Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's our Birthday!!

As some of you know, this blog was never a serious effort and wasn't even supposed to be around more than a couple of weeks. Today the blog turns one year old with this being the 427th post and sometime in the next few days we will welcome our 20,000th visitor. So much for a couple of weeks.

It's still not much of a serious effort to inform since most of the people that visit here are already quite informed, but more of a forum to record events and discuss virtually anything. One of the great joys I get from this blog is the avant-garde nature of the comment section.

Our very first post was Butterscotch-(the original). A few days later we got into the hard news business when we found out that Supreme Court Nominee Sam Alito had once shot Pope John Paul. From there the blog was off and running. I had thought about linking to something from each month, but perusing the archives I found too many posts that all of you had turned into very special memories and found it too difficult to choose.

Thank you everyone!


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