Friday, January 19, 2007

OK, this isn't the best news I've heard lately

U. S. intelligence agencies believe China performed a successful anti-satellite (asat) weapons test at more than 500 mi. altitude Jan. 11 destroying an aging Chinese weather satellite target with a kinetic kill vehicle launched on board a ballistic missile.

The Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, NASA and other government organizations have a full court press underway to obtain data on the alleged test, Aviation Week & Space Technology reports on its web site

If the test is verified it will signify a major new Chinese military capability

Let's hope this test wasn't quite as successful as advertised.
These kinds of deals sure make this development more uncomfortable. But what the hell, Billy Jeff needed campaign cash.






Didn't the Chinese attempt to scramble one of our recon satellites a couple of months ago?

A failed attempt I recall.

Look, Hu's got religion...

With the Vatican's proven power to mobilize citizens, as well as
the growing number of Roman Catholics in China, the Chinese
recognize that cooperating with the Vatican will help to prevent
future internal disorder.

Did you get my e-mail WITH attachment the second time?

I would think that trying to scramble our recon satellites goes on all the time, but I don't recall any specific instance.

I never got any second email, with or without attachments. My service has been really pathetic for the last couple of days though so maybe it's still trying to get here. If the attachment was too large it may have gotten blocked. @@, clogging up the tubes...
Excuse me? Clogging up the tubes?

Is that your assessment of my blogging contributions?

As PoliFore would say...

(o) <-------I used to think that was an "Ooohhh" before I realized it was a "Hole".

I really am pathetic when it comes to recognizing hatred. I don't have it within myself, so I'm slow to recognize it in others. Radical muslims? That's a whole nuther ballgame. <---Belongs at the bar I suppose.

Anyway, let me know if the e-mail comes through. The Forecast came in two parts. It was long, but well worth reading. Excellent as a matter of fact...

The treasonous acts committed by the mobsters from Arkansas are going to haunt us for a very long time.
Buy Danish,

Especially if we're stupid enough to elect Act II.
Just dropped back in at ml's. PoliFore ratcheting it up for the final "hail mary" play before closing.

His plumbing was clogged.

Short "pee-nut" I guess. Just in case he drops in...


Pull on it little fella, maybe one day you'll be a "big boy".

Thanks for that! Nothing like a video of Polly's muse.
My apologies to any early morning visitors.

Hey!!! That would be me, wouldn't it?

6:30 A.M. on the .

I wanna know how to make BIG DOTS like everybody else.

If you want to make BIG DOTS at Wooten's do this:

1. Something you want to say

2. Something else

3. and yet more

That will give you those written words and the number will converted to a BIG DOT. Unless you meant something else, in that case never mind. (that was another thing that I believe they took away from ml's)
1. I

2. Don't

3. Understand

Your something else reference. No need to clarify. Just wanted to make BIG DOTS.
^^^ (Put sad face here)

No need for instruction Master.

Little Grasshopper is bouncing.

....but...but....what if I want to explain?

Actually you did it perfectly!!

If you typed that very 8:50 post at Wooten's it would say:


[BIG DOT] Don't

[BIG DOT] Understand

The words after my numbers are meaningless.
@@, turn that frown upside down!

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