Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jamil Hussein-Back among the non-existent

Did AP just forget that "Jamil Hussein" was actually "Mohammed Achmed al-Fruitbat?"

I'm sure you can backtrack to follow this story. It's not exactly new, but it has more twists than the Rosie/Trump feud.

Short version, The Associated Press has run several stories of horrific violence in Iraq quoting a police captain that apparently didn't exist. Last week the AP put an end to the story by saying the Iraq Ministry of the Interior had located and confirmed his existence. The big problem with that is the Interior Ministry denies that so all we have is the AP's word that the AP was right. Trust us..wink, wink So now the story is that maybe he was using a fake name. Click the title of this post to read why that's an absurd excuse and we'll backtrack in the comment section if anybody wants to play "Where in the World is Jamil Hussein."






Dr. Blogspot stole my link! I am reposting. Someone keep Dr. Blogspot occupied for me for a minute.

Maybe Capt. Al-Fruitbat is this fella.
Buy Danish,

Maybe there's a Gerald Ford tape, that was embargoed until after his death, claiming he was Jamil Hussein.
You know RW, until I stumbled, tripped, fell into ml's, I never knew what blogging was all about.

I'm more inclined to visit radical leftist blogs so I can experience that WTF? realization that has opened my eyes.

On the rare occasion that you take me to a right-wing site, I've come to realize that the truth matters to them.

You inspired me to look deeper for the Absurdly Unethical: The Potential Ethics Case Against AP.

So if these ^^^ are the rules. Why aren't they applied?


Fools Fools, everywhere a fool...

If you've got a motive, you can find yourself a tool...

Do this, don't do that...

Just sell it to a fool...

For the life of me I can't find the original artist of that song. "Signs Signs".

The Five Man Electrical Band! Do I win something?

PS: Dr Blogspot destroyed your link.

Destroyed my link?

Well I'm out the door to spend the afternoon with friends.

I will deal with the "Evil Doctor" upon my return.

Not enough global warming for me today, I may need to wear socks.

I've got a few minutes. The daughter is ironing her shirt.

See if this works. It's a response from journalists.

I knew it was some kind of "damn yankee" site, just couldn't remember the exact name.

See 'Ya.

Your Confederate Yankee link was well worth waiting for. Enjoy your outing!
Jamil Hussein, We search in vain.

Not really. Here's the TRUE STORY.

JAMIL IS JACK THE RIPPER ne' AP journalist. Actually, there has been a little confusion with Jackie the Stripper due to Jack's burka disguise.

After the Miss Muslim Beauty Contest when Jack displayed his bare hairy ankle, he was relieved of his wired undercover undies, baby blue burka and unctuous umbrage by an observant Iman.

Now AP says they have no Jack or Jamil as an undercover agent. All of their reporters are red blooded American flag saluting true patriot family folks and Bush backers of the American Way. And furthermore, no one at AP would give up their burka just for spy work.

I think you've got this whole escapade figured out. Love the very short poem it starts with!
Well, thanks, RW

Why don't you come on over for supper? I haven't started yet and I don't know what it will be.
Maybe hog jowl and black eye peas since I haven't celebrated New Year yet. If you come, I will even open a jar of pickled pig feet.

So come on now. We'll be waiting.
You're Welcome Dusty!

And thanks for the kind invite. I'm previously indisposed, but I'll send over some fresh made possum gravy and huckleberry.
I'm a damn yankee and I'm not so bad. Once you get to know me. . .
No wonder Dusty never responded. That was supposed to Huckleberry WINE.

There's a different guard between pages, are you bribing them all?

Here's an article by Diane West about the PBS special you were talking about. I don't think she's buying the line that the Muslims and Jews were just fine until the Christians came along.

I know that was for @@, but I'm adding it to my list of links for Southern Democrat next time he pops up at Wooten's.

Buy Danish,

You're welcome! You're usually way ahead of me on these things so I thought you had seen it.
Hey,RW, I'm not mad, Just sulkin'. Huckleberry wine and I don't have any. Not to mention possum gravy.

So there, you didn't get any pickled pig feet. Ha!

I am going to cry myself to sleep.

G'nite. Sob!
Goodnight Ellie Mae...err Dusty!
Oh shoot. Now I Dr. Blogspot made me post at the wrong blog.

Goodnight Dusty!

Now Blogspot hates me. I declare my innocence. RW, do you have a twin. I need one for all second messages.

Shhhhh...I'm tiptoeing out of here.

G'nite all.....shh

Could you repeat that?

Goodnight again!

The persecution of the Jews by Muslims prior to the arrival of the missionaries was mentioned in the PBS special.

That's the part that shocked me. I had no idea they had been treated so horribly, and for no apparent reason, other than they were viewed as inferior beings.

They were thought to be satanic creatures by the Muslims.

The part I couldn't conceive, was that european missionaries would reinforce that kind of unjustified hatred. Why?

They're not like any Christians I know today. Religion, itself, has progressed beyond that kind of draconian belief. The missionaries didn't reference the bible to justify their hatred and intolerance of the Jews, but the special did mention verses within the Quran which promoted it.

Maybe I missed something that Ms. West saw. I'll watch it again if I get the chance.
Buy Danish,(about yesterday)

Reading your posts about Christians not liking Jews, I have heard some stories but don't know how true they are.

Christians in Martin Luther's time were very much against Jews. They cited the fact that Jews offered Jesus to Pontius Pilate to be crucified (instead of the criminal Barabbas). The Holocaust was for the "purity of the race" and nothing to do with Christianity as I understand it. Of course, you know that Lutheran pastors such as Bonhoffer were killed for going against the government's purge of Jews and others.

I don't know anything about missionaries and Muslims but thought my information might tie in with it.

Lutherans nowadays are not too keen on Luther's comments on Jews. Aside from that, Luther was a clear thinker and a great theologian. Enough to start the Reformation anyway.

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