RW's!

Thank you, RW-(the original).

Cheers to all!
Cheers to you Jnj! You better go catch Honu and collect your mango haul.

It was a fun party. I must leave and get my beauty sleep. Besides, cigar smoke gets me all choked up. Poets are so delicate you know.

Farewell, farewell, until the golden sun doth touch our tender brows

And then , when yet the green blade has felt the kiss of clouds,

Arise and have a good cup of coffee.

(Oh... poetry is just beeyootiful!)

G'nite all.

I'll be contacting my reps too.


Cheney was great on Chris Wallace - did you catch it?


24 was great, although a little gruesome. I was worried at first that it was falling into a PC theme, but I should know to trust Jack Bauer.


That Devil's Food is delicious isn't it! It's my secret recipe, code named xilbup. If you twist my arm I'll give it to you, but you have to rescind that snarky "I didn't know Danish could cook" comment. I'm just very modest about my abilities and don't like to gloat.
Buy Danish,

I did catch that this morning. Cheney always does well on these shows though.

Did you see what stalker boy put up late at Wooten's? What a punk.
Who can leave such interesting conversation?

OH, Danish , the cake was delicious.
Forgive the cooking comment. I never suspected a FAMOUS tennis star like you would have time to cook. Please send secret xilbut to my private satelite code number.

I too am modest about my cooking time my fruitcake won a prize as "cake best suited for battleship anchor". Made me so proud.

G'nite again!!
That really is secret when you change it from xilbup to xilbut.

Goodnight Dusty!

What a punk is right! That loser is a one man hate factory.
Thanks Dusty,

Apologies accepted! I'll even throw in my gourmet popcorn recipe, but you need a new decoder ring first.


I think that xilbut is where the Friday night crew goes to get their party supplies.
Buy Danish,

That's disgusting!



but hilarious!

Do you think it's possible the Friday crew really is a group of different people? Perhaps a class being taught by a psychopunk doing it for extra credit.
Remind me never to accept an invitation to party with Getalife.


Buy Danish:

Initially, I thought the same thing about 24. They get in their little digs, but they don't hesitate to show you the possible scenarios either.

It looks like Keifer has been working out. Oouuuuiiieee!

Nite Guys!
Goodnight @@!
G'nite @@,

I'll have to pay more attention to Jack Bauer's physique. I was a bit distracted by all the scars. He better have some plastic surgery before he meets up with Audrey again.


I think they're the same person, or maybe roomates in the asylum, unless they are all student's of Punk Professor Pecker Stalker who gives them extra credit in "creative writing" for going after us.
Buy Danish,

Funny you should mention the punk professor, he can hardly stay away from here tonight. It is pretty lonesome in his neck of the woods I guess and us calling him a professor is likely the highlight of his unibomber-style life.

It must be very lonely for the uni-wanker on long weekends like this when all his "students" are home or out partying without - him once again.
Buy Danish,

I think you should be given some special award.

"Uniwanker" is the perfect one size fits all name for the punk stalker that can't make up his mind what name to use.

Socialist Democrat, OotMVoD. OotMV, OV, Common Sense, UW, and all your name jacks, we dub thee the uniwanker.

Thanks! I was inspired by your use of Unibomber.

Should we put a racist hyphen in there and make it Uni-Wanker?
It is a party right?

Doesn't the uniwanker have anything to say?
Buy Danish,

It works for me, I'm just leery of the racist hyphens.

I had no idea a hyphen could be racist until a "wise" liberal goat told me that.
Jay not jay,

At this time of might the Uni-Wanker may have taken both hands off the keyboard.

Uni-Wanker is more like how they spelled Uni-Bomber.

Hmmmmm. Uniwanker or Uni-Wanker. To hyphenate or not to hyphenate. Maybe Uniwanker is better after all. Or we could do UniWanker like WaPo and HuffPo.


What do you think?
I like uni-wanker.

Or, how about über-wanker?
Hyphens? I ordered pepperoni.
Hey dude, all you need are some tasty waves and a cool Bud.
Jay not jay,

über gives him/them too much cachet and uni is obviously much more descriptive of him/them. It's only the racist hyphen that needs to be dealt with, then we can move to BD's creative capitalization.
Tasty waves and a cool bud? Dude I'm Learning about Cuba, and having some food.

Well now that we have THAT straightened out, I must hit the hay.

Don't let those protesters crash the party. That would be a bummer.

Thanks for the Birthday Party!

Goodnight Buy Danish!

I leave you with Spicoli's interpretation of Thomas Jefferson.

Jeff Spicoli: So what Jefferson was saying was "Hey! You know, we left this England place because it was bogus. So if we don't get some cool rules ourselves, pronto, we'll just be bogus too." Yeah?
Hey 69 dudes!
Good night Buy Danish.


"Am I hallucinating here? Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?"
Hey, you're ripping my card.

Aren't we doing the movie backwards
Bill and Ted's comment would make more sense if the posts were numbered since that really was post 69.
dancing madly backwards through a liberal mindfield maybe?
Good point Jnj,

Before I bail out for the night, what Fast Times retrospective would be complete without this?

Businessman: It says one hundred percent guaranteed, you moron!

Brad Hamilton: Mister, if you don't shut up I'm gonna kick one hundred percent of your ass!

Happy birthday to the dancing backwards crew!
(how bout dem saints?)
Who Dat?

Thanks Nuke, wow that was quite the lengthy spam message that sneaked in ahead of you.

Note to other contributors here: Nuke has an excellent site with actual good and useful information.

Be sure to check it out
Stupiding is now my new favorite word. Classic, Dusty! Thanks :-.)

Thank you. As you can tell, Huge gets on my nerves, so to speak. And One Voice should be burned at the stake or treated like our favorite 24 star in the torture chamber. Ohoo that was a gory one last night. OOooo

Now for Lehrer New Hour...
I'm losing track. Have we concluded that Huge and OV are one and the same, not to mention many others.

OV comments about Semper cleaning toilets with toothbrushes.

I respond to OV and then Huge responds as if my comment was directed to him.

I came in at the last minute and missed it.

He really does need to rethink that name of his.
RW! NO FAIR! What's the golf joke (please post at your leisure!)

Thanks - :-.)

Huge and OV show up together a lot. I've never gotten the feeling they are the same, but who knows.

It seemed like it today with the responses to you, although I know lots of times I see some comment addressed to someone else and I'll jump in and answer or remark on it.

They're both hard core sickos which is pretty much all you get from the left on blogs. Legitimate left of center Americans would be shocked if they ever read what is representing them on blogs. It's not really much of a change though because they have always joined in on various protest marches when they think something is wrong without ever noticing the scum that is organizing the event.


You've probably heard the joke and don't want it repeated. Maybe at the bar sometime soon.
Wow, 81 comments??? Mine'll totally get lost in the shuffle.

Congrats on being a whole year old, RW. Never would have pegged you past six months. ;)

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