Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jamil Hussein-Back among the non-existent

Did AP just forget that "Jamil Hussein" was actually "Mohammed Achmed al-Fruitbat?"

I'm sure you can backtrack to follow this story. It's not exactly new, but it has more twists than the Rosie/Trump feud.

Short version, The Associated Press has run several stories of horrific violence in Iraq quoting a police captain that apparently didn't exist. Last week the AP put an end to the story by saying the Iraq Ministry of the Interior had located and confirmed his existence. The big problem with that is the Interior Ministry denies that so all we have is the AP's word that the AP was right. Trust us..wink, wink So now the story is that maybe he was using a fake name. Click the title of this post to read why that's an absurd excuse and we'll backtrack in the comment section if anybody wants to play "Where in the World is Jamil Hussein."


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