Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right... This one must be for Honu.

WASHINGTON--Who's funnier, on the whole, liberals or conservatives? It's an old question, but a terrible one. Even to inquire after it reduces the whole curve of human comedy to politics; and besides--sad to contemplate--perhaps the most accurate answer is that they're both humorless. On the liberal side of the register, you can hardly be funny if you're constantly feeling guilty about things; many conservatives meanwhile believe that everything is going to pieces, and there's nothing funny about that.

P.J. O'Rourke, the political satirist, neither hesitates nor hedges. "Conservatives generally tend to be funnier in their private lives," he explains, "because of the hypocrisy factor. I am of course a big fan of hypocrisy, because hypocrites at least know the difference between right and wrong--at any rate, know enough to lie about what they're doing. Liberals are not nearly as hypocritical as conservatives, because they don't know the difference between right and wrong. But anyways the personal lives of conservatives tend to be funnier: They've always got the embarrassing gay daughter, and so on."

In public policy, Mr. O'Rourke claims, "liberals are always much more hilarious. Liberals are always proposing perfectly insane ideas, laws that will make everybody happy, laws that will make everything right, make us live forever, and all be rich. Conservatives are never that stupid. Having conservatives in government is like having a stern talk with your dad in the den about what your allowance will be. . . . Of course, the Republicans always end up giving in: You know, giving you more money than you should have in your pocket, and the keys to the car, and then also a bottle of whiskey."






commas brought to you by Oot the idiot.

At least O'Rourk gives us conservatives the credit for knowing right from wrong. Maybe I will remember that one the next time I am called "hypocrite" (usually every day).

Do me a favor. Repeat your post about the ip address being the same for those "two" sickening bloggers over at Wooten's. Write out ip so the duller ones will get the message. I was surprised that more of those revolting ones didn't come from one address(besides the two IDs you mentioned).

I have no way of looking at their IP addresses that quickly, but he took the bait and admitted it, although he manufactured a wife.
Well, RW,

Thanks for exposing these lowlifes. You uncovered them/him and gave proper accounting. Buy Danish gave them the hatchet chop. (I watched one of those Chan movies last night.) I hope good riddance of that particular strange "mariage"(ha) but I doubt that it will disappear.

It's a good day, The sun is shining and it is seventy degrees outside. I just packed away my last Christmas ornament, and bzz is bzttttout.

I can't claim all the credit for chasing the BZZZZing maggot away. I think RW dazed them pretty well before I showed up and took advantage of their weakened position for the final hatchet chop.

Did Oot bring us commas or comas?

"Sit down, shut up & go to hell." I liked that part of the article. I've wanted to say it many times at ml's.

Telling liberals to go to hell wouldn't be an insult though. They love it there. They wallow in the misery of it. Hell gives their lives meaning.

I just left Oot a message at the new Wooten thread where I guess he was spending the afternoon name jacking after he got done with his coma inducing "Common Sense" persona. You could always tell them to sit down, shut up, and pray with you. They think we're all religious zealots anyway.
Buy Danish,

You did put the happy "couple" out of "their" misery. BZZZ went from "that BZZZ guy" to "hubby" awfully quick.

Sadly just as maggots and flies are in real life, they are in blog life too. They're just a name change from revival.

I just checked Wooten's. So was the 6:25 a "Huge" mistake on the part of Oot?

The namejacker also uses some of PoFo's familiar and oft repeated phrases.

His not so famous "You had me at hello" or "halo" depending on the mood of his schizophrenic personality.

There were what appeared to be two different nicjackers over there, not counting the 6:25. That 6:25 has shown up late on a lot of threads lately.

I think that I will tell our minister that line "Sit down. Shut up and go to hell." in case he needs it at council meeting.

He'd like it. But I don't think he would use it as he is not interested in moving on.
I'm crushed! I just noticed that my name jacker at 5:56 left out my hyphen.

Don't feel bad, I will send you all the hyphens you want.

Do you think that Huge wanker is a conservative?

Well, of course not. We are all upright and above board people. All name jackers are liberal!
Hey folks,

The movie about the Scopes Trial with Spencer Tracy is on Channel 30. An oldie but a goody. See you later.

That's funny! My favorite minister, who I affectionately called "Al", has gone back to the U.K.

He often used the "Oh shut up" during council meetings. He said the only thing that gave him the courage to do what needed to be done was my snickering which followed.

I'm pretty forthright with mouthy negative parishioners, but for some reason they still like me.

My daughter and I are thinking about going to see ol' "Al" in the U.K. during her spring break.

He'll be coming back to the U.S. this year and he's been asking us to visit him there before he returns.


Ooohhh! I'm so sorry you weren't dashed at 5:56 Is-there-any-way-I- can-fix-that-for-you?

Off to bed...

If you want to get the straight scoop on Scopes, instead of the phony Hollywood version portrayed in "Inherit the Wind", you might want to read Summer for the Gods by Edward Larson.


I think it's the jacker that needs that hyphen supply, but thank you. Goodnight!

(It is 8:30, right?)

You lost a hyphen, I got an extra "by" and OOT put a comma before a parentheses at 6:11 which is not a typo.

The "myself" after "I'm allergic to working" is redundant. Indeed, the entire sentence was very poorly written IMO.

Jacker Boy also neglected to capitalize "Valium", "Aryan" and "Nazi".

Jacker Boy gets an F, and I bet a gazillion mangoes that the errors can be blamed on his trying to type with one hand.
Buy Danish,

Are you saying instead of stalker boy being a hunt and pecker typist he's just a pecker?

I liked the extra by, he got a little carried away with his cut and paste skills.

I was going to say that Jacker Boy is a lousy wank and peck typist, which makes him a wanker!

Maybe we should let him decide whether he prefers to be called a wanker or a pecker. After all, the poor boy needs to have some control over his tragic life.
Buy Danish,

Well he is a dick, but I'll defer to you and let him decide.
You know, I hope that Fidel is still delirious and forgot to tell Raul that Cindy Sheehan is on their side and he throws her ass in a Cuban prison, never to be seen again.

At the least, she should be arrested by our service people there. What a stupid, misguided bitch.

Mama Moonbat's boyfriend will step in and tell Raul. Remember this?

I had forgotten about the lovely(?)Cindy poem I wrote which you so kindly reprinted. The Pulitzer people must have missed my Shakespearean jewel. But I am proud that my friend of the sharp memory, RW remembered.

Is Cindy in the news again? I thought she was festering away at some political rally. According to Honu, she must be in Cuba.

Oh, RW, I would like to watch Spencer Tracy if he were doing a Mickey Mouse parade. His acting doesn't seem like acting. The same for Gregory Peck. There is nobody now that can take the place of Tracy. Maybe in looks but not in acting.

This weather!! My oldest son and wife are supposed to be hiking back from Hike Inn today. WET!!! Are you familiar with that inn, hike in and hike out? Not me. I don't even like to hike to the mailbox.

Your poetic effort should have least gotten a Walt Whitman Award.

I'm not familiar with the Hike Inn, but I wouldn't want to be hiking anywhere about now. I've got to go hike around in a Publix in a few minutes and I'm not looking forward to even that.

As to poetry, I have received the Most Meritorious RW award and that is good enough.

Hike Inn is under the auspices of Amicalola Falls State Park, I think. It was built in honor of some naturalist who did a lot of good things. Maybe he liked to hike in the rain.

Have fun at Publix. I get sticker shock when I go there. Kroger is almost as bad but at least I can still breathe at the cash register.
Cindy is man shopping again? I'm trying to recall...what happened to her original find? Her husband?


Semper in a grocery store is unbearable. When we were in Ft. Meyers for Christmas, my daughter and I were at Albertsons. We had gotten everything we needed while Semper had mysteriously disappeared.

He showed up waving some card declaring that we were now a "preferred customer" of Albertsons. We could save money if we bought storename brands. We did a rerun through the store and saved a "whopping" $7.00.

"That's great", I said...and "we are now a preferred customer at a grocery store chain that IS IN FLORIDA, but WE LIVE IN GEORGIA".

Semper is a hoot. Really! He is!!!

I only buy very specific things at Publix because they are generally so expensive. One nice thing is that when they put something on sale as "buy one get one free" you don't need to get two of them. They ring up at half price.


I'm a preferred customer at Wegmans and I think Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is the closest one.

Somehow I knew that you and Semper had a lot in common.

You at least cook. Semper says that there's no need to learn as long as he has me. Chauvinist!

"What if I'm not in the mood?" I say...

(Wink Wink)

Just so you know, if it's possible for you to know anything.

The name "Spanker" was assigned to you because of your futile attempts to punish those of us who disagree with you while claiming the privelege for yourself only.

Also, since you have become such a "wanker", it refers to the way you pat your other self on the butt for the asinine posts your other self leaves.

Pack your bags little fella. You're already logged in for arrival at the funny farm.

They're waiting.

Some of these stores will rob you blind without their card. I wouldn't get one to save on store brands though.

I also have a card for Price-Chopper in Massachusetts, but I don't count that as odd since I'm there more often.

I think you may have hit on the right description for our village idiot. Pecker Stalker seems to be it and it fits perfectly with his Athens hangout.

I'm not touching that one RW.

Have you read anything about Khomeini having cancer? Have you heard anything about Ahmadenijad being ousted by the summer of 2007?

Next in line. Rafsanjani. A guy we can work with in Iran.

Pajamas Media has implied that the Ayatollah has already died, but it's unconfirmed.

Just wondering.

I've heard that Ahmadenijad is probably out soon. I haven't much attention to the Khomeini situation.

Pecker Stalker works for me.


We have Iran to worry about, and then again there's Britain.
"Pajamas Media has implied that the Ayatollah has already died, but it's unconfirmed."

Wrong, as usual.

Wingnuts, geez.

I'm over here trying to confirm the unconfirmed.

Leftists believe anything they read in the radical blogsites. Conservatives look for confirmation before reporting the lies.


Why is getalife posting as "anonymous?"
Ole Charles has been taking a pounding on being so wrong about everything:

"When Idiots Attack

Rabid leftist hate-monger and noted insane moonbat John Amato of the ugly, poorly written (but aptly titled) web site Crooks and Liars calls me a bunch of names."

Wingnuts, geez.
@@ and RW,

You two are shoppers after my own heart (except for those trips to Publix). Hey, I think Semper did good with his seven dollar saving. Bet you went right out and bought three gallons of gas.

I feel left out. I don't have an out-of-state grocery card. May I still post here?

I thought I smelled cigar smoke. Is that you, getalife?

Too lazy to sign in.
"American Dad" will have drunk w on tonight.

Should be fun.
To my friends RW, Buy Danish, Dusty & @@ -- I just wanted to take a moment to commend all of you on the excellent dialogue and your very well-thought out and heartfelt comments at JWs today. I believe this is the first time I have ever agreed with all of you on all of your points of view. Well done, my friends.

And no, I will not reveal the times I agreed with 3, 2, 1 or none of you :-.)

With respect and admiration, your friend,


Here are more unconfirmed theories on Poloniumgate.

I'm stuck on the word "heartfelt"!

I hope you get to London to visit "Al". My daughter and I flew to London one Christmas Day several years ago and had a good time. We had a British Airways air/hotel package which worked out just fine. They were economical then.

We took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, the film was not turning in the camera. Phtography is not our speciality. I surely would love to get back in that British Museum.


I think you "drunk" something.

It's not just the cigar smoke. I think one of those aggravating centrists is hanging around here.


The kicker is you don't have to tell us. We already know! :-)

Do you think Honu agrees that OOT is a Pecker Stalker?
Buy Danish,

Yes, but she probably won't tell us.

Stick around awhile. I know you are watching football or something but we are better!! Glad you liked the comments.

Buy Danish,

That report on British Muslims was worisome. Not just Muslims but Wahhabi types. I was already worried with Tony Blair leaving. He stuck with us. Hope the British dump a whole bunch of Imans. SOON!!


getalife is a centrist? I thought he was a contortionist.

Maybe Honu, being a centrist and all, can decipher Getalife's 8:16 for us.

Yep, and now we have a trio of fellas from Dearbornistan testing security at the Port of Miami today.

I love this story. That's the kind of thing I would do, given the opportunity.

I should know better than to post a CNN link.

Here is a less biased version of the story.
Buy Danish,

In the Texas spirit, maybe we could contribute the hogzilla killed last week. He should be just about ripe by now. I was always told that "game" taste better when it is aged. That would be enough to invite the "folks" next door to come on over.

Great idea! Your Southern Hospitality is just what we need.
Sorry to keep changing topics, but I really like the new Mexican President, Felipe Calderon! (nyah nyah nyah to Getalife).

We could use someone like him in Bagdad.
Actually Buy Danish,

I meant sending the hogzilla to Texas for the Pig Race BarbeQ. Aged game is just not my dish.

You're not posing as Getalife, now are you?

I know what you meant! I thought that your ideas to show some Southern Hospitality are just what we need.
Oh Way to go!! I was typing in Dusty. And Zap!!

That does it. I am off to the kitchen for something good to eat. Absolutely nothing AGED!!

Have you ever had Westphalian Ham? Now that may be aged, but it is delicious!
How to sort this out???


It's Honu that's the centrist. getalife is a well known vicious lib, although for some reason the evil Dr. Blogspot has tried to make you impersonate him.
Hey RW -- if you're going to categorize me, get it right -- that's aggravating centrist.


I added the qualifier at 8:43, I thought it was overkill the second time.
I thought that Anonymous was Getalife. The "Geez" gave it away.

Shute, I missed all the fun. Had to go to the church and paint the "ChildTech" room.

It was nasty, and those sweet babies deserve better. Back to finish up tomorrow.


I'm saving the plutonium for tomorrow.

Well thought out comments at JW's?

Must have been my "balls to the wall" comment to PoliFore.

Somebody find Semper! @@ is running loose a good six hours past bed time.
Did RW just call me loose?
Buy Danish:

Finally got around to your polonium poisoning story at Hot Air.

Seems like the bloggers are still discounting Putin.

I was reading an article a couple of weeks ago regarding Turkmenistan and the death of their president. It seems Russia and Iran are competing for influence. Competition makes for convenient possibilities.

I was thinking it would be great if Putin was capable of such a plot. He could take out Ahmadenijad.
I know it's way past @@'s bedtime, but Hi @@!

Ahmadenijihadi may be in for a hard time.
Jay not jay,

@@ is throwing caution to the wind these days. Bedtime? She don't need no stinkin' bedtime!
Hi JayNot. (Insert BIG smile!)


My sleep pattern be back to normal before long. The vacation threw me off.

I definitely need my bedtime. I definitely need to work. I definitely need to spend time with "little ones".

I think I'll go hang out with the ChildTech babies at church a couple of days a week. They could use the help, and I could use the inspiration.

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