Sunday, January 28, 2007

She's a man baby, yeah!

Clinton said he will run hard in Iowa's leadoff caucuses, an early contest her husband skipped when he sought the nomination in 1992. That year, Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin (news, bio, voting record) was in the race and Democratic rivals opted not to challenge him in his home state.

Maybe the AP is trying to help her out with the woman question. Anyway watch this video at Hot Air and see who you think she's talking about.

Sorry Sonia, this was too good to pass up.
That was too damn funny RW. She IS a flip flopper. And she's being psychoanalyzed? So it's good for the gander, but not the goose?

I really liked this from the Yahoo link.

"I am going to level with you, the president has said this is going to be left to his successor," Clinton said. "I think it is the height of irresponsibility and I really resent it."

And Bill didn't leave it to Bush? A pot to kettle moment, don't you think?

I'm off to work. Have fun, I'm going to...

One of the greatest strengths of this country has always been the peaceful transfer of power and taking on the job and policies as you find them. It seems like Hillary just wants to start a new country the day she takes office.
Alright Mister. You start off my day making me laugh, and then you end my day making me cry. Barbaro?

WTH is it with you men people?
Us men people? It was sad, but when I heard how badly things went over the weekend I'm glad they made the decision.

You men people is quite fitting at this particular thread.

Maybe Shrillary can use it in her campaign.

Vote for me! I hate the evil men people!
Buy Danish,

But the whole point of this post is that she is a men people.

Buy Danish,

The 2008 election is riding on who can properly court or dis the you men people vote properly.

I bet @@ had no idea what an astute political strategist she is.
Always RW, always...(laughing again).

At myself. An "astute political strategist"?
O.K., I've figured out how this can work for Hillary. She can call herself a "gurley man". Taking Arnolds stance on healthcare.

Proposition everybody. She'll be known as a "party girl-i-mam".

RW has created a monster strategist.

Dust the bunny RW.
Thanks @@!

All you're going to run Hillary's campaign? No wonder you call yourself a "monster" strategist.

I think OV wants you to fondle him/her/it.

Why does he/she/it always revert back to evolution. A topic yet to be proven or discounted? His/her/its' attempts at psychoanalysis were pathetic. Rambling rhetoric, no meat.

It brought to mind this discussion I ran across.

That's ^^^ enlightened discussion without the obvious

You're welcome, and I leave you with a sprinkling of pixie dust for any future bunnies.

I'm taking my mischief to Semper.
If that pixie dust works I'll have to sprinkle it all over the blog.

Two more drop offs you may have already seen, and then I shan't bother you anymore tonight.

Gingrich: I'll Decide in September

I think that's a smart move. He'll be a fresh old face by then. Financing?

and...One More Supreme Court Appointment for President Bush?

Dare to dream I always say.

Goodnight RW, you 'da man.
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Poor, misguided Frank - I disagree with you. No fung shui here. The green, darker green, yellow and grey just do not lend themselves to peace, harmony and sancturary so needed in today's turbulent world.

A blog should provide vibrance along with peace and tranquility, and I'm just not feeling it when I visit here.

Uplifting yellows, extrovert orange, passionate reds and plucky pinks tempered with sea foam greens, mellow blues and regal purples are what's needed to achieve ch'i here at RW's.

/just sayin'

Don't mind Honu. She's a deranged clam digger that knows nothing about the fabulous color combinations that have been carefully selected here.
Ugh! I had to escape from N-GA's menu plans. Swapping recipes with Paul.

Paul…did you use Pinot Noir in your boeuf bourguignon?

What is that? Like a short see through nightie for high priced meat?

Très bourgeois...
Get an independent counsel together.

I demand an investigation.

I ain't cleaning up their damn mess.

Let Nancy show us some of her homeland skills.

Do you want an investigation into the anarchists or Paul and the Goat's Culinary Hour?


Just Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

I want to see Pelosi on her knees with a scrub brush.

Well ^^^ that didn't sound right either.


I'll come back if the dust settles.
I know the dust hasn't had time to settle, but Buy Danish would want to see this from Stratfor. They were going to kidnap a Muslim serving in the British military:

If indeed the plotters in this latest case intended an Iraqi-style beheading -- and subsequent airing of the torture -- they possibly were hoping to evade detection by avoiding having to acquire weapons or explosive devices.

If the plotters were successful, and the tactic were adopted by other cells, the discovery of headless bodies at seemingly random locations around the country could easily lead to mass hysteria.

Even though the plot failed, it still could provoke a backlash, continuing the trend of polarization in British society and the alienation of Muslim youth. This could then lead to further radicalization of young Muslims -- one of the goals of jihadists in the United Kingdom.

The raid included that bookstore I linked to at ml's this morning.

I don't know what to make of this paragraph -

Even though the plot failed, it still could provoke a backlash, continuing the trend of polarization in British society and the alienation of Muslim youth. This could then lead to further radicalization of young Muslims -- one of the goals of jihadists in the United Kingdom.

How about these "Muslim youth" demanding a stop to the depraved behavior of their fellow mosque dwellers? That might engender some empathy from their fellow Brits. Maybe Cindy Sheehan could give them some lessons in peace-marching.
Clinton/Webb 08!

Dumping Feingold already?

You libs sure are front-runners.

Your comment on a bi-partisan ticket was funny. The possibilities have always intrigued me, especially when this country has become as polarized as it is today.

The problem I see is that VPs are, for the most part, ineffectual. You'd have to have two extremely capable individuals just in case the President dies, gets impeached, etc. How about Gingrich/Richardson?

Do you think Newt's campaign strategy could work? The guy is so intelligent, and, like you said...A TRUE CONSERVATIVE.

Rushncap called me "sweetly naive"?

I have been wondering why I'm always second guessing myself on my comments. Do you remember when Buff mentioned how my metaphors left a lot to his imagination. I had accused you of "buttering me up"?

Everytime I reread my comments, I'm looking at them through a "buffed" lense. Hell, if I saw them the way Buff did, I'd never post anything.

If you saw them in the condition Buff was in half the time you might miss the keyboard.

I don't think a mixed ticket makes any sense. For one thing the VP is President of the Senate and casts any tie-breaking vote. That could get pretty dicey. I think Gingrich's plan may work and I really hope it does if only that maybe it will send a message that people don't want perpetual campaigns.

rushncap thinks people are naive because he's completely thick headed. For someone in a field that should look at things analytically he's got no vision whatsoever.
I think a mixed ticket is a horrible idea.

What's the point? To pretend that we're bi-partisan? Why do we want to be bi-partisan?

I don't want Shrillary care and high taxes and a weak military and government daycare and all the things Dems want.

Let's say it was Gingrich/Obama. The Dem VP can pretend he's like the Republican until he takes office? No thanks.

Buy Danish:

Well I never thought of that. Say you have a R President with a D VP. The President isn't viewed all that well, but the VP is. The VP runs for President in the next campaign and wins.

Damn, it could be a constant back & forth where each parties progress is halted or reversed.

Hell, it usually takes two terms for a sitting President to accomplish anything, but then when the opposing party takes over congress, it only takes 100 hours to undo with the D VP.

Damn, why is that Utopia so elusive?

Thanks for the swift kick in the ass. I'm back to the real world now.

You're welcome!

It wouldn't go on for more than one Republican Presidency. Once the Dem VP became Prez we'd be told that the whole idea was nonsense and we'd never get our shot to have a Republican VP under the Dem.

If (God forbid) a Dem wins the White House in '08, do you think they'll be telling us how it's better to have split government, without putting all the power into one Party's hands?
Buy Danish:

When you came in with your "it's a horrible idea" comment I couldn't help but notice the body language in your gravitar. The pina colada is kind of obscured.

Arms crossed in defiance. If it was a full length shot I'll bet your foot would have been tap, tap, tapping.

Just a funny visual I got.

Not from the Onion.

Behold the amazing personal sacrifices that are being made on the Global Warming front!

(Prince) Charles has revealed he plans to curb his use of royal helicopters and private jets on official engagements when possible. He also revealed he intends to make more use of the royal train.

Global warming is a joke. Literally.
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Buy Danish:

Why would Prince Charles take the train when he could just as easily ride in the royal carriage fueled by horse manure?

Gosh, it sounds like this Jenny is hitting on you. I wonder if Stalker Boy sent her over here.


The royal carriage only goes so far and if horse manure gets into groundwater it is a pollutant.
I meant to ask you guys if you saw Chuck Norris fill in for Sean on Hannity & Colmes the other night?

A catastrophe. He's a nice guy and all, but intellect?

Why don't they let Dennis fill in? That guy is wicked quick when confronting the absurdity of the lefts' arguments. My gawd, he used to be one, he's got the inside skinny.

Yep...Denny's got the skinny.

I missed that somehow, but I would not have had any expectations for Chuck.

Although compared to Colmes he was probably quite brilliant.
Ooohhhh no Buy Danish. That was the worst part of it all. Alan had to point out several errors that Norris made. Norris actually said he was going to vote for "Greenwich". Alan had to tell him "Ging-rich" wasn't running.

I guess it was Alan's liberal heart that compelled him, but it looked bad, really bad. Opportunistic, if you will.

A great patriot that Chuck Norris.

Maybe Colmes begged Fox to put him on so he wouldn't look like the pathetic dumbass for a change.
Don't know if you guys have seen this, if not....

PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY: Fatah security forces apprehended
seven Iranian weapons experts at the Islamic University in Gaza
City. This is the first report of Iranians aiding Palestinians
inside the Palestinian territories. An eighth Iranian committed
suicide during the raid. The captured Iranians are said to be
intelligence and chemical specialists, and one is a senior military
officer, sources close to Palestinian National Authority President
Mahmoud Abbas said.

At least the guy only offed himself, and didn't take a bunch of innocents with him.

That Chuck Norris appearance was embarrassing. I think a clip of it is over at Hot Air.

Just back from catching last minute posts to Stalker Boy at MLs.

LuckoDull was right on, brother.

This quote from SB about his nemesis Haggard was, err, curious:

It’s not just about what he did himself; it’s about the bigoted beliefs he expressed daily and then the fact that he was taking part in that type of behavior himself, in addition to other illegal behavior

Golly gee, is he saying that homosexuality is illegal behavior?

Or did the angry professor just get an F in creative writing?
Buy Danish,

F it is! But that doesn't stop anybody from pointing out that he really did say homosexual activity is illegal. Have you pointed that out to the little punk?

Sadly I will have to save it for another day, as the blog was closed by the time I saw his shocking statement.

Buy Danish,

The blog isn't closed if you have an open window. He did tell you to hone your reading comprehension skills and darned if you didn't figure out his criminalization plans.

I'm out of windows, but if you'd like to deliver a message, I'd be most obliged.
Buy Danish:

I think I can predict OV's response. It'll be interesting to see if I'm right.


I just dropped in on mgc, Nicole, & Devil Doll. Felt like a quick and rare visit. I'm bored.

Semper has been around the corner every night this week. He's doing a head job on a car he bought.

If there are head jobs going on you might want to check around the corner from time to time.

How did you drop in on Devil Doll? Have Nicole or MGC been updating?

That's good advice that you just gave @@.

Thank you for delivering that important message for me.

If I may play Freud for a moment, I think that was monkeyshine's subconscious slipping, um, talking.
Buy Danish,

Maybe he charges for it thus rendering it illegal.

That must be the good work he's doing!

Nice...trying to make me suspicious of Semper.

You should be ashamed.

His partner in the affair is named "Bill", our shadetree mechanic.

When the car reappears in our driveway, and white smoke is no longer pouring out of the back end, I'll know it was excellent work on their parts. (Buffed)

I visited Devil Doll from your link. Nicole's too. mgc I have in my favorites.

They're all hibernating still. So is that how blogs go? Sporadically.
Sorry @@, but when a "Bill" is involved in the head job it's more important to know what's going on. :-)
When did cousin J. Lo sneak in?
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